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       What are the elements, which bring peace/
survival/ and happiness?

       The answers are:   peace exists when we believe “right or wrong”,
that justice, which is equal or honorable treatment under fair and decent laws:
 will be given to me.  That is very limited in America today.

       Survival exists:   when the future is secured, because if you
eat, or destroy all the seed (food/ water/ etc) today. Then tomorrow, and every
year after will be bleak indeed.  Decisions
that protect the children, also protects the adult. NOT DONE in any real
concept today, in fact the very opposite, in every decision of leaders;   TO NOT protect the children is true.

       Happiness is the degree to which we find
ourselves immersed within the miracles of life itself/ thereby granting to life
inside “a soul”.  Which means, the
potential for an eternity beyond “exiting this body” will exist.  Love is the greatest happiness of all,
thereby whosoever grants the acceptance or reality of love; gives society as a
whole, or a person:  “that happiness”.

       We do need to “feel free”/ because
without a choice, the miracle of life “feels lacking”:  not me, this is you deciding for me.  The concept of that destroys the integrity of
a relationship by demanding “I am not worthy or allowed the right, of making my
own choices”.  Consequently to achieve
love, which is a distinct personal choice: 
we must also have freedom, to be happy.

       Given these three values in living or
life, the respect each person feels and discovers;   gives society its grace.  Grace means:  
“even if I am less than perfect, there is value in me and you”.  Therefore society finds trust, and with trust
there can be a bond, which unites us; 
rather than dividing us all.   Such
are the terms of life with hope.

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