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We will now
ask the question, regarding love:  WHY,
does humanity struggle, & HOW do we fix the problems that exist!

       Love is a participation in happiness,
that exceeds the boundaries set into place, when trust lets us inside to share
the life of our time.  That means love is
required for happiness.  Participation is
required for love. And the boundaries we choose to share, have become greater
than the fears which separate us in this time. Love and all its blessings,  thereby are equal too:  the caring we give to each other as “heart”.  Caring is, at its core, a determination to
achieve participation in love by representing ourselves as equals.  Heart is by its nature, the decision which
leads us to each other; particularly as male and female united for one life

       Humanity struggles with love, because to
experience love we must risk what we hold dear inside, by letting another “play
with it”.  Playing with the securities of
each other, gives rise to the elements and essence of trust when earned/ OR, it
forms barriers and boundaries between us, when respect is lacking/ lies are
being formed to mislead or entrap/ attempts to ensnare occur/ or other forms of
deliberate decisions NOT to treat each other as equals, does occur.  We must be equals, or we cannot truly share
life with each other.

       Love is a sea of possibilities, each of
which depends upon the vessels which can bring us together.  Therefore bodies come first/ because life is
about living, “first”. The struggle to attain the one we desire, rather than
the one who attempts to earn their place in your life:  comes down to three distinct things.  One: 
there is an innate reality built into human nature, to pick the one who
has proven the evidence of a healthy mind and a healthy (as GOD intended) body
first.  It is nature’s way of keeping its
biology alive, by combining those proven to be most desirable.  The consequence of that however, is a harsh
truth to most of the rest of us/ even more so, for some!  It is nonetheless “nature does know best”;
with absolute certainty/ as is proven by thousands of years in written
history.  We know:  “nature works”!  Neither life nor biology is a game:  certain things must occur for life to
survive.  Which is why any perversion to
survival is constructed as “vile”/ or more simply,  unsubstantiated choices.

       Two:   the possibilities of both love and life,
depend upon participation.  Thereby it is
true “access is everything in the dating world”. Access is dependent upon three
fundamentals:  we must share something
useful to us both.  We must respect each
other, as reality will prove.  We must be
willing to share, & we must be willing to care.  These describe the ability to respect each
other; and create a path between us.

love imagines a freedom, that will never convict me for who I truly
am!  Consequently if I show you, “the
foundations and desires of my life” I must accept that you will treat that
information with the same honesty and reality, that you would expect from
me.  That equals trust, and it is the
beginning of our search, to be whatever we can be:  “life to life/ even potentially forever”.

       Within these descriptions are the
certainty “neither life, nor love:  is no
game”.  Therefrom the struggle of
humanity is:  “I want to be a child
forever, without responsibilities, and with the right to change my mind
regardless of the consequences”.  Some describe
this as “forever free in time”/ yet it is not. 
Because a child cannot achieve what is required of an adult. If you
chain yourself to irresponsibility/ then you abandon adulthood;  and fail its truth.  That truth is: 
“I must search for my identity, my life, my truth and prove what is my
own  individual choice”. It is not a

       So let’s question the reality of being a
child. A child cannot truly accept the responsibilities of life;  because they are not yet fully formed in the
decisions that will become their future. 
You cannot build “something else”/ if you cannot know, and honestly
sustain yourself.  Those who “grow up”
without growing up, are hiding from the decisions that form a destiny or
fate.  Thereby we know, they are running
away from themselves, and pretending to be “something, or someone else”.  It is hard to grow up/ but that is no excuse.

       The second element of freedom is:  when taking responsibility for myself, I must
also then accept the consequences of my actions, as my own decision:  whether good or bad.  That fact leads many to back away from
adulthood, and hide their lives in an attempt “to be slaves to someone else”.  More simply 
its:  “make decisions for me/ so I
don’t have to take the blame for myself”. 
Many a marriage begins in this fashion, and then changes as “slavery is
NOT enough”.

       The first responsibility is to survival
(life)/ the second is to self (body), which then incorporates the reality of
sex;  as chemicals which do demand an
answer. As in the “purgatory of puberty”: 
its good/ its bad/ its great/ it’s terrible;  why can’t this be simple, and so on.  Sexual recognition provides the first taste of
adulthood, as it demands that choices will be made/ and consequences will be
earned. Those who cannot discipline themselves hurt others. Those who refuse to
recognize discipline is necessary:  hurt
themselves, and face a lifetime that will include tragedy (for someone) sooner
or later. It is an elemental fact of life, that sexual discipline must
come:  quickly is best.

       The third responsibility is to “brain or
mind”:  we must search for what we value
in life.  This is by far the most
elusive, as life hides within self, rather than being blatant and demanding as
is sex.  Value recognizes thought, and
thought recognizes life.  Therefrom our responsibility
is:  to achieve thought, by understanding
value in our relationships through respect, equality, honesty, balance,
justice, dignity, courage, reality as assigned by truth, love, and the essence
of an identity called “I”.

       The consequence of our first
responsibility to survive:  is simple and
plain/ some have it far easier than others, which is ultimately unfair.  The second, our relationship with body, can
and will go to wherever you find your own values lead in a physical world. But
this third matter which is a search that transforms our existence, into its
true desires and purpose:   IF pursued totally;  will lead to a freedom, that cannot be
measured by any mind. Beyond the edges of life in time, where extreme is literal
and true, reality knows life OR death exists, at every step. There is no going
back:  UNLESS you do understand the
complexities of this environment completely. The laws which govern life or
death DO NOT accept “limited risk”/ or more simply NEVER accept “better not
take any chances, in case I am wrong”.  If
you do that, death is near. Life requires a deliberate choice (all in, nothing
in reserve: “everything”)!  If you follow
a lie, it leads to “hell”. The critical relationship is:  you must NEVER fear/ or you die!  It is not for the faint of heart.

       Nonetheless “the spiritual world” is a
place everyone shall enter, when death does come.  It is the transition between time and
eternity; you CANNOT avoid it.  So the
question is:  HOW, do you survive it? The
answer is:  that love is an answer.  Because true love is the most treasured
reality of our universe.  Love never
hides, nor can it be hidden.  People hide,
because their love is not yet fully formed, or they have abandoned it.  Without love, you have nothing to share with
eternity;  that can be desired.  YOU should consider that carefully before
choosing “forever”.

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