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       The drama of dating/ what I want, is not
what you want!

       Elemental to life itself in time, is the
relationships between male and female.  Thereby
in terms of living and life, the fundamentals that determine who we shall or
shall not spend our time in this humanity with; 
is serious.

       The critical question is not:  “what do you want”/ which is the predecessor
to all lies.  But rather “how close, can
we fit our lives together/ by choosing to live with a similar purpose and
desire”.  When a fundamental purpose or
desire is “too extreme”/ as have been mine; 
it is functionally limited if anyone can truly join, for any length of
time.  NOT because love did not exist/
but need overwhelmed that desire, and proved to be MORE important than
self.  So I write this, without having
dated anyone (by any description), for over thirty years.  That does not mean, without any learning/ it
just means:  the survival of life on
earth came first.  Not a game, every
threat is real. Even so, that concludes “me”!

       Dating begins with puberty, because it is
the first time the differences between male and female erupt with a purpose
beyond simply being friends.  That purpose
is governed initially by chemicals which suddenly erupt, “and demand attention”.  That leads to consequences of varying types;
and those who realize “this is NOT a game quickly” are on the road to
adulthood.  While those who want only
chemicals and trophies, fail life, and lose themselves into a swirl of addiction,
that will;  if not immediately/ cause
harm to all they invade.  So the critical
question of puberty is:  HOW SOON can you
realize, “this new thing” is not a toy/ but a deliberate reality that can
change lives and living forever? 

       As we question the basis of time
survival;  it is worthy to not:  NATURE, does not recognize individuality with
much vigor/ rather nature is “geared up” to insure species survival, by reproducing
at a rate that guarantees someone should survive. That production requires
death, to achieve a balance for all life/ which then feeds something else, in a
natural world.  Therefrom we are
overwhelmed with chemicals for reproduction, until we learn how to control
that.  We are now overwhelmed with human
population/ because we interfered with natural balance.

       Even so: 
we begin with dating as a youth/ to question the validity of enforcing
you must learn, “this is not a toy”!  Which
brings us to:  what could we do, in aid
of the young, without disrupting the blessing of sex?  The first lesson of angst:  is I am not prepared for life/ schooling
failed.  So the beginning of a young
life, requires a foundation upon which to build a future.  Therefrom values change/ respect grows/ and
blessings will occur if you do your job as an adult and teach your child how to
survive:  by working and having options. Remove
those whose only desire in schooling is: 
to make the children vulnerable/ keep them away from the
competition;  to become slaves.  Or, BE REAL, and help them grow up, with
learning that DOES have value.

       The second part of being a youth is sex
itself, as in all the hormones which demand “the opposite sex DOES have value”!  There is a wide divide, in the masses about
what kind of participation that should mean/ in the real world.  The critical question is:  WHAT, would actually help an adolescent grow
up? The answer is knowledge, through understanding what that knowledge will
mean to your future.  NOT go out and fuck
everyone you see/ but KNOWLEDGE, as in: 
what is the relationship between sex, and the troubles it will create.

1. Sex opens the door to trust, if you
want that to be so/ and young females often do. 
Males too, but usually, with an entirely different destination in mind.  Trust means you have made a commitment, and a
commitment demands a responsibility.  So now,
you cannot break that trust, without creating harm/ tears/ and  potentially even changing a life.  Nor can you accept it as your own life to
come;  without acknowledging you must
give something else up.  So the question
is:   are you ready for that/ is sex
worth this potential cost to your life?

2.  Critical to sex in every category of age:  is the reality of disciplines.  CAN this person be trusted to stop, rather
than taking more than was offered? Many cannot, particularly among the young/
while in the old, they just don’t want to stop! Which means you aren’t as
important as the sex.  The reality:  once the clothes come off/ control
diminishes, and your body becomes vulnerable. 
Which does make your life vulnerable as well.  Is sex worth this price, if it goes wrong?

3.  The one thing EVERY, particularly young female
knows is:  pregnancy turns the tables
upside down.  Which means very critical
choices involving life/ death/ child/ living,  and the future are all rolled up into one
single decision!  Are you/ or are you
not, going to respect this life?  So the
question is:  are you ready for this
decision/ because if not, you will feel attacked. Unfortunately young women in
particular “feel pregnant” easily.  Which
is then followed by “lets have sex all the time (doesn’t matter now)/ which
then becomes pregnant.  Or, we must wait
and see:  which becomes the lie, “I had
an abortion” more often than not.  Are your
ready for that reality?  Is it worth the
price of sex to you?  Even if you don’t
have intercourse with women, but choose lesser venues:  they can and do easily come up with “I am
pregnant”.  So the question is:  are you prepared for,  “I want you”?

4.   The reality
of sex is:  this is personal to me/ even if it is only lust (I am using your
body/ you don’t matter)
on the other side. 
Consequently the test of a quality, honest, relationship is time:  to determine if respect, honesty, and
purposes of love, are real.   If this is not worth your time to find
out:  you will be used.  Is your body, or your life,  worth more than that?

5.  The question is:  WHO are you? That answer is not resolved with
sex. Sex muddies the water between men and women so that they do not have to
discover who they are, for good or bad. Because it takes away the intimacy of
knowledge, that is time spent with you.  Replacing
it with chemicals, by allowing addiction to sex intervene in life.  Sex is run, by  powerful chemicals which then once released,
demand decisions.  If you do not choose
to control them with your heart and soul and mind/ then they will control
you.  Taking over your life to the degree
you allow.  Are you ready for a chemical
bath, that demands:   “I will control
you/ if you don’t control me”?  The
answer is no/ but the reality is:   most
try at a young age.  Are you ready to
lose your innocence? Innocence means:  “I
didn’t know/ this thing called sex,  could do so much harm”.

6.  Value searches the heart, to find your purpose
in life, by identifying its desire.  Heart
means:  everything I accept that life can
offer me, is determined by what I choose. 
Therefore if I choose only value/ I will have a life of what I  valued. 
If I choose sex/ I will have a life filled with sex; and all its
complications.  If I choose love, then I
must find someone to share that love with/ that I do care about honestly and
without reservation.  If you choose hate/
then the descent into madness begins.  All
of these things are multiplied into a relationship with how, and why you are/
OR, are not having sex. Consequently the reality of life is not an avoidance of
sex or its opposite:  but the question of
how will your heart choose fate or destiny;  
as a life beyond youth?  It is no
game, you are responsible for the consequences!

7.   The most critical question of love, is not
sex. Sex multiplies the experience of sharing your existence with someone else/
be it good or bad or in-between.  With love,
sex “makes you alive”/ more so, than anything else can offer. With hate, sex
takes from you the dignity of your life, and you get lost in the abyss; if you
fail the search to regain both love and respect in your life.  Everything in the middle, is simply about the

So let’s talk:  beyond
the framework called “youth”.

    The values and the
sanctity of a relationship between male and female is governed by
accessibility.  Given time, many will
find a respect between each other, if even a little love can be found. The critical
question of adulthood:  is to meet the
one, who can make your world feel alive!

 Few do, because sex gets in the way/ because
people judge based upon “tiny excuses of gossip and other”/ because people want
what they want, instead of searching and accepting love itself.  These are the primary causes of failure. Including
“sex is easy”;  not friendly.

Love is hard, if you are unwilling to
share or care. It is that simple. Respect is required on both sides, or the
relationship does not exist.

The foundation of:   WILL we love each other/ and spend our lives
together, by choice.  Is determined by
the proximity of your decisions, which then govern the direction of your
lives.  Those who are able to live the “same
kind of life”/ will accept each other in that shared existence, with
respect.  They will love each other if,
they choose it together.  If your lives
do not share a common bond, as in “my purpose and desire blends easily with
yours”;  then distance will grow, even if
love exists and is proven true. Living determines the relationship after
respect is established.  What you
want:  “is merely lying to you/ because
this is too good to throw away, or let slip away”.  But if it is not the same living, it is not
the same search;  and there will be
trouble, because life in time will end.  Thereby
making each one choose what does matter most.

So the question most prevalent in any
true relationship (respect exists):  
becomes why or what, keeps you alive inside?  The essence of living is a desire to
survive.  Without that, suicide or
depressions and insanity, come next.  Thereby
we do ask of each other, in whatever way you choose:  can you make me, or help me desire life, or
will you cause me harm?

LIFE IS, the reality of existence, as
freedom provides.  Without freedom, there
are no choices/ which is an end to decision as in “the identity of me”.  Therefore when we ask what keeps you alive/
it is never hate, that just postpones death. What keeps us alive, each one; is
the understanding of value. That does begin with “I am a MIRACLE”/ searched for
and found in the design and realities called the bodies of life on earth.  Value confronts time with this choice:  EVERY single decision that you will make, is
either for love/ hate/ or survival!  Survival
has the least influence, because the body must survive to experience life/
therefore it is not a true choice, other than to allow death to end the body
itself. Love and hate and both VERY distinct choices/ and you will choose one
or the other, it is never both. THEY ARE true opposites.  So your choice is:  EITHER for love or hate, in everything you
do, that involves any other life.  Consequently
these choices do identify who we are.

Love does not hide well, it exists or
it does not, as a human being choosing for life!  Hate on the opposite end of life DOES hide
well, as all predators do. It then searches for the vulnerable/ the weak/ the
foolish/ the accident/ and so on:  to
consume you.  Hate does not hide well,
when you prick at its purpose/ to expose, what hides underneath.  Hate, “hates” that.  Hate does not respect, even if it
pretends.  People prefer “the middle
ground”;  believing they can have both
love and hate.  They cannot beyond
time.  Which means you choose against
eternity in life;  every time, you choose

let’s examine the variables which determine both sex and relationships as a
simple physical quest.  The reality is,
as nature has in fact provided it within us all:  that the sexually attractive are more desired
than the rest.  Attractive means:   “the biology, turned out just like the
designer planned”.  Anything that is not
functionally correct, or fundamentally balanced;  proves to be “ugly” (not desired for
sex).  To that statement I would be “ugly”/
not only old, but have grown “female breasts of late”.  Which clearly do not belong on a man.  It is a spiritual thing, and I have no
control:  they do whatever they desire to
do.  Stated to include:  “just because some call you ugly” does not
mean you are without value. So the elevation of value, is subject to what is
inside:  when we go beyond a physical

The second variable of the dating
world is:  “what do you offer, in
addition to yourself”?  the answer
searches:  IS THIS a life I want to
share?  Those who have “wealth”/ find
themselves more desirable, even if it’s just “paid for”.  The critical question of love, does not
consider “wealth”. Love searches for love, but remembers “I must live the life
I choose”.

The critical step called
marriage:  represents the fact, “that you
cannot run away, without a socially enforced, cost”!  it is critical only because, life shared
means a vulnerability to the other side/ that must not take too much from
me.  A reality hate interferes with, by
promising and wanting,  more than they
are willing or able to deliver.  Marriage
to   “GOD” ;   would identify a commitment from each life,
that is honest and true.  A reality that
will repent and forgive according to the need.

 I say that adding in:  after two years, I am divorced (over forty
years ago). Because even though  I found
marriage to be “FAR MORE than I expected at the alter of a church:  GOD was watching me”; I was a little shocked.  The reality of it all proved to be:   I could not fight for life on earth/ and
give what was required to remain married to the woman involved.  Functionally she just would not believe that
was so/ and made it impossible to simply walk away.  So we married to give it a try;  she tried the first year/ I tried the second.
The end result was:  love cannot resolve,
survival/ unless both work together.  To be
fair, I did not offer her the chance. She wanted a life like “everyone else”/
that was not “to be me”.  The job ahead
was too extreme.  The only thing I heard
in the ceremony was:  do you take this
woman to be your wife?  I said yes.  Breaking that promise is serious.

So I say to you, that marriage is not
a game.  Those who belong to  GOD,  
find themselves “noticed”.

As to the realities of old age;  I have been too busy, simply because you have
refused to care/ even about a planet being lost, to your gods “the university
knows everything”. 

So this became an “endless work”/
instead of a reality that was a duty, as a recipient of miracles!  Just how it is.

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