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       The foundation of happiness is “a healthy
body and healthy mind”.  Because with
honest health, comes the potential to investigate the realities of living which
then construct our ability to generate and entertain the comprehension of
thought. Thought allows for love, and love allows for all the elements which
bring value to life!


       So we begin with healthcare, as the
avenue to substantive relationships in society, that function to prove “we do,
care about you”.  OR, we simply cannot
sacrifice ourselves or the future of this planet;  to the individual needs, of any human being.  Life is not a game, therefore choices will be
made.  The critical question is:  WHAT choices exist?  Because reality states, ONLY BY VOTE, “within
the law we have created”:   can anyone make a choice that involves someone
else’s life.  Consequently this vote, is
not a game either.  Because it can
include you, your child, or someone you love! 

       The foundation of healthcare is, “we can
do something”.  That foundation is
interrupted with:  “should we do
something”/ and therefrom a choice exists. 
It is illegal and it is cowardice: 
to assume or assert, that a doctor must choose for you or society. They are
not god/ they cannot choose, they can only inform.

       We begin with money:  because money is the intent “SOMEONE HAS TO
PAY”/ and if that is not you, then your demand is someone else, has to pay. In America
today, as has been the majority throughout the past:  THERE IS LITTLE MONEY, reserved for
healthcare, pension, or any other facet of life that is determined by “I cannot
do this for myself”. So in the past as it is today, the rich man buys/ the poor
man begs/ and everyone in-between is required to “pay the piper”, so as not to
be completely bankrupted (an entire lifetime of work extorted, from you by
organized crime) with even the slightest case of “I need help”.

       The critical question is NOT, why do the
majority not save for healthcare.  The critical
reality is:  they are functionally
enslaved by the consequence of letting others determine their wage.  Because those in power take whatever they can
for themselves, discarding any who will not work for their price.  Which is determined by the competition;  because other than the public (we can steal
it all) and private (we can destroy ourselves) unions:  that part of capitalism remains in effect.  The more people who can do your job/ the less
valuable you are;  in terms of money.

       So let’s recognize what can or cannot be
done to change this reality?  The question
of healthcare itself, in a capitalistic society:  is determined by the competition.  How many people can do your job? So the
reality of that is:  how many doctors,
nurses, and others are educated per year. 
It is a simple question?  The answer
is in America:  no more today, than in
1960/ to keep the competition away.  Which
failed with foreign doctors coming for the money.  Nonetheless, that policy of not educating
doctors to monopolize the people, remains in effect in America.  It is a criminal endeavor:  which must be dealt with.  That includes the intent to drive any and all
new doctors into submission with “overwork and extreme debts”.  Expanding education, by including one quarter
of high school  curriculum  shall be devoted to “healthcare, as a reality
of life”. We all must and deserve to know 
“this much”!  owning the hospital
as a society, NO private enterprise in this: 
we provide for ourselves as a society and a community with utilities,
machines, and support for those who will come back to work for us.  Failure of the graduate;  doubles his or her cost/ as you will pay it
back. Private enterprise remains:   as,
he or she who does the work correctly/ gets the money.  However, that money will be paid first to
society/ which then returns it per job, based upon the outcome, rather than
whosoever is wealthy comes first.  Paying
society first, means we are equal in a hospital. No bribes allowed, or your
billing triples, and the doctor works for free.

       We then look at the patient, and
demand:  fair, is what society says it
is!  So the question to each voter
is:  WHAT IS FAIR?  Because somebody does have to pay.  The answer is fundamentally a percentage of
income (with respect for reality), based upon the level of care you did
honestly receive.  As is the foundation
of capitalism:  you can only get, what
exists!  Which means, raiding democracy
for more money is not an option/ because reality in this day will prove, “healthcare
took way more, than you deserved from us all.”

       NO MORE “let the children pay”.  NO MORE, “let the others pay”;  as this society proves:  YOU,  the public and especially the public and
private union employees:  NEVER intend to
pay!  The wealthy pay for nothing, as
always they make the slaves do it.  So REALITY
RULES healthcare, and that means some will simply “cost the rest of us, TOO
DAMN MUCH, to keep alive”.  It is said “nature
can be cruel”.  Reality however
proves:  beyond any doubt or question,
NATURE keeps the majority of all life alive and well, by the choices it does
make.  Which means we must face our
realities, in the very same way, to approach and protect the same outcome as
nature itself.  HAPPY AND HEALTHY for the
vast majority, EVEN if the individual is sacrificed, by “unfortunate events”.  You know what these are, you know what you
are willing to pay:  you will make
decisions accordingly.  Because anything
less becomes a failure to life itself.

       Therefore we begin with the realities of
what a society can do, for its citizens. 
Society means:  together we will
pay, through taxation and laws;  for what
we want our society to be.  There is a limit
to taxation:  when you get there, the
money is gone for anything else.  Done,
like it (people; die) or not (more tax paid); 
make your decision/ no more crucify the children.  Which does mean:  no more genetic “solutions”/ YOU WILL PROTECT
NATURE.  Not let it be invaded and

       Taxation CANNOT be controlled UNLESS you
stop the employees from deciding for themselves.  As is the clear testimony from decades past,
particularly with a university diploma: 
they CAN’T AND THEY WON’T control themselves.  They are too foolish, vain, and stupid:  a proven fact! Therefore the only solution is
all taxation collected SHALL be immediately sent to the category of distinct
purpose that society allows.  A tax such
as gas, is for a specific purpose shall go to that end as in building roads,
etc. It begins with:  the majority
rules.  A tax that is specific percentage
of GDP, such as healthcare will be:  goes
immediately to the state or communities as defined and accepted by vote. That vote
is determined by specific numbers of people who will be served.  NOT cities or rural:  but the same number of people comprise a
voting block for both decision & distribution of the money:  to us. 
No more “central authority”/ they failed.

       Social security is the same:  the percentage of GDP determined by public
vote; & verified as true.  Will go to
senior citizens as determined by what the income of the nation is.  That money SHALL be distributed to the “same number
of people comprise a voting block for both decisions and distribution of the
money”.  There is no more, and that will
mean:  YOU CHOOSE, whether its income or
for medical care.  Because Medicare and Medicaid
are done:  the money is, whatever society
allows, and creates.  No more pretending
the children can be your slaves. You decide who lives or dies:  whatever it is, this is your pension and that
is all you get.

       Veteran’s  will be dealt with in the same way, except
their money comes directly from the military budget.  By vote, the enlisted men shall determine how
much, and what for that money shall be used in their own healthcare.  The entire military establishment will be
allowed to vote on the percentage of healthcare in their budget.  But after that decision is made;  only the enlisted men shall decide for
healthcare.  Officers sent them to be
damaged/ they will decide if officers are allowed in that healthcare budget,
and to what extent.  If not allowed
in:  military officers shall erect their
own healthcare budget, and so on. It will not come from the military budget/
nor will it come from society healthcare. 
Take care of your men and women; or they won’t take care of you.

       The poor are always here, and in every
society;  unfair is a condition of
poverty, and it exists primarily because the rest “want more”!  therefore someone MUST be the slave.  Because all money is either a human effort/
or a natural resource being used for a human effort or need.  Which means you can’t be rich, unless you
make someone else poor:  or ravage, rape,
and ransack the future.  Which is of
course “the university way”.  Failure is
constant, as reality by its facts particularly in America does prove the
university gods:  have deliberately
invaded, and tried to kill democracy/ America/ and the world.

       Nonetheless, even though poverty cannot
pay;  it is fair to ask and demand:   no being lazy, a realistic job will be
provided.  No being criminal, if you have
a legitimate felony applied to you/ our duty to keep you alive too, fades into oblivion.  If your lust is for drugs/ then you will be
given all the drugs you want;  in a
controlled setting, based upon what is collected from drug dealers you
provide.  When the drugs run out, you
will be required “to be clean” before you leave.  If you die from an overdose, no one is coming
to help:  make your own decision, and
verify by contract before you go in. 
this is in fact, your own decision to participate in drugs.  Just for the sake of it:  marijuana makes you stupid and lazy at the
same time/ taking away your future, because this “gains nothing from life”.

       Because prison weighs heavily on this
condition called poverty:  it will
change.  Lawyers will be required to
investigate criminal conviction or release/ as a method to establish whether
they are fit to perform the task of providing justice for the nation.  What is not fair, shall be found/ it’s your
job. What is fair, shall be identified to the public by its evidence:  for review. 
The parole board shall be discarded entirely.  The prisoners decide among themselves WHO can
be returned to society.  If they are
wrong/ their own sentences go up.  If they
are right/ their own situation shall improve. 
Those who have proven to be especially, violent criminals:  need not survive, for more than a few weeks
or months.

       In Illinois; they recently passed a new
concealed and carry weapons law.  Murders
and gun fights have risen dramatically, “hell/ now who could have guessed that”?  so, is the resultant medical bill of society/
the gun owner/ or the manufacturer?  You decide.

       Gangs exist primarily because “we have
NOTHING else”. That fact must be alleviated/ which does mean:  society will share.  Society hates that, because it means:  “then we can’t have MORE”!  which is the cancer that causes all but the
most violent gang. So the question is:  
WHAT will you share? The public screams: 
THIS AIN’T OUR FAULT/ and we won’t pay. 
While poverty screams:  “you DIDN’T
give us a chance/ THIS AIN’T OUR FAULT/ and we don’t deserve to pay, which then
increases violence. So let’s ask the wealthy, since you took all the money, and
promote the disease of wealth:  WHAT are
you going to pay?  As always, the rich
will hide behind lawyers/ courts/ leaders/ and anyone else they can buy.  But who is the wealthy really?  The answer to that, in America today is:  “the university graduate” who went to work in
government.  Thereby destroying
democracy/ terrorizing life/ betraying the people/ counterfeiting the money/
and forcing subservience to their fantasy by controlling both debt and work.  By creating an army against us:  organizing “the diploma”!  So, with clarity, the wealthy are constructed
into three categories:  I played the game
and won/ I stole the game and counterfeited, corrupted, and colluded to win/
or, I worked hard, and this is a reward that now demands work as well (because
society is a living thing, with needs).

       More simply:  you cannot make society share anything UNLESS
you enable and choose “limited capitalism”. 
Which means WE ALL have a say in how much power as in wealth/ that we
will allow in this nation.  By voting
periodically on what the maximum and the minimum income ANYONE can earn will
be.  Our own decision, means we have an
opportunity to share, IF we respect each other. The other unfortunate reality
of a gang is:  having already given up/
they failed to learn, what living and working in a peaceful society does mean.  Therefore those who go to prison SHALL be
divided into the same types of grouping: 
which shall be a deliberate reality, that identifies HOW and why society
became this way.  Specifically tuned to
instruct, prepare, and educate “this group”. IN REALITY.

       Violence is the measure of “the price was
too damn high”.  Therefore next time, I need
have no mercy for you either. BE FAIR, it determines the future!

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