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       The elemental reality of life is:  if we don’t share the responsibilities of
being a participant in life/ rather than its owner.  We will fail to care, and that will end the realities
of truth upon which we all depend, to survive.

       So, the foundation of life in time
is:  that we MUST accept the boundaries,
limits, consequences of being right or wrong, within the development of every
decision we make as a force of life upon this world.  Force is a very critical reality of
direction.  Direction determines the
decisions we will be forced to make in our future, along with every child, and
every life that will be influenced or dead by those decisions.

       We begin with the reality of being 8
billion people and growing at roughly 120 million more mouths to feed every
year!  A completely unsustainable
reality/ that will cause extreme extinction in all species, and end in
cannibalism:  because that is simply the
truth.  We eat life to survive/ the more
we must eat, the less nature has to offer. 
There is ONLY three solutions for that: 
a much lower birth rate/ those who are badly damaged are allowed to die/
the old shall not be given “excessive healthcare”.  Because that, is the choice you made as
adults.  War solves nothing/ but it will
destroy much more of what you do need to survive.  To prove that just consider the numbers:  to stay at this level of population 120
million people every year must die.  To get back, to what life was 50 years
ago:   4 BILLION people have to die!  Reality states:  
8 billion people CANNOT do, what 4
billion people could do/ it is that simple, and we are about to fall into the
abyss (no way out).

       Reality states:  there is no money to spend, BEYOND what is
earned.  There shall be NO MORE, “let the
children pay our debts”!  you will accept
the boundary of your own works. There will be NO PENSIONS OR BENEFITS OF ANY
KIND, NOT FOR ANY CAUSE:  other than
national social security as you accept the burden to pay a percentage of GDP,
and limit yourselves to reality.  Because
the children have rights too/ and leadership currently you are in America, has
made, or allowed:  you, to be “traitors
and thieves”.

       We then examine healthcare, as an
instrument which both guides our reality, and destroys it at the same time. Because
this is a finite world, and that does mean limits for humanity as well.  No one should die of “little things”/ because
that is unfair. Your decisions decades ago: 
do not allow for “major medical” efforts/ somebody does have to die, in
order for the rest to survive.  No Medicare
or Medicaid:  everyone after the age of
62 gets a vote, to determine how the percentage of GDP that is given to social
securities will be divided.  As a group
you will divide it however you please: 
as income/ as healthcare/ or whatever your own vote shall choose.   What nature
chooses;  as always proven best, throughout
all of time:  IS IN the best interest of
life itself on earth.  Because nature is
designed:  to fight for the vast
majority/ rather than the individual.  Nature
is correct, because time  and reality,
have proven that to be true.  It is
UNDENIABLE/ therefore it rules.

       We will add in reality:  all healthcare expenses are limited to a
percentage of GDP as a nation or state if you wish.  This is it, divide it by your own vote. Limited
capitalism, takes care of the rest.

       Veteran’s healthcare, for the entire service:
 is to be determined by un-commissioned
officers.  They decide who gets what/ and
who dies because this is too much. No officer allowed, they made the decisions
primary to the need for healthcare.  By vote,
using a percentage of the military budget; 
to be decided by the majority; 
all together as one.

       Education gets a percentage of GDP:  which varies with every year as the
accounting allows. The first 7 grades are the basis of a foundation for
life:  any teacher that fails their children
will be dismissed without pay, according to the percent on a standardized
test.  If every child passes the test,
the teacher gets 100% of the promised pay. 
If only fifty percent of every child in class can pass/ they get fifty
percent of a year’s pay. If it’s less, they get nothing.  For the next 5 years:  the reality is, let every child choose for
their own future/ by making it absolutely clear:  if you do not learn something useful to
society/ then society will not support you. The teachers will all gain or lose
according to the ability of every child: 
to successfully engage work and life, with an understanding that is
useful to our realities of existence. That means simply:  they better be able to do something/ OR, we
will evict you from teaching:  with a
clear and full report to the nation or state about what you did or did not do,
as your own work report card. So that your next job, will be “as you prepared”
for it to be.  Higher education, expects
higher pay because it is specialized work. 
That means it is fair to assert: 
NO LOANS will be given for this work/ NO payment shall be made by the
student other than living expenses are required. The state or nation shall
provide “utilities and maintenance costs for the buildings and necessary
equipment”.  But the professor shall be
paid only:  with a percentage of the
student income that is provided by a job for which they were trained.  It will not be more than one year’s pay per
student/ and done.  If the student finds
no work, for which you did in fact train them appropriately within ten years/
then the professor gets nothing.

       The criminal monopoly of intellectual and
deliberate crimes that permeates America, “with hidden violence” from every
side today;  shall be stopped in its
entirety.  The primary method is “limited
capitalism”/ because that, makes society fair. 
We all choose by our vote, the financial impact any individual or group,
 can have on our lives. That means: 

1.   We must choose for ourselves, rather than

2.   Limiting “money rules”/ shall demand, that we
are all needed;  therefore we all have a
say in the direction this society shall go from now on.

3.   Capitalism means:   the resources and labor force available for
the job, determines the cost of any particular product.  With a clear decision, to include the
children in the result:  of what you do.

4.   We owe each other a job/ because that is what
life requires of each of us:  “support
and maintain yourself”.  Therefore the
work shall be divided/ and nobody gets to be employed by or unionized, by “the
government”.  Instead of the money
decides:   we now decide for ourselves,
by our vote/ by our proven abilities/ WHAT we shall do, to share life with each other as equals.  Because we are so many people, there is
literally no other way to survive.
who will not participate with honesty, shall be moved; into areas’ where the
living is harder, and they have no choice.

5.   Currency MUST be tied to the population count
in every nation/ so as to keep track by reality observation, of what is being
done with our money.  NO government
official gets to create a debt/ once the money is collected, then you can spend
it. A constitutional change must accompany this, and tie it back again to
something that is real;  such as
gold.  Thereby keeping the thieves,
swindlers, cheats, fools, traitors, and failures of life that have so badly
damaged America at bay.  ONLY THE PEOPLE
THEMSELVES, shall be allowed to change this. 
Every citizen gets a vote in this: 
and every child casts one vote up to the age of 18 years, that says “it
remains the same”.  Government expenditures
are determined by a percentage of GDP/ and then open public bids, WITH ONLY ONE
publicly accepted, easily understood contract for everything will be
allowed.  So as to keep the bidding
fair.  You will only spend what you
earned;  by living within your means.  The price will fluctuate.

6. Taxation is necessary: which means in America the IRS shall be disbanded, and any ranking official inside the IRS shall not be allowed to participate in tax collection for the next ten years if not forever. Instead EVERY tax collecting agency will be determined by public election and bid. If they don’t do what needs to be done/ they will end in court. If they do what needs to be done fairly, then you may elect them to another term if you wish. Every tax form SHALL be determined by the people themselves. Every business or industry tax form shall be determined by that conglomeration of business interests/ and allowed by vote of the people themselves. The IRS is dead/ as is all its rules, regulations, and other paraphernalia to cheat and steal.   When you have selected your tax forms (limited to less than 3,000 words total), per base category/ then you have created your ENTIRE tax code.  Removing then, “everything else”.

7.   MAKING THE LAW, that rules our lives, our
society, our world, and our future:  
REQUIRES not more than one hundred clear/ short/ and distinct  descriptions of what we will allow, and what
we will not allow, for an individual or society as defined by government shall
do. Clear so it can be understood in a courtroom, and for life by us all.  Short, so the criminals of intellect cannot
undermine and destroy the work. Distinct so the knowledge of law is real.  A decision, so nobody can say:   we make our own choice in this matter.  Instead, where it is essential, we will
decide together.  Less than one hundred
or so means:   WE CAN ALL KNOW, and WE
WILL DEFEND OURSELVES, because now we do know the law.  Thereby reality is on our side.

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