developmental thought

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thought;  the construction of

       Of the foundation principles that bring
existence to the footholds of life, primary to that participation is
SPACE.  Or more simply, without space
there is no time.

       Time is a measurement of what does exist/
without distance, we cannot measure. Without measurement, we cannot conceive of

       So we begin with the development of
disciplines which search for the passage that goes beyond self, to identify and
create “new and different worlds”/ that do not exist, until distance identifies
the individual boundaries of what time can conceive of as life, mass, energy,
nothing, or other.

       The critical question, identifies too
much/ so it is abandoned. Leaving us to search in the elements of
communication:  for what can elevate the
lives of those who can survive.  The horrifying
decisions of “chemical man, and his universities”.

       To elevate means to “build steps”; so
that you can achieve an understanding based upon knowledge rather than
beliefs.  While your universities assume
that is their goal/ realities prove otherwise. The summation of their work, is
a descent into chaos/ by corrupting all that has value. So, if we are to
ascend/ we must work in a different way: 
than to memorize and mimic what you are told. Discarding belief (I want,
what I want), so that truth may instruct with law. The foundation element
being:  nothing human, is more certain than
time, and life.

       So we begin with time, the construction
of disciplines that develop into the basis and relationships of a physical
universe. Nothing is more certain of time:  than mass, space, and energies.  Thereby the development of expression and
experience forms from the building blocks that conceive of boundaries, limits,
and realities unleashed. What then is law begins this journey, that separates
time into its component parts;  as a
relationship between participants. Or more distinctly, what does control the
distance which conforms reality into structure, by moving energies with
time.  Truth assembles creation into the
parts and pieces which can cooperate and assemble a relationship that survives.
Truth also divides the participants which cannot assemble a relationship into
its opposite component, which is destruction. Therefrom the law which survives/
is very different, than the laws which destroy. 
We end here, because I say so.

       In the introductory fields, “where life
grows”/ there must be destiny (I chose) acknowledged;  or fate (the road ended here, it was easy)
will control.

       We can construct destiny, with little
risk:  so we will establish questions, with
law.  Fate is irrelevant, as it ends in oblivion.

       Destiny means:  the space between time, and its component
parts which include the transition from existence into thought/ allow for the
perception of possibilities.  But only if
you search beyond the boundaries of self, to engage the relationships called
soul.  What is fundamental to this
decision is:  you must entitle your life,
to take control over your body, and accept that consequence as your own
participation in a relationship beyond time. 

       Fate has a similar avenue except it is
entirely in the opposite direction, and presents only death as your option in
fear.  Therefore it has no value to life.

       WHAT is life over body? A very distinct
difference, than the human reality of body over life. So we ask the question:  WHY, would anyone choose “life as a
distinction outside the limits;  which
can exist without body”/ rather than body is a distinction with life; there is
no separation?

       We return to space, and exhibit the
question: IF there must be distance to conceive of individuality/ THEN how does
humanity understand itself as free, “without that distance”?  the answer is:  life and time are separated developments,
which discipline a relationship by understanding the basics of law which
is:  UNLESS there is thought, no
perception of time shall begin.  Without thought,
humanity does not exist, even if the component parts are expressed in
mass.  So the question is:  what part of life, and body, does energy
consist of or serve?

       Energy is not thought, nor can it
be.  But it is the subservient reality of
time displaced by life.  Whereas body is
the experience of energy confined by life. 
The difference is discipline.

       We move on to destinies, as that is the
purpose of this work, rather than “elements” of reality.

       Destiny again means:  “I have chosen”/ but NOT by fantasy.  I have accepted the development of value, as
is consistent with love;  and created the
distinct ascension in me:  of an
individual composed.  By the decisions,
which gain access to the spiritual world, by escaping time.  Time is adjusted as self.  Therefore escaping time is the creation of a
distance between self as a body;  and
life, as a participation in Creation.  It
is this distance that allows and disciplines the orderly construction of

       We assemble the outcome, in respect for
values established in the evidence of laws constructed.  There is no more powerful evidence of laws,
and their relationship to life:  than the
miracle of bodies in this our existence as time.  Consequently the relationship we search for,
is with our   CREATOR. Therefore law, and
its relationship to thought, is the path beyond our world.

       The primary question exists:  WHAT, AND WHY are values established by love?  The answer is:  because only love gives life, its opportunity
to soar beyond self, and realize “living with you, is worth living for life”.  The fundamental involved is:  without someone of value to share and care
about, there is no purpose to the assembly called survival.  Survival is: 
the ordered distribution, and subsequent existence of what need

       Survival illustrates existence, but it
comes complete with loneliness;  unless
other living creations participate with us. What has value, “chooses us/ just
as we choose them”:  or are  creations that have the opportunity “to make
us better/ support our environment, and in other ways distribute knowledge
regarding both time and life.

       Loneliness serves to enlighten us, about
the value of life with life;  so that we
do not easily forget.  While living with
those who have little value or none/ exhibit the realities of why love is so
important to attain, experience, express, and defend. Therefore the question is
not living/ but life in the grace and mercies of love through respect.

       Respect identifies the boundary between “you
and me”/  not by confrontation, but by
work.  I did do, establishes a benefit to
you/ just as what you did do for life, establishes a benefit for me.  That work is emblematic of your acceptance,
for what is true.  Without it, there is
no expression beyond self.

       We then examine sharing as a
participation in love.  The critical
question is:  WHY, do you share with
me?  The answer identified by truth is
love exists/ OR want has a deception planned. 
Thereby sharing is not as simple as love;  because want arrives, in close association
with the possibilities called “more”.  Want
fails love, because it exists only as self. 
Self does not establish love, it merely serves self.

       Caring is a participation in love,
observed because it is “at this moment” a reality described by need.  Need asserts, “my life is in danger”. Therefore
to assist, is to care.  The critical
question is:  “free/ OR not”?  What is free, understands “I will pay this for
you”.  Whereas what is not free
understands:  “I will demand payment
later”.  To assist means:  I believe you have value, until proven
otherwise.  The question is:  what value do you seek or accept as worthy of
your own life in time or beyond?

       Love constructs destiny by establishing “the
music (I reach for this) of your heart”. Music that identifies a true rhythm,  then becomes an orderly transition in
space:  of the values that identify your
desire. So the question is:  if we create
& release the expression and desire of life in us, “to the universe”/ what
happens next?

       Discipline suggests:  value is a building block for life
itself.  Therefore whatsoever you release
as a value to life, becomes the participant in what you can receive as an
expression beyond time.  Or more simply,
just like    GOD    CREATED this world/ you are required to
create the destiny you deserve;  because
you are “its own creator”.  The distance
in space between you, and all other life beyond time:  is a description of value, constructed by
respect, and governed by law. Therefore the question is:  what did you build, and why?

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