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Because you are indifferent:   even to “atoms on fire”.

      realities left largely untouched. 

       Some will desire “a religious conversation”/ I am NOT religious.  However I DO believe in  GOD,  JESUS, and Spiritual realities within the limits truth can identify.  The Bible is primarily a history book:  given to create a substance which is identifiable to the reader even thousands of years later.  Which gives us a very clear idea of what their lives and societies were in fact like.  WITH some additional facts, that have been investigated to my own satisfaction.

       I WILL warn the religious:  those who expect “certain things” in relation to any claim these are the last days. Many of these have occurred, you just don’t understand them.  In contrast, I pursue  THE EVIDENCE IS:   BY THE TRUTH OF OUR REALITY:  “these are clearly the last days, without true change”.  We can’t survive the threats humanity has caused to exist. Even with change;  then, what is coming could be very harsh.  The religious prior to JESUS, were “strictly by the law”;  which means, “I know, these words are plain:  this is what we must do”.

 Regardless as it was in JESUS day/ is also true of this day.  The religious did not get anything they were expecting;  and refused to believe the evidence presented. They were religious, “a believer simply means:  I WANT, what I want/ regardless of truth”.  The change JESUS brought was:  mercy rules, it is not a law of words, but an identity of desire and truth, within your heart and soul.

       As to the prediction that JESUS will return in the last days:   the bible says,  JESUS CLAIMED: “HE, is or will be, the son of man”!  A reality in complete contrast to HIS DAY, when the demand was:  “HE, IS THE SON OF GOD”/ and not of man.  Even though some biblical interpretations have JESUS identifying himself as a “son of man”/ in reality, it was more correctly given to be “son of woman”.

In contrast:  Son of a man, means “just like you or me, if male”.  However it is clear “the son of man” will be presenting evidence of importance.  That we can be certain of. The reality of “JESUS IN him” could be a spiritual presence, or in contrast:  a spiritual education:  or whatever it is to be, “I don’t know”.  As to me, I claim to have opened the spiritual door of women, and a spiritual woman “invaded me”.  As to a spiritual education:  IT IS true, that the path I have followed WAS created by JESUS/ and I would not have survived without HIS teaching; even more.  Just a fact. The reality is my education did not come from a university.  Much more clearly, primarily:  “the school of hard knocks”. Get up, and try again. Alternating with realities at the extreme edge of existence;  where life meets death, and the potential to learn or die is “one second at a time”.  It is no place for the weak or the fool. Simple as that.

What is clear, through whoever comes:  there  will be the decision, our world must be saved/ all who can come into eternity, to be with   GOD  , must be found.  Because that is and was, the identity of JESUS on earth/ in his own time!  I have looked up Luke 17;  it states such things as “when the day has arrived, you must act quickly”.  A reality that is certainly true, when we face people with machines which can ignite atoms on fire:  making this earth a sun. 

       My efforts are for a world, a fight to say you can’t do this, OR WE ALL DIE!   HIS efforts were for SOULS, and a world reintroduced to love, limiting conflict to the values   GOD   represents. HIS teaching still does that!  He gave his life to  GOD, spending time to save a world by teaching:  love is better.  I gave my life in time, discarding time by its opportunities; because “the university” being WRONG is not an option we/ not even our world, can survive.  That ruled my life, for over forty years.  Reality states:  even though I am certainly just a son of man/ given the state of emergency for life today.  It may be,  as a messenger:  I have returned some of HIS teachings, to this day.   More than that, I could not say.  CLEARLY not  “what could be expected”/ in a hundred ways or more. “nothing perfect here”!  Even so:   OUR WORLD IS IN DANGER, truth and reality identify that as so.  Consequently believe in the evidence of threats, or assemble whatever you want in religion:  BUT SAVE THIS WORLD.  Or you die.  “that, would be me”.  

As to biblical prediction for JESUS actual return, to this earth himself:    there is a prophecy (I don’t remember where) about 4 horsemen/ the third dressed in black (no mercy) cares a balance scale (“this is the judge”).  Although not promised for certain:  all indications are   JESUS WILL be the “JUDGE”, of humanity! I have not read through the bible in a very long time.

What is important to me, is simply whether life and planet survive.  Beyond that, “my life belongs to  GOD/ and JESUS IS  “my savior”.   Even, the spiritual woman inside of me, from opening a spiritual door;  literally owns a lot of control.  “it’s just for women”, not hate or war or any such thing:  they demand EQUAL, and insist I learn why.  No clue why me!

 Simple and plain;  no going back, “when such things as atoms ignite on fire”/ or the bodies of life we depend upon are mutilated:  ETCETERA.   

As to potential legal cases: without HONEST & OPEN public participation they will “go badly”/ because corruption rules today. Proven true regardless of the law in place, “without a public audience, NOTHING has merit; everything is frivolous to a traitor.  


For the religious, the bible suggests: JESUS said “when the son of man comes”/ then describing himself as the son of man in the future. Or more simply: if you are looking for “a son of man” he won’t be perfect! If some spiritual aspect of his life includes JESUS / then does not reality suggest, “the man, instead of being god; must recognize” what JESUS did teach! men are not god!  Or what is most important, is life through love, respect, honor, sharing, discipline, caring, and truth? Or, more certainly: JESUS IS NOT coming back as a baby/ WHEN he does come back in “person”, WILL that NOT be to judge? Which does mean mercy is over/ because once judgment exists, the decision has been made. More critically regardless of ANY other definitions: OUR ENTIRE WORLD is in danger of extinction. Reality proves that is true! Whether you believe it or not.


       No one joins the fight for life on earth, respecting MIRACLES;  “unless you stand up and say, I am here”.  That is the price.  Consider it before you die, because as death clearly tells you:   NO, DOING THIS OVER.  Not anymore.

       While people do joke, “when the economy collapses, and the money goes bad”:  they will invest in a gun.  Because whosoever has the gun, will take what they want.  The reality however is just like Syria, only worse:  once the people who grow and produce food for you to consume are gone or dead.  ONLY CANNIBALISM is left. The same is true for water,  when only blood is left.  FIGHT FOR LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, and throw your gun away!  Or keep it hidden, if you prefer:  “just to prove, this can go badly, for you too;   by  OPENING HELL”!   more simply “they went insane”.

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