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I find, with
life or death of this world imminent/ because
of the evidence:
  nobody is
excused from the work, no matter how impossible the probability we
survive.  Therefore,  I will continue to teach you, regardless/ the
cost of being wrong, in not doing so: 
simply I am unwilling to accept.

       So let’s talk simple realities:

1.   Global warming exists:  because of all the heat 8 billion people
create/ particularly in air-conditioning, and a lack of truly insulated.

2.  Nature itself is being mutilated by
geneticists (they want to play god too)/ who worship evolution, and have
decided to bring chaos into nature, so as to “demand new creatures or plants”
{what could be more god-like, than that}. 
But they will fail, and cause nature to fail as well/ ending life in
balance. Or Armageddon is here!

3.   The water supplies are extremely threatened/
whether you believe that or not; “its true”.

4. Plants are being sterilized (easy
enough)/ but you can’t bring them back, “to producing life” and terrible things
are coming. Your geneticists are poisoning your food supplies.  Without pollinators:  killed by plant mutilization/ there is no
future for much of life.  Habitat destruction
ends more.

5.  Animals have been reduced to “the factory farm”/
where antibiotics have built “super-disease”. 
Bringing to our lives in the near future:  horrors never before seen on earth. As well
as pandemic disease that will, or can easily  wipe out that food supply.

6.   Oceans have been completely disrespected/
life there, is near collapse for a wide variety of human reasons.

7.   Extinction is rampant/ or soon:  for many versions of life.

Then we face our own reality of  “too many people” on earth.  We are growing at a rate, which clearly
approaches  another billion people every
eight years.  Can’t feed a billion now/
which will soon become an Apocalypse (a gun in every hand; so to speak) kill
them all.  Bringing to this earth weapons
of mass destruction released.

    All of that, because
you refuse, and your leaders refuse, and your media hides:  EVERYTHING, that honestly
matters to our existence! 
Which can
only mean:   a cult (university knows)
and its worshipers, spread out in every leadership position:  intentionally keep you blind, deaf, and dumb.  Which literally means:  you are  as a society, participating with them.  

means:   I have taken all my fears,
wants, hopes, and even dreams/ and shoved these into the closet called belief,
where I NEVER have to deal with reality or truth.

means:   I have investigated and examined
the reality of  evidence to the best of
my ability, and chosen to accept what I know or understand to be true.  Thereby finding an anchor in life itself, to
confront my reality and my decisions;  with honor, courage, and hope.

    Leaving us all, with
the simple truth:   by examining the
evidence, “our world IS AT THE EDGE OF DEATH”. 
So the question is:   will you
accept what can be proven true/ OR continue believing whatever you want,
regardless of the consequences to you, or the future of life on earth?  Make your decision;  because reality proves your time to choose is
nearly over/ and eternity itself is waiting. 

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