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Just for the
sake of it:  I again remind whosoever is
listening/ that Lawrence Livemore Laboratories in San Francisco.  Is using small amounts of thermos-nuclear
weapons explosive, to test if the explosive still works. By placing the small
sample into their laser chamber and igniting it.  That does mean a very small atomic explosion
exists within those lasers, for that tiny amount of time. BUT if the sample is
a tiny bit too big or too strong/ OR IF A small group or a few lasers of those
192 being used to contain the explosion fail. 
Do to a malfunction, computer glitch, or whatever.  THEN THERE IS an opening for the  explosion to escape/ multiplied by all the
power placed into that explosion by the LASERS. 
That functionally means:  at any
given time a relatively large, extremely focused explosion/ and its energy
pulse, can or will extend into the area surrounding it.  With all the chaos that will create!  Therefore told in advance:  you should remember, when government
employees tell you “it’s some other nation, that did this”/ so as not to take
the blame themselves”.  You will
know,  “not true”.

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