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       We begin with the simple solution to
elections:  remove “voting for someone to
vote for me/ by voting on the laws which govern our lives, for ourselves”.  Beyond that, we only need people to bid on
the various jobs that running a democracy entails.  Representatives become investigators to
insure our laws are being carried out.  The
judiciary is subject to our rule/ by grading them in every case for
justice.  The lawyers, can only be paid
through their participation in justice and equal treatment under the law:  which is a public debt/ subject to a
percentage of income from the people directly involved, in civil cases, which
have no substantial value to the public. 
War is determined by the rules of engagement we the people provide/ and
shall not be altered or misunderstood; without serious consequences.

       There will still be elections:  wherein a public employee must be determined/
the rule is, “issues only”.  ANY ATTACK
on the person(s) competing for the same position:  SHALL BE, measured for time and purpose. THEN
the attacked person shall be granted twice the amount of measured time for advertising
or talking:  with the attacker paying the
debt/ or forced to shut up while “fair play” is forced to incur.  In other words stick to public matters/ or
you pay your competitor for your failure, “twice” the considered value of your

allowed for voting, without a clear, true, and complete description of EXACTLY
what paying for that debt will cost THE TAXPAYER.  NOT a damn hidden attack, which is to claim “per
citizen”/ because every citizen does not pay tax.  THE TAXPAYER, must be absolutely clear:  exactly what they will be required to pay,
year after year until this ends with paid in full.  NO PENSIONS/ NO public unions/ NO healthcare
or any benefit of any kind:  YOU ARE
EQUAL with the rest, and CANNOT make us pay you for your criminal intent.  We do not owe you, anything:  other than a wage preset and fully disclosed
as your income for this job we allow you to earn.

 There shall be NO
CHARITABLE cause or institution:   UNLESS
the highest paid member involved gets paid not more than:  the average income per worker, as a salary
within your state.  Charity means:  equal or less/ because we do not intend to
make anyone rich, including those who claim to run it.  EVERYTHING WILL be disclosed, particularly
income/ property/ acts of sabotage which include stealing the inheritance of
children/ and all other activities directly involved in your claim to be a charity.  NOTHING IS HIDDEN, or the top officials shall
go to prison.  That, is your job:  make it plain, simple, and no one hides!

The free press MEANS: 
TO PROTECT the nation from every threat, clear and deliberate
communications to the people themselves MUST occur.  That means: 
NO PARTY/ AND NO INDIVIDUAL/ AND NO EDITING shall occur;  unless it is so described by  “we the people” ourselves.  To communicate this reality of time required,
three things shall occur.  We the people
own the critical times and means by which the people SHALL HEAR, what is needed
by life, nation, world, or any other topic of equal concern:  so as to defend themselves from an
attack.  Which does include such things
as “hidden inflation & debts we cannot pay”.  To facilitate the reality of that:  in today’s world, every topic of
communication shall appear on the internet by sites that are government
funded.  NOBODY is excluded.  These things will be categorized/ clearly
similar topics shall be combined if necessary: 
and the people who visit these sites shall determine what then goes into
broadcast or written publication/ by their visit on site and vote thereon.  Reality states:  there must be advertising to insure all know
this exists/ no advertising shall exist in broadcast news during these
communications at the time most notable for people watching.  Lesser issues shall go to written dialogue
for a clearer understanding paid for by we the people/ along with their take on
more important issues, that we may or may not contribute too in terms of cost.
NOBODY gets to control the news, NOBODY gets to own “freedom and duties of the
press”.  NOBODY in government employ gets
to choose who has access or not:   a
lottery will be held for all paid members of the press, who have had their
reports broadcast to the people.  Pay for
the press is at 75% scale of the average income;  for all workers in your particular state.  More if you are consistent with substance and

Religion shall be removed from government:  which means the takeover and control of the
religion called evolution shall be exterminated from all parts of government,
all funding associated with government, all educational facilities, and any
impact upon the children now allowed.  All
funding shall be recovered within the last ten years, as a minimum payment for
not throwing all involved in prison.  Adaption
is proof of nothing except “perfect design, and the thought which allows and
creates that”.  It is a failed and
useless disease upon this earth. All public access and participation is denied,
you stole a right, you did not deserve. You are however free to “keep it to
yourselves”.  Those who are utterly stupid,
incompetent, and without a brain;  should
not be trampled underfoot:  so “just”
keep it to yourselves.

The value of every machine, shall be studied to determine if
it is supporting life in our society/ or harming life in this society.  Every potential that is a change or a
threat:  SHALL BE EXAMINED by we the
people, and we SHALL determine for ourselves what can or cannot exist
here.  We shall determine by public
vote:   with extreme specificity, what
any college, university, business or other can or cannot do, with life/ planet/
or ANY OTHER GAMBLE that may or may not change life or society, and that
includes media.  NOBODY gets to mutilate,
change the climate, threaten the planet, destroy resources, or endanger life on
earth;  which includes  population control/ weapons of mass destruction/
inflation of money (NO demanding the
children will pay, OR their gold mine of the future is your GARBAGE)
/ OR
ANYTHING ELSE that is not consistent with TRUE DEMOCRACY.  Which does mean,   WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A
OURSELVES:   what our laws shall allow!  THAT INCLUDES WAR. 

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