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       Time, is the measurement of transition,
between life, mass, and energy.

       The functional value is simple:  organization requires discipline/ to achieve
balance, energy must be controlled/ to achieve and ascend into order, there
must be thought translated into reality. 
The value of existence is then transmitted as time.

       So the question begins as:  WHAT does time transmit “to eternity”?

       The answer envelops the question with, “what
is eternity”?  The critical definition
is:  WHAT can or cannot organize/
discipline/ balance/ control/ achieve/ ascend/ create order/ establish thought/
demonstrate reality/ construct value/ exist/ or transmit anything? 

       That answer begins with,  a number of things we cannot discuss:  you are insane/ your universities are
blatantly terrorist.  Consequently the
relationship we share with life would only be crucified by what can plainly be
described as the “satanic reality” of you. 
So the question is, WHY:  describe
anything at all?

       For the sake of a few, I work.  While all the rest simply continue to want “what
they want”.

       So let’s try, to contribute what would be
helpful/ WITHOUT supporting devils (nothing matters but me)? 

       We begin again with eternity.  We know, that for eternity in life to
exist:  THERE MUST BE, an environment
carefully constructed, so as to give life/ and restrain all that would oppose
life.  As Is the human body.  We understand: that for eternity as life to
exist, there must be wisdom, which enables thought to construct reality,
therefrom a physical demonstration of existence.  For wisdom to ascend beyond the limits of
what experience or expression can describe: 
there must be an element of law.  The
foundations which represent truth by its purpose.  The realities of evidence which design the
integration of desire;  so as to give
purpose its value.

       Therefrom we exhibit value, as the
singular transition from time, into the grace called eternity;  by leaving behind what is less than thought,
and transforming ourselves into truth.

       Control is the existence of time without
boundaries, or more simply put: the relationship we share with memory, as the
evidence of your existence shared.  This assertion
of “your body of life”, transmits through time, the essence of living as is
your identity conceived and created.

       Order constructs expression, while
thought develops experiences. More simply what you think:  which is at its core, what you are willing to
accept as true/ becomes the participation which becomes your truth. What you
believe, becomes the reality which balances your decisions.  Therefrom whatsoever you believe, whether it
is true or not:  functions distinctly as
your path through life.

       What you value, elevates life beyond the
simple compositions of humanity;  into

       Distance “to the spiritual world”;  transmits the difficulty of your time, as an
inherent obstacle, tampering with thought. So the question is:  where is the transition between spirit and
eternity, and why am I required to make my own decisions?

       We must first examine the spiritual
world, which is functionally, or elementally the relationship we share with
law, by the truth we are able to ascend through.  To define truth, we must function within
truth, and accept its purpose is with law. 
To combine as peace, happiness, love, and life.  By creating peace within ourselves and our
lives:  we enter within the values that
enlarge our world to conceive of a distant destiny.  A place where freedoms rule.  That fundamental of time (the recognition, “I
AM ALIVE”)  participates within value, to
achieve the essence of thought.  Which begins
with miracles exist in me, and this world!

       Happiness lives or dies in the creation
of friendships:   with life, there can be
joy.  That identity is recognized through
participation with law. The disciplines necessary to achieve happiness form
through sharing and caring, as is aided and developed in respect.  For all life, including yourself.

       LOVE exists, which means you have created
within yourself, “a life worth living”. That functional departure from time,
organizes a reality that defines life from the sheer essence of everything
value can be.  There is “nothing better”.

       So then we exhibit life itself, as the
translation of our thoughts, by the development of our heart.  Heart means:  
I will live for you too/ I will share  or care: 
as “something honored In me”:   with the others. Because I am alive inside,
even if no one truly noticed.  The fundamental
that is CREATION ITSELF.   Recognizes      OUR
CREATOR   “as honored” in me.  Is that not true for you?

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