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IN OUR little lamp fire, to represent the sun: overheating of the wick, leads to the potential of drawing more fuel through the wick, which then leads to serious heating of the holder/ which can then lead to boiling of the fuel/ which can lead to an explosion in the worst case scenario. Because hot fuel must do something/ it has to expand. 

       This represents the sun in only one
critical concern:  IF HEAT is allowed to
invade the primary fuel source/ like in a supernova event.  Which means a sun first grows in volume
(because more fuel is added to the fire; or it became hot), and then explodes
(too hot/ means it cannot sustain a balance).  
Consequently we know,
that the core of the sun is not on fire. 
fire as scientists claim:   THERE WOULD BE NO NEW FUEL TO BURN!
  How is that not true? Their theory is then a

       A reality your scientists simply
discard.  But it is a reality “every
redneck” knows.   Burn all the fuel, and the fire goes out!

       In our little candle fire, which
represents a sun in just one aspect of reality: 
thermal expansion requires the fire to remain on top of the candle, and
grow in size:  because the heat requires
room.  Then we Compare the size of the
wick/ to the size of the flame/ establishing thermal expansion has grown the
visible fire 3-10 times larger than a hot wick (depends on what you view) .  if we translate that heat description: 
we then get a space between the fuel source, and the flame/ just like on
a candle. That would mean on the sun: 
there is a massive space/ between the fuel source and the flame:  which then keeps the fuel source at the core,
from being overheated, and exploding.

 We, the average
citizens;  do know and recognize:   EVERY FIRE needs room to expand/ they grow,
if given fuel and room.  Which means,
that heat, cannot simply be packed into a flame, that is thousands or millions
of degrees hot. It won’t fit, without
extreme pressures.   

       So scientists say:The
core extends from the sun’s center to about a quarter of the way to its
surface. Although it only makes up roughly 2 percent of the sun’s volume, it is
almost 15
times the density of lead
and holds nearly half of the
sun’s mass”.
   OR, the sun core contains an element that is at least 16 (a slight error/ not going to change the video, it is irrelevant) times more dense than LEAD.  Which means they suggest this element or sun core
is something that cannot exist in the periodic table of elements here on earth
lead has an atomic weight of 207, while uranium has an atomic weight of
238:  the heaviest known element which
can survive.  15 times greater than lead
means:  this must then be an element with
an atomic weight of 3,105.   NOTHING in
physical existence, reality, or law: 
approaches that, or allows even the theory,  this element could exist!   
A VERY IMPORTANT FACT: since they gamble with this entire planet based
upon  that theory.
  Because if the element does not exist/ then
their entire theory of how the sun works, is an absolute fraud.

       So lets talk about the sun core, which
scientists (university diploma’s) have declared to be:
 Conditions at the Sun’s core (approximately the inner 25% of its
radius) are extreme. The temperature is 15.6 million Kelvin j

Fahrenheit  15599726.83333 Celsius;  and the pressure is 250 billion atmospheres. At the
center of the core the Sun’s density is more than 150 times that of

       There are NO SENSORS, ETC/
absolutely nothing to prove or disprove what is at the center of the sun:  only wisdom.
  Therefore we must ask:  because scientists predict these things as a
necessity for their version of solar gravity to exist.  Without the mass, it all falls apart/ and
they become frauds.

 They know heat
requires room, so they made pressures based upon temperatures which can be
approximated.  Those temperatures
according to their theories:  MUST
CONTAIN these pressures/ or their entire theory falls apart and they are proven

       We now take a look at the university
scientists who claim based entirely upon spectrometry (a visual
signature):  that the sun is in
Chemical composition

like most other stars, the sun is made up
mostly of hydrogen, followed by helium.
Nearly all the remaining matter
consists of seven other elements — oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium,
iron and silicon. For every 1 million atoms of hydrogenin the sun, there are
98,000 of helium, 850 of oxygen, 360 of carbon, 120 of neon, 110 of nitrogen,
40 of magnesium, 35 of iron and 35 of silicon. Still, hydrogen is the lightest of all elements, so it only
accounts for roughly 72 percent of the sun’s mass, while helium makes up about
26 percent.

       Nothing heavy here!  Nonetheless we return to our oil lamp, as a
representation of the sun, and discover the pollutants that have blackened the
glass.  Or more simply when burning with
fire, there is “an ash or gas cloud emitted”. 
We know the sun is on fire:  that
is absolutely certain.  We know that the
sun burns atoms:  because nothing less or
other than atoms contains the heat released.  So the fire pollutant, like on earth:  is whatever can escape the intense heat of
that fire.  IF ANYTHING is visible, or
able to escape an atomic fire:  it is the
smallest atom that exists/ which would be hydrogen.  The second smallest atom is helium, less
likely but still possible.  The rest of
the elements they suggest, are the result of an explosion (solar flare);  which throws blast materials through the
atoms creating SUN FIRE;  at an
accelerated rate.   So their spectrograph readings adhere
correctly, to what in small quantities; can be ejected from an atomic fire.

THEY ARE NOT representative of the mass that is within our
sun.  That theory too, is a fraud!

So let’s talk gravity, scientists say:  Gravity, or
gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought
… On Earth, 
gravity gives
weight to physical objects and 
causes the
ocean tides.
   This is their BEST definition, and yet they
gamble our world, and every life in it based upon gravity.
is not enough gravity
here on earth to sustain the flame. So an atomic fire, will just
vanish into space.

So, as they say:  “we
know apples fall down”!  which is
literally all they know for sure; 
therefore a fraud.  More correctly
an extreme gamble with life on earth.  We
cannot extinguish an atomic fire/ everything is fuel!

What then is solar gravity: 
that begins with the clear and certain knowledge, than an enormous
amount of kinetic energy exists within an atom. 
The atomic bomb proves that true! 
We then know:  that within the
boundaries of an atom:  THERE MUST BE
AWAY”.  Consequently what is called a
neutron, is in fact dark energy or negative energy, because it contains the
physical energy we know in time.  When an
atom is burned, the two forces are released: 
one outward/ and one inward toward the core.  One hot, which means to exist in a balanced
state, the other must be cold.  That
negative energy is solar gravity/ that opposite energy is cold enough to
sustain the fuel of sun mass in a balanced state;  until it overheats and then turns supernova

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