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PROBLEMS 1;  in American society

begin with race. Understanding the problems.

       Every immigrant the world over,
throughout all of history;  finds two
things.  If he or she is rare, “in this
society; they can feel distinctive, and people will treat them so, “if they
aren’t ugly or unsociable”.  Just how it
is.  Those who are not treated equally in
society, will be their friend.  In
contrast to that:  when the majority of
society feels they are a threat to anything they want/ which means, “now I
can’t have more”.  The impact of that
will be racism, bigotry, and prejudice. 
The majority then locks together so as to protect “their wealth, their
children, and their right to decide”.

       As to American people “colored
black”.  There are three
fundamentals.  We begin with history.

       Reality states, the civil war was not so
much about slavery as it was about the reality of money. The union government
so-called FAILED to recognize:  by
freeing the slaves, you removed the investment their so-called owners had
made.  Regardless of the humanity
involved;  that made nearly every owner
bankrupt.  Because they paid a lot of
money for slaves/ and it is akin in farming today:  as if your primary tractor was suddenly taken
away, and nobody paid you for it.  Which
means “somebody stole your money, and your ability to farm the ground:  which then becomes real poverty, and getting
thrown out from the farm”.  The
“emancipation of slaves” was the removal of all machinery, so to speak.  The consequence of that is hate, and civil
war.  NOT so much because of any color/
because every culture has been enslaved throughout the centuries.  This tragedy, as are so many:  was about money.  Had the union paid “the so-called owners”/
the war would have been short, or not at all. 
But as it was:  many a white
person died, was mutilated, bankrupt, and more; 
in their eyes “because of the color of skin”.  That was a delusion, but people like fantasies.
 I tell you true, “these so-called
owners” would have been happy with ANY color of worker/ because to get rich,
the work has to be done….they chose black people. Who were sold by their own
counterparts, “to get rich”. 
Particularly because the color made it very easy to “see, who was
suppose to be (not like us), a slave”. Tragedy occurred because it was wrong to
enslave:  even if the investment was
real.  A critical discussion could have
resolved much. However it would not have solved the problem of people “who want
to be RICH”.  The constant thorn, of
human existence.

       Next up is the reality of race;  not unlike the different sub-species in all
of nature.  To establish diversity and
its purpose which is to spread life around the world, by creating some who do
better in different situations/ so they settle “here”.  EVERY sub-set OF NATURE, is
fundamentally equal;
 but they are
not quite the same.  Simple as that.  The most critical thing about the reality of
mixing different subspecies together is:  WILL the offspring be accepted? Will they be
better off, than either group/ or less so? 
So the first question is determined by whether or not the parents find
this a blessing or a curse?  The first
real test is:  DO YOU accept this child
as your own? The plain reality is:  “does
the child look like me”/ because if they do not, then it is much harder to
accept or prove “he or she is mine”.  The
foundation of parenting is:  there is a
cost, and a reality of work and life required from the parent, by each child.  If they fail to accept the duties here are
worth that price:  then the relationship
fails, and trouble begins.  The
consequence of that entire development either for good or bad:   rumbles through “the mating and dating
dance” that is being young.  More so in
the elderly who have confronted these problems or seen them in the others/ than
in the young.  However problems governed
by truths which will not “be hidden”/ never go away completely:  so the young will learn.  Differences do matter/ even if love can sweep
the differences between us away.

       The third thing is:  living matters.  That means what we do in everyday living,
determines how well we are accepted by the others.  OR, are able to isolate ourselves, by taking
care of the money.

       The foundation of that statement relies
upon two things:  taking care of the
money means NOT spending it/ but investing it in a future that will be, or is
intended to be secured (I don’t need you). 
How well we are accepted by the others depends upon whether they see us
as an asset, or a liability.

       So let’s examine taking care of the
money/ which is essentially impossible, if you were a slave, and then suddenly
had choices.  Because those who want to
be rich:  will set up traps to ensnare,
and make you a slave by using money as debt (you owe me).  Real education which prepares a child for
every occurrence they are likely and even unlikely to meet along their journey
in life:  stops much of this.  But those who want to be rich HATE THAT, as a
consequence they take over schools, for the singular purpose of insuring the
children leave that school completely defenseless/ if not for their parents or
family.  Taking care of the money
means:  do your best with work, so that
you can remain employed, even when others are not.  Spend your money wisely;  which means, do not buy what you do not
honestly need for life, work, and reality. 
Invest only when you are fully informed, and critically know:  THE REALITIES that are going to determine if
you gain or lose a value to your life. Don’t hate work, we all need to support
ourselves/ why should anyone else “pay for you”.  THAT is your job.

       BEING ACCEPTED requires you to not be a
threat.  Hopes for you, to be an asset,
which means “I can depend upon your honor and respect for my life too”.  Reality states:  whether right or wrong, the perception is
that black skin people are more deliberately involved in drugs.  That leads to all manner of mayhem and
tragedy throughout all parts of society: 
consequently BEING IDENTIFIED with that group, does hurt you.  Even though the majority are not
involved.  People judge very easily. It
is exactly like:  “if the journey to a
specific conclusion takes a hundred steps (as a description)/ THEN people will
believe: you went all the way, if you just took one step. They will be certain,
if you took two steps”.  While reality
states:  there were 98 more steps to
take,  before this was real.  That however does not matter.  So the truth is people are very easily led/ a
consequence you cannot fix, without a lot of work, even suffering in some

       The next far more critical reality of
life in this society between white and black is:  “the trouble with dating”.  The reality: 
every male subspecies believes, 
“our women/ ARE OURS”; leave them alone. 
While in the same breath:  every
male subspecies believes “I have every right to fuck whoever I please/ and I
want all the pretty ones”;  because that
proves I am better than you!  It doesn’t
matter what color you are:  when men come
fucking (I WANT, “will lie”/ to win) women, and leaving children behind for the
others to care for.  THERE WILL be
trouble.  It is as predictable as rain.  One of the consequences to that is:  LOCK THEM UP/ and keep them there!  There is a cost to crossing that line, even
if you believe it is unfair.  The
majority gets to decide;  because they
own the courtroom.

       We next examine the reality of
invasion:  or more simply, as it has been
proven true in America.  When people of
color invade a street or an area formally occupied only by whites;  the value of that street or area goes
down.  Taking the securities of “our
home” with them.  That opens the door to
more people of color;  which drives the
price even lower.  Part of that is:  the children of white people start mixing
with the children of color;  which means
the grandchildren will “no longer be like us”. While that might sound
“prejudicial” it is not.  The value of
being a specific subset/ rather like pure-bred anything:  tends to be considered higher, at least in
some circles.  What CANNOT be contested
is:   DIVERSITY ITSELF, cannot be
sustained, when everything mixes together. 
As such, the reality of being diversified and able to spread across the
planet ends;  as each then wants exactly
the same thing/ and can only do, exactly the same thing. Which becomes an
endless competition, for exactly the same thing.

 Nature knows best
because nature proved it could survive/ until humanity took over life on
earth.  To now become leaders, of “its
death march” to hell.  Hardly a
recognition of “university knows best”. 
They are the architects of tragedy and disgrace instead.


The foundation of most trouble in humanity is “I WANT to be
rich/ I WANT, someone else to do my work/ I WANT, to make decisions, or create
realities, that prove I am special”!  Doesn’t
matter who you are, or where you live, or what color your skin is:  these three simple statements, and the people
who choose them;  are affecting your
life.  That includes the vast majority of
humanity itself.

To control wealth, and make it possible for everyone to be
realistically equal:  we need two things
to be true.  1.  Limited capitalism;  wherein we the people control the income, and
resources  allowed to anyone per year:  BY OUR VOTE. 
Determining both the minimum and maximum income, for everyone on a
periodic basis.  2.  All wealth is resource derived/ therefore
understanding who controls the resources, defines who has the potential to be
wealthy (I don’t have to work as hard/ I also get more).  The first step is to insure resources are NOT
WASTED;  because that insures the
children, even you:  will die.  Economic “fair play” will follow, because you
can choose what is fair as a society.

2.  LAZINESS in society
is a constant throughout time/ but it is not as simple as it seems.  The opposite of “I have everything, in human
terms” is:  THEY have to do my work,
consequently I live by making them my slave. 
“who is greater now”?

The critical reality is:  
what are your options? That begins with WHY does this exist? Answer, you
surrendered your own options, to become lazy. Those who fight for participation
rarely lose their right, to gain something for themselves.  Lazy means: 
I have decided someone else must pay for my existence on earth. Simple as

To remove that from society: 
it is essential an opportunity to be treated fairly does exist. That fundamental
of life, requires not only justice: 
which is the right to be heard, when pleading this is necessary.  But the reality, for true justice, as is
consistent with democracy to exist in society. Requires:  “this people must care, and share” for each
other/ same.

To combat laziness itself: 
the reality is, if you will not participate/ educate yourself/ and work
for your own life, & along with us, for society as well.  Then you should not live here, and we need
not support or allow you to remain.  Consistent
with that statement is:  if you are an
immigrant living here, and have not gained citizenship within seven years of
coming here.  Then you shall take
whatever you have achieved that can be gathered/ and go home.  If you are not going to be “one of us”/ then
you have no right to remain.  Simple and
plain, its true.

       SO, LET’S TALK
SPECIAL “as in listen to me”!

Special is given to mean: 
something more than the majority are able to attain or understand.  Special in this reality does NOT mean better/
or entitled to more.  It simply means
different:  not unlike the color of skin,
on people.

People fail to listen, in their words/ “because nobody
listens to me”.  WHY should I listen to
them!  It’s not a question/ that is my
decision. Thereby whosoever does manage to be listened too; “is considered
special” in some circumstances.

People fail to “see me”, in their words/ because nobody
cares.  WHY, should I acknowledge
them!  Not a question/ it’s a
decision.  Thereby whosoever does manage
to be recognized, rather than “part of the herd”;  is considered to be special in some

So then the fundamental reality governing these decisions
is:   nobody pays attention to me/ and I
want them too.  If not me, then at least
someone I respect as a description that I could have been.  This is functionally the same basis as the “fan”/
as in sports or whatever.  Can’t play the
game, “well I participate as a fan, and that makes me important too”.  Because without fans, nobody would pay
attention to the game, making it completely irrelevant “to the rest”.

To achieve the respect desired, apart from the fantasies of a
fan/ the reality is you must respect yourself. 
Changing whatsoever is necessary, to achieve the truth inside yourself, “that
you are indeed worthy of being heard, and being noticed, as a valuable human
being”.  Don’t value yourself by what
others demand.  Value yourself, because
of the decisions you make, and accept or change whatever is true; that aids
your decision, to be “the best you can be”. 
WHY, be anything less?

We examine discipline in society, as the means to adjust “the
human elements” which are called prejudice. 
Discipline means:  I have found
order, and balance, as the values which make love possible in me.  Thereby I have earned happiness, with respect.

Discipline in society respects justice, and therefrom lends
itself to improving society in all aspects of living and life. So the answer is
RESPECT JUSTICE.  Which cannot be done,
unless justice as is distinguished in a courtroom and other places:  is real! 
Four things MUST be done to correct that/ as it is blatantly missing in

1.  FAIR PLAY, a clear representative of that
is:  a financial penalty under the
auspices of law/ IS NOT FAIR unless it confronts each citizen the same.  Therefore a financial penalty will be
constructed around a percentage of income/ rather than a simple one price fits
all. That is tyranny.

2.   Justice is NOT  “a gift”/ justice, is a decision by society
itself, to be involved as we the people are owners here.  Which deliberately means:   we must know exactly what is going on in
every courtroom in the state or nation.  To
do that:  every participant in the courtroom
during trial of every kind.  SHALL fill
out a true and real questionnaire, discovering what has happened here from as
many vantage points as is realistically possible.  Those answers are then statistically
translated into:  “DID THE JUDGE,
LAWYERS, AND JURY” do its job?  Is this
the society some gave their lives, or bodies, or families:  to create?   
NO JUDGE is protected/ ANY judge can be dismissed for not choosing
JUSTICE, by being FAIR.  NO lawyer is
protected:  IF YOU DO NOT work for a just
and fair society/ then you shall NOT practice law. 

3.   THE JURY is not a game, nor is it your
punching bag, to gain superiority over someone else.  BEING A MEMBER OF THE JURY,  REQUIRES YOU: 
 to choose, as if this was
yourself on trial/ IF, you chose RESPECT FOR LIFE and society.  That is your job, to protect justice in
America.  That includes especially THE
PENALTY/ that will be applied in this case. 
That penalty SHALL be described by society itself;  as a maximum, or minimum reality that is fair
to us all.  THE JURY decides what the
penalty will be. The lawyers will participate in recognizing the various
factors that are influencing this outcome. 
The judge will participate in understanding what is fair, by the law
that proves we do have a right as society to interfere HERE!  PROTECTING freedoms and liberty for all.  Presenting equality as a necessity.

4.   The difference between having something of
value and not having much or anything of value at the end of life:  is what did you choose to do with your time
and money!  Those who saved their money
and invested it/ gain value over time: 
it is their reward.  Those who
spend their money right now, with disdain for the future, end their lives with
nothing or little;  unless someone else
does their work, and pays their bill (as in inheritance, or other)!  The consequence more simply put is:   “you can have a good time, when you are
young; up to about thirty/ by not working or doing anything important for your
future”.  But after thirty, unless “the
union, or other;  gives you what you did
not earn”:  you will pay for your good
times then.  In contrast to that are the
people who work hard up to about thirty, leaving behind much of what they would
otherwise do/ to gain security in their work. 
Which means after thirty many, if not most;  will be able to have a better life, than the
majority.  That is their reward.  THE UNFORTUNATE REALITY of working hard, when
you are younger than thirty is:   too
tired for much sex/ too much time taken for work, and lost from family/ too
little interest in the realities of marriage; and so on.  Which opens the door, for those who are not
working so hard, to come in and steal sex from your partner who has been
neglected, and wants more from life, than a future with you.  So they take half of everything you
sacrificed for/ and you become their slave. 
The alternative to that is:  a
partner who is involved and helping you attain “our goals” as a family.  The alternative to that is:  REMEMBER life comes first, and that includes “people”.
Work requires a commitment;  but if you
leave your life behind/ you won’t be happy with “success”.                                                       

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