elemental desire

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DESIRE, the place where we go to live.

       Desire functionally means:  “if I die/ then I would lose you too”.  That desire continues to include all aspects
of life and living, as you deem them to be necessary for your survival. Therefore
the question for discovery, is separated from all other things, what/ or who,
is responsible for keeping you alive?

       The critical question is:  can you survive true loneliness, or not?  The fundamental answer is:  no, you will not survive it;  because the very foundation of that existence
means, you will never escape solitude. Solitude cannot produce happiness,
because only love does that.

       So the question is:  with or without love, which  desire, does need (I am approaching death)

       Without love, desire assumes:   “contentment
(they want to be me)/ pride (you lose)/ power (bow down)/ lust (mine, not
yours)/ greed (be my slave)/  jealousy
(he won/ either side)/ abuse (I will make him or her worship me)/ violence (I
will take their happiness away:  to be
like me)/ hatred (I can murder your peace)/ or cult worship (I believe/
therefore I am).  As the places need most
often goes to “live”. The games they play to assert “loneliness can’t get me

       Desire with love, assembles all who would
participate honestly, as a decision to share what is happy, by honestly caring
about those who aren’t.  Love designs
moments, by which those who participate can know, “I not only welcome you into
my life;  I cherish the moments with you”.
Love respects the value that freedom gives, by understanding “we can only
share, what you are openly and honestly willing to care about, when joining
with me”.  Love excites the soul, by
intimately joining in ways that open spiritual doors, to complete the passage
between me and you:  as male and female
honoring each other. Love visits time, but lives in the essence of romance; a
place we share as one.  Love  challenges our existence with change, because
no one is perfect.  Love replaces
loneliness with home, as a participation beyond the invitation to join:  this is the discovery of family.  Love constructs time, and leaves the world
behind:  so we can enjoy each other first.
Love expands life, and limits death:  by
choosing soul.  Soul combines love and
life, establishing hope.  The most
crucial of all evidence in support of love, and eternity:  is   
JESUS   .  The biblical version of everything love
should be, in this our time on earth. Believe it or not. The question of home,
is then by choosing love:  our desire
follows the same path as does HIS.  “Study
and learn”.


       If, we examine simple humanity, elemental
desire begins and ends with either male or female environments comprise “home”.
The question is determined by body expressions/ experience/ and functional

Being born male, means: I have been given the opportunity to expand the barriers of my existence with courage, time, strength, and cunning as is the existence of physical knowledge about “how this living, & this life works”.

       The elements I am made aware of  considering female grants:  “woman has been given the opportunity, to
control the barriers of my existence, with opportunity, time, strength, and
cunning;  as in the existence of physical
knowledge, that identifies and establishes how men work.

       The question presented by those who are
not happy being as they were born to be, asserts:   “I want/ what I want”.  You can’t make me be what I don’t want.

       The question presented by those who use
their sexuality to assault and control others is:  a predator always recognizes a prey.  Therefore animal exists inside instead of “human”/
even if hidden most of the time.

       The question presented by intentional
violence is:  “I am dead/ therefore you
have no right to live either”.  The reality
of violence, that rises in response to “I can’t accept this anymore”:  remembers “it takes two or more to love or
hate”. The question then divides based upon “who became the cause”.  The reality of a common  terrorist is: 
LIFE IS NOT worth living to me/ because of you!  The tragedy of a world terrorist, as is
university driven attempts to kill all life on earth:  “the sewer opened, and you fell in”.

       Once again:  to resolve the issues with “isle”;  give them their own little nation/ PROVIDING
they let every person who desires to escape that nation before it begins:  GO!  There
is no better remedy for a religious few, than to let them establish what their
own truth will be.  WITH their followers,
not others.  I predict an immediate
collapse;  because war cannot sustain
peace.  THAT, will convince any other
potential follower, “this ain’t good”.

I should allow, that life has changed for me; as it has been written throughout the years. Opening the spiritual door of women, to ask: HOW would you help save this world? {I certainly cannot save it}. That decision to open the door, has led to endless demands from the spiritual life of women: to change/ learn/ do this their way/ and more. Although I complain: IT IS this singular event, that produced an entirely different work. By removing my complaint: no matter what I give them/ THEY WILL corrupt it, and fail. She proved: there is no possibility of survival if I don’t. so the work changed from fighting with you & aggressively demanding change: to teaching you, and accepting “I have no say in the outcome of basically anything, including me”. Even so, it is my true desire: that you must be warned of the horrendous decisions being made/ which will exterminate life on earth. Consequently I AM grateful “to the spiritual woman” who lives inside with me, for her contribution to my work. In actual fact: that kind of reality was predicted by Revelation 12. Believe it or not. Simply a fact, nothing else. If you survive, it is because this spiritual woman directed the critical aspects of this work! Is there anyone, in this world: warning you of threats such as “university and governments are trying to ignite atoms on fire”. On a planet, where everything atomic, is then fuel for the fire! No, instead they claim “we tell you, all that matters”. A clear, simple, and plain lie!

The critical question to me is: “I have no idea, where this all goes from here”. Not a woman, but no longer the man I was either: it really is “so strange”.  I spent a lifetime, at the extreme edge or
even beyond what can be done as a human being in time. Whether you believe that
or not, is absolutely irrelevant to me.  Today,
I am largely “balanced”. Because for the last few years, no part of challenging
the unknown has been allowed.  I am
anchored in, to a relationship that simply doesn’t allow it.  Different/ neither  better or worse, just different.

        That as a reality DOES fundamentally and
functionally prove, “it is woman/ that balances a man”. Therefore it is women,
who must give a try to lead;  as this
world is now approaching complete chaos/ even if it does not die from “atoms on
fire”. So many threats exist, TRULY we must find another way to determine the
future.  This is, “THE BEST” men did do! “lead
us into war/ IS NOT an option”.  The opposite
of that is, “all women try  to identify
and then create the laws, which will control our future”.

did do “my job”.  That is functionally
the only thing In time, I truly care about. 
Nobody survives a dead world: 
that comes first..

       Everything else
is your job, each and every single one.  How
is that not true, with an entire planet at risk/ every life on earth being
mutilated in one form or another:  ETC/
ETC/ ETC.  This is no game. Choices, with
eternal consequences;  have been made.

       YOU MUST,  “save yourselves”/ because it is humanity
that causes almost all:  these true threats
to exist.


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