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       The distance between life, and want.

       Critical to the elevation of life beyond
self, as is necessary to achieve the intent of humanity, which is a
relationship with Creation itself.  The values
that are intrinsic to life, the essence and eloquence of love, and the passages
called spirit must be aroused.  These decisions
are discovered NOT in want, which is the decision to lie with regard to self
and life, and determine whatsoever is easy, rather than pure.   Foundations exist on purity! 

In this time purity is not only considered worthless;  as is consistent with all genetic mutilation
(throwing in garbage/ whoring after fantasy)/ proving you are descending into
animal, or less.  As throwing away life,
in the search to play god/ does not even exist as human.

So let’s examine purity, because worthless and insane have no
meaning at all:  it is merely the road to
HELL & HORRORS.  A pointless
delusion. Purity is in an entirely different plane of life and living!  Decapitated as in:  from “walking with the dead/ or as stupidity
claims, being zombies:  without a brain.”  If you believe in “the university can play
god”/ then you are without love, life, hope, sense, value, courage, or truth;
and I have no use for you.

Human Purity, as is the existence by definition:  “in a state of development, that arises from
a single purpose, cultivating the only desire possible, which is a relationship
with soul”.  Examining the variables
begins with human:  the clear and
deliberate design, so far advanced beyond the abilities of men or women, that
only the world MIRACLES can be applied.  Because
the essence of thought, is absolute/ and the reality of caring, through the
existence of balance and all that we would not “need to have”; if simply “thrown
out along the road; for example”.  Nature
is by definition:  the building of bodies
called life. That foundation grants the essence of purity, which is:  something greater than what we are, exists
here.  Existence chimes in with:  from the passage which is elemental life,
comes freedoms to explore and discover the basis of time.  Time itself weaves a struggle, to identify
what can be found, both within and without your own existence. To develop an
identity within yourself, it is critical to accept:  discipline/ order/ balance, and yet the
extremes of personal choice, which become our footprints in time.  This is the elevation of purpose, and it
requires a true desire to  concentrate
time into the passages within self. Humanity means:  to belong to eternity, as one with the
spiritual essence of life.  Purpose however
lives or dies in that transition beyond time, because only truth survives/ and
only the purity of love is invited “into life itself”.  Consequently we must ask of desire, what does
it mean to participate in soul?

Here begins the journey, that is more than a simple choice. Rather
than definitions, the passages called value climb into a relationship with   GOD;  
CREATOR of life and time and eternity. 
Or more simply, you cannot “stand as you are”/ to receive this gift of
eternal life.  Rather you must climb
beyond time, to achieve an acceptance in trust, that will then bond you to life
itself through love.  We must encounter
and accept love, or there will be no trust in 
GOD.  We must value love beyond
ourselves, or there will be no trust granted, to us!  Consequently soul means:  the destiny we arouse within ourselves, to
determine the place where life knows we belong. The question called spirit
derives itself from the intensity called truth. What is true, is functionally
and fundamentally establishes “the law” that governs the boundaries, and
creates the limits of what our lives can be. Therefore true is at its essence,
our own critical connection with thought/ as thought is directional, and it
governs whatsoever our heart decides.

Passages create destinies, by determining the courage and
desires which illuminate your own identity. 
A road, “commonly called the easy way”; 
establishes only fate:  because
you did not choose this life, you simply wanted whatever value it gave to you
without the essence of work.  That climbs
to nowhere, so you begin to lie; particularly to yourself.

Destiny means:  I have
encountered thought, and made it my home. 
The ability to do this is determined by heart, which is the purpose and
desire you have chosen for your time.  Thought
is not an intellectual playground;  the
intellect can only measure and determine distance.  Thought can identify truth, and elevate life
within the laws which govern both time and creation itself.  Thereby the journey begins with law, elevates
itself by understanding truth decides, and constructs “the spiritual way”;  when we accept our lives have exceeded the
boundaries of time itself. 

That is not fantasy, but tilts the directional definitions of
existence beyond survival as is time:  so
as to experience the laws which govern life instead of time.  The difference is:  life merely visits time/ whereas time ends,
life need not.  Because thought governs

The question arises: 
WHAT then is thought, that it may of its own creation establish a life? To
accomplish that relationship to thought, we must identify life itself, and that
CANNOT be done/ as you are insane, and without respect.  Which means the values and relationships that
guarantee life has a meaning in you; 
CANNOT be understood/ and will NOT be respected by you.  Therefore it is moot.

So the question returns:  
when living among those who only conceive of want/ what can be done, to
save whatever few there are, willing to love life, without time and its
body?  Loving life is not worshiping
body.  Loving life is not, being afraid
to abandon body.  Loving life is,
accepting the relationship of soul, with GOD  
; is all I need, all I truly share.

Distance is the measurement of time. Love is the removal of
distance, so that we can be:  whatever
soul allows us to share!  That can
include body, but it cannot include time. 
Love is a sharing of the freedom to be alive, in your heart and mine. Thereby
It is absolutely necessary to trust whosoever you allow inside;  because if their life is not free of want/
they will take something from you.  If at
the opposite end of that love which is “ultimately free”/ you have both created
within a shared spirit, the essence of humanity itself.  Which is to participate in Creation:  without measuring/ as is the changed
existence from time, beginning the search into soul.  Then you can experience whatever expresses
the love you choose to share, openly and without reservations.  Being freed of time, is to care without
cost.  We can do that only in the
spiritual translation of love, conceived by trust, and elevated by
friendship.   Time as a body, does not allow
it;  as our education in existence must
include whatsoever the future beyond time may  include.

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