becoming “satan

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We have now “begun our final journey”/ because reality will tolerate very little more!  In acceptance of that fact, is the
   we cannot survive, or even hope to survive “atoms on fire”!  the
first lesson:
  even though the university says “we built an atomic bomb” and didn’t blow up the world/ so its safe to ignite atoms on fire.  I remind you
  like molecular bombs such as
tnt/ the extent of the explosion is limited by the excited state of what can
blow up.
  Since the atom bomb component
  that explosion is limited by the “excited atoms”/ it stops when they are done.  IN
COMPLETE CONTRAST to that reality:
  Like a molecular
fire consumes an entire forest because it can:
the fuel is there.  Atoms on fire,
will continue to burn:
  because the fuel
is there/ consequently there is absolutely no reason to believe an atomic fire
will simply extinguish itself.
  Even with
all the evidence to prove that is true/ the cult remains:
  to your eternal shame. Should you survive
into eternity!

       That elemental knowledge, has controlled my life for forty years/ your contribution is “to run away and hide”; consequently frustration exists.  Eloquence/ knowledge/ understanding/ proven wisdom/ reality/ consequences/ evidence/ playing “a little”/ religion/ etc are refused by you.

       So I do have to ask why?  The only answer is divided by two things:  humanity only wants what it wants/ and refuses anything it does not want, by locking that fear into a closet called “I believe”.  And the foundation of failure, and its lies, which:  is the university can play god.  Which does mean:  humanity is extremely selfish, and without heart (not even for your child)/ and controlled by a cult.

       So, we must ask WHY?

       That begins with:   HOW can you ignore people who have plainly stated, and built machines to ignite atoms on fire?  The only answer is a cult:  “we can’t question the leaders/ they are gods”.  When the consequence of being wrong is:  OUR ENTIRE PLANET BECOMES A SUN.  it is the most extreme cult, humanity has ever grasped onto.  The end result is death to life, every life on earth. 

       We ask WHY/ is your “faith” in university so extreme?  The answer is:   you are not allowed to see their failures/ and every answer they give is filled with a foreign language intended, to confuse! As is constant with every religion that ever existed. The only way to defeat a cult:  is to attack the leaders, in a way that exposes their faults. Regardless of the method:  which is blockaded by the priests and zealots of any religion/ as is media. 

       We ask again:  WHY?  Reality exposes the truth by looking back into history, and in particular world war 2:  massive unrest, mutilation, and murder no one wants to repeat/ followed by an atomic bomb, no one believes they can defeat.  That bomb established by “university”/ that fear, translated as “WE DON’T want to be on the other side”.  So the university was given “free reign” over weapons.  A weapon means:   “we CAN make you cry/ OR, we can make you cry TOO”; they have no other purpose.  Then came the religious elevation of evolution (the university religion), which means:  “chaos is god”.  As is constant with war:  the victor gets to proclaim his own religion rules.  Then came:  the university controls the entire treasury of the USA, with numbers;  because reality has been evicted.  So they became, “where the money lives”. Then came toys and trinkets and toys for adults:  and it only bankrupted us all.  So now we live in a society of lies, and all hope the lies don’t die:  because poverty and depression comes next.  Congratulations “the university of your faith, is now going to kill you, and the planet”.  By intentionally mutilating nature/ igniting atoms on fire/ destroying resources/ and demanding “let the children die:  because we won’t leave them NOTHING”.  AS IS the evidence proven true.   Religion once again proves to be “even more than a horror”:  it became SATAN.  Or, translated it means “destroyer of a world”.  As is the proof of our reality, coming soon. 

      it is in your best interest to return to the homepage here frequently.

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