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       Ruling over power, the essence of what
true democracy means!

       The fundamental of government by “WE THE
PEOPLE”, is by any and every means:  we
must, and we will REMOVE the influence of an individual from the process/ by
creating the laws which govern ourselves, by simply and honestly voting upon
what is in the best interest of us all.

       Nothing is more plain than that.  Which means it bears witness to the
truth:  WHENEVER an individual achieves
power/ they have the potential to attack democracy.  As is current in this day.  The consequence of that corruption, IS
EVIDENT no matter where you turn in America: 
threats to exterminate the world/ robotics and artificial intelligence
threaten every aspect of society and the economy/ mutilation of nature,
deliberately trying to bring chaos in worship of the religion called evolution/
gambling with every life on earth/ embezzlement, the creation of debts which
cannot be paid (thereby stolen money, by hidden purposes)/ counterfeiting
(hiding inflation, so reality itself could be stolen/ people sacrificed so the
few could play “king”)/  mounting the
children with every perversion your leaders could devise;  raping their lives/ rampaging through
resources, so they could make the masses BEG/ crucifying biology, with
antibiotics and poisons which then intensify every form of disease possible/
sterilizing plants, so as to control the food (can’t bring it back)/ attacking
the water, and intending war/ weapons of mass destruction, to insure no one
escapes/ igniting atoms, to destroy the entire solar system, and remove the essence
of humanity forever.  Are just the
highlights of failure by a university education/ as is the constant link in all
leadership over the last 5 or more decades.  What could be more satanic, than that?

       Far less destructive is the attack on
democracy itself, by collusion and corruption of the courts.  Refusing democracy is treason/ democracy is “the
constitution rules this nation:  NOT the
employee”.  Even so, that is just one
nation/ not a world.

       The conspiracy to destroy elections, with
counterfeit money is without doubt;  9
trillion dollars in hidden inflation per year, is a lot of destruction to both
peace and justice.  While a nation’s
governing body can inflate the currency: 
by informing the people they are so doing.  In America the inflations is completely
hidden behind closed doors/ and the media are used to keep it locked in
there.  Which makes them affiliates and
conspirators against the united states of America;  a reality of betrayal.  When the inflation is hidden, and only a few
get to decide where the money counterfeited then shall be spent:  a criminal organization is in control/ a
crime HAS been committed.  Even if, the
public wanted “anything but the truth”/ LIES keep nothing alive. So duty
demands truth, or it is treason.  The purpose
of employment in government is:  TO OBEY
AND HONOR the constitution by doing what it says. There is no allowance to
collect taxes, for an  insurrection, or betrayal
against the people of this USA.  There is
an absolute DEMOCRATIC RULE:  that
KNOW, the reality and consequences of your actions/ and shall control for
ourselves, IF you may proceed.   WE THE
PEOPLE did not give the government to our employees!  We hired you by making you swear:  “the constitution is to be obeyed literally
and without compromise”.  You chose not
to obey, means treason.

       IT IS the constitution that enforces this
democracy and its law formed by constitutional intent, and overseen by the
words of “the Virginia bill of rights/ amendments to the constitution/ and
declaration of independence”.  The only
authority of the judicial branch is to insure that actions/ reactions/
decisions/ and interpretations are held within those words and instructions of
what we will, and will not tolerate in governance over ourselves. The only
other authority in democracy is:  WE THE
PEOPLE.  Not we the people voting for someone
to vote for me/ but my vote on the law or the constitution itself, that then
determines what happens with society and the individual freedoms to which we
are all entitled, and honor bound, to obey. 

       Tragedy and disgrace are the binding
words, describing America today.  Failure
(the future is dead anyway, let’s take it all for ourselves; “it’s the university
way”)/ fantasy (let’s ignite atoms, then everything will be free)/ delusion
(chaos built life, all bow down to evolution)/ conspiracy (the constitution
rules no more)/ destruction (counterfeiting is fun, debts don’t matter to
us:  “we got a diploma”)/  assassinating the children (what difference
does it make, they can’t survive; so, we killed them anyway).  And then we get to “killed the oceans/ sterilized
and poisoned the food/ made horrific pandemics for the future/ destroyed
medicine by making antibiotics worthless/ attacked the water/ TO HELL with the
world, “lets’ worship weapons of mass destruction/ and lets steal everything we
can from the world itself.  So the tiny
handful of people in leadership with a university diploma can prove “what great
intellectuals” they really are.  Etc/
etc/ etc.

       So we examine the election process, and
find it is completely individualized, and without the purpose of identifying
what can or cannot be done in terms of truth and society.  Nothing but “vote for me/ I lie, but you have
no say”.  Finding nothing of substance,
because traitorous acts fill media;  and
media worships it, because doesn’t everyone want a good gossip session? Indeed they


       Which brings us back to democracy, and
the foundation which determines if America itself will now live or die.  Democracy is not a game, and it is not a vote
for someone to vote for me/ even if it is a vote for someone to WORK for

       The foundation of democracy is:  TO REMOVE the individual from power/ and
replace them with our agreement about what we want our governing over society
to be.  That is called constitutional
law/ and it is being overthrown intentionally in every college in this land/
and enacted through every courtroom and lawyer. 
The majority of which have proven to be organized crime, with the
policing forces aligned as thugs collecting private property and distributing
it among themselves;  because they can, “with
a few rules/ that break down and crumble justice into dust”.

       Returning to constitutional law, so we
can re-erect democracy itself:  MEANS,
EVERYBODY has to be involved.  It means
everybody MUST understand the basis and purpose of what the constitution truly
says, and then grasp the reality of what is actually being done.  So that the constitution AND NOT THE
GUN;  can enforce the law.  He who assumes a gun (etc) is the answer, is
a fool/ as is so clearly proven in Iraq and Syria today.  IT IS THE END of America if you don’t use the
law, by enforcing the constitution, and deliberately assigning the penalty of
treason:  TO ALL, who will not comply
with constitutional intent.  Let the
constitution rule, so that none can assert or assume they “can play god”/
thereby reigniting democracy as our government:   NOT “any damn employee”.  Let the constitution enforce:  taking names, and establishing trial over all
who will not comply with constitutional law. 
Remembering the bill of rights/ amendments/and declaration of
independence are the authorities for what the constitution actually means.  As these are the documents purposely intended
to establish the realities of what was fought for, and why.

       The power of an individual vote is:   TO CONTROL THE LAW OURSELVES/   BY WRITING IT OURSELVES.  Once the law is established, it needs no
further work, unless 90% of the people deem it to be so.  Therefore be VERY CAREFUL about what you make
a law/ and what you allow thereafter as a rule. 
The law is:  what we the vast
majority agree to obey as our rights and liberties to control the rest for the
clear purposes of LIFE WITH JUSTICE, through peace and happiness.  A rule is, something that will be used as an
excuse, to assume control over the individual. 
While that is necessary, it should be used only with the greatest
caution, and can never be allowed the option of 
a few:  we will all decide/ nobody
gets to rule.  Employee of government
means:   YOUR JOB, is to insure the decisions
we have made:  involving laws, rules, and
realities of society and economic health and international cooperation has been
honorably kept.  That is your only job,
and if you choose to fail:  you will lose
every penny of compensation/ along with the potential of a prison term

       The courtroom MUST be overlooked, and the
constitution ENFORCED:    a judge keeps
There is no “job forever” status/ you will earn it with justice, or you
will lose it, and potentially your life; 
by allowing or instigating treason, corruption against democracy, with
frivolous rules, etc;   instilling or organizing crime against this
society, and so on.  No more cheating/
stealing/ lying/ abusing/ destroying/ confiscating/ or any other form of
collusion against WE THE PEOPLE ourselves. 
The courtroom is ours, and we must enforce it:  by grading those, who determine what justice
will be.

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