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My little
notebook, constructs a dialogue expected to end my involvement with your time.

       The functioning reality is:  IF you cannot (they might ridicule me) respond
to the absolute crisis, that is:   people trying to ignite atoms on fire
(endangering the whole world)/ THEN there truly is nothing you will respond to
expect the certainty of death….alas:  too
late/ is too late.  Which makes teaching
you anything else, simply worthless!

       And all the people say:  “if only 
YOU had done more/ spent more/ bribed more/ worked harder/ been more
polite/ been more severe/ worked with the university “your gods”/ not wanted so
much/ “been EXTRA SPECIAL something”; as opposed to “who cares about him”.  Or at least NOT been infected with this “spiritual
woman thing”.  THEN, we would have done
something too! 

       But I did spend a lifetime, believing “I
CAN’T be distracted, this is our entire world at risk”.   I did
work hard, proving  the only thing to
bribe you with was “things you want”/ and we both know, when you get what you
want:  NOTHING else matters.  You only listen if truly in need/ and you
cannot hear anything:  unless it is what
you want to hear.  With evidence in hand/
realities that could not be denied: 
horrendous consequences for being wrong ON A WIDE RANGE OF
REALITIES.  Only the tiniest few, failed
to run away and hide.  After all, “you
want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing you don’t want”.  WHILE EVERY SINGLE THREAT SAYS CHANGE OR
DIE!  So you run away, and hide
everything needed for life to survive.  I
was polite in the beginning/ and I am more than polite enough now.  Failing forty years ago meant:  I must change.  The reality being, I must confront the
university diploma, to prove them wrong: 
so I learned, instead of lived “a common life”. The reality being:   there is absolutely nothing I can do/ UNTIL
the evidence is absolutely clear, and that means media “unveils the secrets/
and brings the machines and realities of horror to light”.  Because you 
don’t hear/ you simply mesmerize yourselves to believe whatever the
television or computer says.  “the
university stole your heart, and your mind: 
with their worthless drivel”.  Toys
“we don’t have to grow up”/  trinkets, “I
will buy the other sex with this, to rape, or submit at will”.  Trophies, “nobody can defeat me, I win/ we
win (even if you lifted not one finger to a work).

       But the physical reality of evidence did
not matter either/ the consequences of being wrong/ the reality of destroying the
future with every child a part of that/ the tragedy of creating insanity (there
is no escape)/ the horrors of mutilating life: 
and not one thing, not even complete bankruptcy as a nation can change
the fact “you only want what you want/ and absolutely NOTHING else matters.  And when that fails, “as in Syria”:   YOU,
got a gun!  Believing violence will solve
your problems, by completely discarding the reality “they have a gun too”.

       Extreme threats exist:  this world has been changed by the facts  we are 8 billion people and growing at more
than one billion more per decade.  NO
LITTLE TOUCH, can fix anything. It is a true fact, that will not be denied.

       Alternately my own life or body is not an
issue/ nor did I present it to be, not even once; over forty years.  Because the world is threatened by humanity
itself:  “so we are ALL, the issue”.  Making it impossible to identify a true
enemy/ as humanity itself is our worst enemy. 
You can no longer simply want what you want;  which means you will change everything you
are/ or lose your world, ending life. That is what the reality of threat that
does exist by the evidence clearly means. 
Not what I want/ it is “realities’ demand”;  because we cannot live, without our planet or
its nature, as GOD  intended.  That is the truth;  although the sewer will wretch, and your
universities will complain “we are the gods” here.

       Even so, reality will rule, because you
cannot defeat truth.   In contrast to the
world which was:  wherein nature and resources
would allow for constant human failures, by overcoming your destruction.  That day has ended, both nature and planet
are dying/ you are the accelerant. The cause of tragedy and disgrace:  “the last, of the last life on earth”. To your
eternal shame.

       As to the spiritual woman and me:  believe it or not, without her, I could not
have survived to this moment/ or created the work over these last twelve +
years.  But then “you don’t want to know”/
now do you:  nope, “want what we want”,
as in go away.  So I will.

       To end that, or to continue in whatever
venue or style I choose, is entirely up to me. 
Apart from the tiniest few, no one ever helped;  other than the person who works with me on
the web sites (he is paid, in full).   Not
a single penny, has ever been contributed to this work; at least not
intentionally.  So If I stop
contributing, the work, and the sites end. 
You didn’t care enough.

       You won’t escape reality:  “it’s a fact called life”!  Regardless what your gods of university
fantasize about:    truth will win.   This world will die, in your time.  Because you chose “to take the children to their
death;  with you”.  

       You did not care enough.


       Because the content of previous sites is
controversial, and useful to those who desire change in this world.   Simply for your own development and
use.  Without change they become consistent,
and that allows for participation from society. Fifteen plus years of writing
cannot be “too little”.

I will
provide a new site:  strictly in case of
legal trial/ should the cause exist.

 OR, the need to remind
you, UNLESS YOU DONATE to this work;  all
sites can be closed.

  Or, should I desire
to simply write or whatever, the venue is open: 
without disturbing or changing the purpose of all the other sites.  Which is to WARN, teach, identify, and create
an opportunity for this world to survive.

       If a new site arises:  it is not intended to continue the fight for
change;  it merely exists in case of
substantial need, or simple desire.  I
have no other use for it.

       IF I SO DESIRE, and if a reasonable
respect can be identified:  I may respond
to comments THERE. That is not yet decided. 


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