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The consequence
and the reality of a gun/ as in the second amendment for the US constitution. Is
built upon the premise, that with this weapon: 
each can be equal in his or her demand for self-defense.  Each can be readily available and armed, for
the defense of this nation.  Both of
which have been necessary as history does prove.

       The primary reality of a weapon is:  whosoever has the better weapon, and the
opportunity to be informed and use it:  WILL nearly always win the war. But if the
person or the citizenry “is asleep, or too dull witted to realize the threat”;  then all can be lost in an instant, whether
you have an army or not.  So there is
realistic concern, and fundamental awareness: 
let each be responsible for themselves!

       The second amendment which is the legal
right to own and use a weapon for self defense or the defense of this
nation:  is then built upon the
knowledge, IF YOU CAN’T defend yourself/ then you can be enslaved, killed,
raped, mutilated, or whatever the dead inside desire.  This nation called America;  was built on genocide of the American Indian:  what better proof could you need? Even so,
the genocide would have been in Europe, had there not been another place to
immigrate too.  And as we all know:   an immigrant HAS many needs and wants, with
limited options. Particularly when you cannot speak the language to them/ nor
they to you.

       So let’s talk reality!

       Every predator tries to surprise its
victim/ because that “is the easy way”; it protects ME.  Which means as a victim, you are never going
to get a warning intentionally.  Therefore
getting your gun is not an option in 9999 out of ten thousand cases.  Consequently, it is more likely to be used
against you, than by you.   A reality you
should prove to yourselves, with video; so as to try whatever you believe could
be done.

       Every army tries to surprise and
overwhelm its victim/ because that “is the easy way”; and it protects US.  To hell, with them!  Which means the size of an army matters:  “can’t attack us all”!  a reality that falls apart, and is worthless
when faced with true weapons of mass destruction.

       The consequence of “better weapons” is
now clearly in view, with Syria and other places being demolished and forced
immigration now threatens every nation: 
because human over-population is extreme.  Which means: 
PEACE IS even more valuable, than at any time in the history of our
world.  As to self defense, and the
consequence of a university diploma:  the
addition of biological weapons of mass destruction being born in miscellaneous  laboratories around the world MEANS.   Just one individual, somewhere in this
world, can release a biological agent that will kill potentially billions, if
not us all.  That is the benefit of a
university:  “death to options/ death to
war/ death to the individual/ and death to life itself.  We soon face robots as enemies to life,
thanks to the fantasies of a university delusion, “machines are better; this is
all just for play”.  And today those
universities delusions:  include death to
our planet, and even this solar system by their ongoing attempt to “make atoms
burn” (just like on the sun), right here, and now.  A reality once ignition occurs that will  kill us all.

       The reality of that is:  “the second amendment” functionally matters
very little, in terms of life or death!  Its
only real use at this time,  is to make
trouble, either for you, your family, or someone else.  But people like to “make trouble”, as in pay attention
to me. Truth however recognizes:  SELF
DEFENSE means to stop the violence, “with suitable methods such as non-lethal
force” so the law can decide.

       Reality then states:  WE MUST make decisions that matter for us
all, right now and forever!  Those decisions
include:  less than lethal bullets in
your gun/ lethal ONLY as a secondary use, for the police.  To retain a framework, that exercises control
over the politicians, policing, and armies which have proven to be corrupt and
violent.  Lethal bullets and weapons
shall be stored in plain sight, at numerous locations.  So that a takeover by enemies of society
CANNOT be simple or plain.  To achieve
that decision of “weapons in defense of a nation”:  requires a vault, surrounded by glass (so you
can see).  You will break the glass to
enter/ but it will be very difficult;  so
as to present time or preparation.  Inside
will be an alarm that sounds throughout the civil defense systems and
more:  when any attempt is made.  Large machines can only be dealt with;  by locking the machines up, & removing
primary parts. Placing those parts under a wide variety of civilian control.

       World law (we the people decide) and its
enforcement upon the leaders of nations: 
GIVES US WORLD DEFENSE against those who have proven to be a tragedy to
life!  All of us, protecting some of us
as equals/ not a few, who will destroy our homes!  The law, which will attack an individual
leader:  TO MAKE THEM OBEY, or punish
them accordingly; as we chose for this life on earth to be.

       National defense is no longer valid, in
the world order of things.  Intercontinental
ballistic missiles topped with a dozen nuclear bombs each:  have made the military inconsequential.  Nuclear submarines (imagine what happens, if
something goes wrong;  AND ONE HUNDRED
NUCLEAR WARHEADS, all stacked together: 
EXPLODE) and other vessels holding dozens of missiles and even more
atomic bombs or other weapons of mass destruction, INCLUDING all those on land:
make a military of men, obsolete.
takes only once, just one human decision followed through:  to destroy our world.  No second chances!  The games are over, reality proves what is

       Just one mishap, as can and does happen/
just one accident, or miscalculation; and our world is gone forever.  Such are the delusions created by a
university diploma.  While the delusional
will proclaim WE MUST/ reality says NO, “YOU CAN’T PLAY anymore”!  instead of fantasies “we can play god”/ there
is only reality:  the only god you can
play today, is SATAN.  A wise people will
NEVER let that continue;  but alas you
ain’t wise, or it would not be.  Instead of
NECESSARY.  Which means the powerful,
will no longer be “powerful enough” to threaten our world, or our lives to a
great degree. 

       We live today on the edge of
extermination;  because the university
delusion is “we can play god”.  Changing the
balance of nature, the disciplines of energy, destroying the order of NOT
LETHAL to our world: with weapons than can exterminate us all.  Concocting and distributing the most vile of
all biological decisions:  which is to GENETICALLY
mutilate nature itself, and then cause that mutilation to be distributed
throughout the living world:  IS SATAN ON
EARTH.  Religious or not, IT FITS!

       Leaves us all with this decision to
make:   ARE WE, OR ARE WE NOT, going to
take away these threats “as best we can”/ BEFORE they exterminate us all!  No second chances, one second too late, and
there is no going back.  Forever GONE,
every single one.

       We stop the university BY TAKING AWAY
INFLUENCE/ AND REMINDING THEM ALL, with clear and certain language.  ANYONE who attempts to threaten our world by
creating what will be a biological or life threat upon this earth:  SHALL BE DESTROYED THEMSELVES.  Without mercy or if it is horrendous
released:   then torture worse to you,
than any other life has ever seen.  

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