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So, lets
test the theory of not enough gravity to hold down an atomic fire to this
  That assumes what happens on this
earth is similar to what happens on the sun/ NOT likely is it.
  Even so, lets hypothesize IF WE COULD postulate
a theory, that would identify so aspect of what gravity in this solar system
  it WOULD go like this!

       SOLAR Gravity or that invisible cord
which keeps planets revolving around our sun in a predictable pattern:  must be functionally the same as what gravity
is here on earth, for their theory  “an
atomic fire will just extinguish itself”. 
So lets test that fantasy by saying IF the gravity that is here on earth
is in fact the same as solar gravity that is holding NEPTUNE in place for
instance.  Whose stated gravity when
compared to earth is 1.12  . mean radius
is 15,388  miles:  compared to 3963 for earth. Velocity is 3.38
miles per second compared to 18.51 miles per second on earth.  And whose distance is average 2.8 billion
miles from the sun compared to 92.5 million miles for the earth.

Then would we not find: 
if we assume the same physical  gravity that holds this planet in orbit/ holds
Neptune in orbit:   THEN WHY ARE WE NOT
CRUSHED?  After all, given the mass,
velocity, and distance requiring physical gravity to hold that object in place
around the sun. Would mean the intensity of physical gravity here, and on every
object in space ANYWHERE in the vicinity of the sun.  The earth would be required to “get sucked
into” the sun. NO planet would escape the gravity of the sun, and certainly no
comet coming close to the sun would escape. 
Yet that does not happen/ because physical gravity as is consistent with
this earth DOES NOT exist as solar gravity.

WHAT IS called “dark energy, or anti- physical energy” DOES
consist of the cord that is solar gravity or the means to sustain planetary

That dark energy is the neutron being released from its
proton by removing the bond between proton and neutron in an atom:  as is what an atomic fire does!  It is a completely different system of
bonding than in a physical world alone.  What
proves this exists among other things is: 
that we know an extreme amount of energy is contained by an atom.  The atomic bomb proves it/ therefore you
cannot deny it.  That physical energy is
contained in motion, and proton mass;  as
the atom itself moves within environment. 
When the environment is melted away by fire, the physical energy of the
proton is released/ and the anti-gravity forces which control the atomic
environment (keeping the energy balanced) as a neutron are released as
well.   We KNOW this is true of the atomic environment
environment/ or it simply escapes, to dissipate into space.  Or more simply:  the neutron acts functionally as a cord,
which holds the proton in place:  BY
CREATING AN OPPOSITE FORCE, which then balances the physical force.  That opposite force released by atomic fire/
then becomes solar gravity.  You don’t
recognize it as an energy force/ because it is fundamentally the opposite of a
physical energy.  Time,  is a physical force.

There is more on this at and various other
sites, I provide;  one description I
recall is somewhere on the homepage or 2 of

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