the insurgency

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The greatest
insurgency against democracy ever seen: 
are the educators in America. They are the organizers, the manipulate
the public;  by transferring all attempts
at pillaging to “your children will fail, WITHOUT us”. The diploma armies then
ransack (the pensions are ours)/ rape (we live free “for forty years”/ rage
(YOU owe us)/ ravage (strip and tear, from every educational budget;  everything you can) and disgrace (we won
the trophy/ THEY LOSE) , disease (teach the children trash), and ruin (destroy
the nation itself, WITH GREED)  & Let
the garbage dump, be their answer for the rest. 
A fact they will vehemently deny/ even though it is true.

       Tragedy is:  the intentional pillaging of a people, just
because you can.  Sending people into
government office with the clear intention to overturn every form of discipline
and order that stops their insurgency. 
The armies of the diploma;  have
assaulted the nation and states(we take what we want, by making the weak,
believe they are strong); vote, how could it hurt you!  When in fact bankruptcy for both state and
nation does.     They have beguiled (“this is for your benefit/
even though it is only for ours); 
defiled (the children will benefit/ even though you literally destroy
their futures, failing life);  disgraced
(failure is, as failure does/ forcing poverty upon state, community or nation,
is no one’s friend).  The true sign of a

       The absolute bigotry, that is “an
educator” (we  are like god’s/ to their
children:  THEY OWE us).  The complete prejudice (YOU are our slaves/
we own the right, to make you serve us with money, for the rest of our lives;  even though many have failed  the public and the child, entirely)  as is the pension. As does the drop-out rate,
and more prove.

       The disease is:  “no one cared about us/ so we won’t care about
you”.  The reality is:  having destroyed the constitutional boundary
separating our employees from the power to overtake us;  with “their union”/  the embezzler (debts don’t matter to us:  BECAUSE ONLY SLAVES WILL PAY) took over.  The counterfeiter knows (be quiet, control
the propaganda, and the fools will never have to know:  UNTIL their entire economy falls on their
head);  will we not be rich by then, with
contracts we stole, with beggars worshiping us; 
because with money, we have played “king or queen”.  Using the liar called numbers, as if it were
something real:  to destroy an entire
state and nation.

       Setting up an entire people, to be at
each other’s throat/ we are bankrupt. Thereby mob inciters: whose purpose is to
begin and end what has been called an Apocalypse:  for their own personal gain.  This  an extreme gamble,  is for nothing more than trophies:   to
prove “what swindlers, liars, and cheaters you could be”.  Destroying the public sacrifice of work/ the
reality of their daily lives:   by counterfeiting their money, and making them
indebted “forever”.  Is nothing more than
a purpose to make them war!  A gun in
every hand, “will NOT escape you either”; 
to your shame. Counterfeiting is: 
HIDING THE FACT, of inflation, so only the few control all the numbers,
doing anything they want.  Embezzling
is:  proving debts CANNOT be paid, yet
promises known to be outright theft:  ARE
MADE in OUR NAMES. It literally does take a criminal organization to do those
things. Which makes the political leadership, largely responsible.  The result, prosecution is necessary.  They will complain “we were hired/ we have
rights”. The law however says:  freedom
of contract is null and void, UNLESS the reality falls within the contract
terms.  Each high ranking job within
American government:  is required to
adhere to a singular oath of office.  To
obey the constitution, and put the realities of that constitution first, in
every decision that you will make. 
Unless, the decision is within constitutional guidelines:  a warrant must issue for arrest and
trial.  The question as to what the
constitution truly means:  comes under
the jurisdiction of democracy/ as is WE HIRED YOU, (including the supreme
court, etc)  under and because of your
oath: to do what we demand of you. 
Therefore we the people, will decide as one people, indivisible
under   GOD.  As was the reality in producing this
nation:  there is only room for truth, which
began with, “…..we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and
our sacred honor”.   Our world has been attacked, and that fact has
largely come from here!  The need to
resurrect,  TRUTH AND REALITY, in the
clear terms of what OUR GOVERNMENT shall be:  
could not be more necessary!

       The excuse:  “everybody does it/ everybody else did this
to me/ I JUST WANT, WHAT I WANT;  like
all of them too!”  Ain’t; 
No excuse.
 Justice is a decision that identifies
what is fair to us all.  Piling on
corruption/ conspiring and using children to get an upper hand/ colluding with
“the fool”, to gain something completely UNDESERVED through a vote.  Choosing to destroy the future/ is
assassinating every child:   THAT IS A
HORRENDOUS ACT. With no real excuse. How is that not you, or not you too?

       The criminal conspiracy to organize and
overwhelm by a vote:  shows the true
failure of American democracy as it exists today.  By your complete atrocity against the nation,
state, and communities to gorge yourselves with rape/ defile yourselves with
arrogance/ and ransack the rest by inflicting a whip called slavery:  TO demand: pay THE DEBTS YOU DID CREATE for
them to pay. Even though that is impossible. 
Reality then  Proves that the
American democracy is dead.  The power of
a vote for the nation or state, etc;  has
become nothing more than a tool to inject tragedy and inflict wounds upon the
rest.  So says the evidence.

       So we address the truth:  WITHOUT CHANGE AND REALITY TAKING CHARGE, our
world will die.  By establishing what
TRUTH WILL allow;  as is justice FOR ALL:
there must be change/ reality must decide. 
Rather than the failure, and constant sewage of a diploma in charge, degrading
democracy by enforcing that diploma as a weapon against the rest. Truth demands:  NO MORE of that.

       Change then constructs:

       Finding constitutional change means:   NO
public unions are allowed, of any kind. 
NO public pensions or other types or kinds of benefit are allowed:  ONLY same social security for all/ NO
exceptions.  NO voting on spending
measures of any kind are allowed, by government employees:  ONLY the percentage of GDP as in taxation
already collected as a state or nation will be subject to a vote.  For example: 
if the percentage of taxes collected for education is 25%/ then every
part of budget, building, maintenance, salary, etcetera:  comes out of that 25%.  Any increase comes from higher taxation or a
reduction elsewhere:  created only by
public vote with a clear responsibility of who will pay, and exactly how much
they will pay.  NO PROJECT of any kind
occurs until the money is collected:  to
be not less than 75%, and if there is cost overrun, the community who failed to
properly display the cost:  will pay
double for what they took in “extras”..

       In other words:  a vote MUST only be used for what it was
intended to do.  ESTABLISH “fair to all”! That does include
the educator, and it absolutely includes every other citizen as well:  fair to all. 
NOBODY gets to play “king/ or queen”.

       FAIR MEANS:  to protect ourselves from the endless human
greed (limited capitalism), complete failure called want (LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL, we
want what we want), and absolute arrogance of an intellectual (let’s trap them/
make them LOSE, we deserve it all).

In contrast,  WE THE
PEOPLE must control the money in the simplest and most complete ways
possible.  THAT MEANS:  nobody in government service is allowed to
create a debt, change the currency amounts, inflate money, or create war. OR
USE MONEY in any way that has not been truly decided by the public by vote. The
government employee shall be “removed from money”:  by creating laws for ourselves/ and contract
bids, that will decide for ourselves openly, and without ANY impedance or
claims of superiority.  NOBODY in
government service is allowed to hide inflation, or create a “future
debt”.  NOBODY in government service is
NOBODY is allowed to make the earth die/ mutilate nature/ destroy
resources/ force war/ or in any possible way: 

       Today arrogance and propaganda and the
assumption “we will NEVER pay this
debt”: THE SLAVES MUST give us everything we want.  Rule this nation.

 They Are: a product of
the intellectual.  They are the thieves,
who with a diploma. Their  influence over
every child;  stole OUR democracy, over
time.  Establishing their true intent to
destroy unity, and create superiority, in a diploma (we want MORE).  Piled together as one:  They have claimed to be “nobles (we are
better, we deserve MORE)  REALITY says for
nothing”.  However the evidence of an
intellectual in charge, proves:   LIAR/ CHEAT/ TRAITOR/ & TERRORIST.  The diplomas piled together as one:  have accomplished anarchy (the constitution
is dead, in a courtroom), bigotry (nothing goes through the courtroom, unless
the powerful want it), failure (a constitutional oath, ridiculed as worthless),
foolishness (let’s pretend the future does not exist), fantasy rules (we can be
gods:  what better way to prove that,
“than bring the sun fire here”), crime (destroy business and industry,
particularly small business:  selling
whatever they can, of the nation itself to foreigners), insurgency (betrayed,
with nothing left but a gun), counterfeiting (200+ trillion dollars in
currency/ 155+trillion dollars in debt), LIAR (not a single word from
media;  about what is important) ,
manipulator (propaganda is “be distracted or the whole nation is afraid”),
betrayal (the real war, is against American’s; 
by the diploma’s), mutilator (their purpose is:  to bring chaos into nature, and destroy it),
war criminal (killing and attempting to kill, 
everything in sight with their games), overthrowing democracy (weapons
of mass destruction:  FEAR US, the few)/
corruption of the courts (the constitution is replaced, with frivolous rules/
conspiracy to deny justice and constitutional law (NO REDRESS of grievances, a
constitutional first amendment LAW)/ collusion to use propaganda to distract
and deny “ALL THAT DOES MATTER” (WITH EXTREME THREATS, our world stands on the
edge of extermination: every single one)/ preparations to exterminate our
world, and deny every possibility to survive (ignition of atoms on fire, MEANS
WE BURN THE ENTIRE PLANET).  “what is not satanic” about that!


       To get our democracy back: 
Because that, is the only legal way to war,
against those who are  herein accused of warring against us. 

TO INVESTIGATE and find what is true,  establishes JUSTICE.  TO EXAMINE REALITY, and identify what is
wrong, CONFORMS society to we the people own this democracy.   TO SEARCH for the wisdom to understand what
WRONG does in fact mean to our future. 
Is the essence of  sanity, the
reality of enforced,  democracy rule.

 TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES,  from the foundations that brought us unity and
construct a future we can survive, with happiness.  IS  found in constitutional documents.  Constitutional law enforced Means:  WE MUST have a 
public courtroom:  so as to
understand, and learn what WE THE PEOPLE, truly means.   Good/ bad/ or indifferent, is entirely up to

  First amendment
constitutional law, GRANTS REDRESS as the only legal means to enforce


       BEFORE ,  a cult can be
defeated:  the realities and participants
must be identified.  THE PRICE examined.
The cult worshiper, being extremely delusional/ or excessively selfish:  IS ALWAYS absolutely certain “this can’t be
me”.  The consequence of that is:  “take another look”.  The critical question is not what you
believe, but what the evidence can or cannot prove.  The evidence does prove extreme selfishness,
and a complete disregard for the public, their work, their lives, or their
future.  The worship of money, by using
the weapon called a diploma; 
successfully illustrates “be damned with democracy, as is (WE THE
PEOPLE):  has been truly cast aside to
proclaim,  WE WILL be king, queen,

The excuse: Yes, I know “they didn’t care about me/ so I
won’t care about them”.  So every fool  feels entitled:  to destroy a nation or state, and NEVER even
realize, or admit OUR WORLD IS IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION.  Because selfishness can’t think beyond self/
only want matters, “ain’t that so”.  They
then become the perfect cult members: 
because like all religion, “just promise me what I want/ and I WILL

       But hey, “the intellectual is too damn
smart, to get caught/ too damn arrogant to believe they can’t lie, cheat, and
steal”:   so it will be war!  Because that is what the people who say “TAKE
AWAY their guns” demand.  As in don’t let
those people defend themselves:  they
will attack us, because they have a cause. 
Let them BE SLAVES!  Besides “its
all they are good for”:  worthless, ain’t
that so.

After all, when those holding, their  weapon at our throat;  as is a diploma;  by counterfeiting and producing all forms of
hidden theft. They don’t want to:   face
a bullet, “they do get worried”.  The
reality of Rape/ ransacking/ pillaging/ betrayal/ ravaging/ traitorous acts/
and especially world terrorism;  as has
been easily done in America. Proves “without a gun, traitors are even more
effective” with words.  The endless
tragedy hiding “behind that university door”, which separates humanity from the
intellectual;  is real.

 But to all:   I
remind you of China:  they killed the
intellectual, no doubt for similar reasons/ and then they failed as a society.  What must be instead is:  OPEN THE DAMN DOOR, turn on the lights:   and let everyone in this world;   see
WHAT IS TRUE.  Demanding reality decides,
not want/ not theory/ not delusion/ not foreign languages:  nothing but the truth!

       In addition, to the realities
involved, are the facts:  in every life
there are choices to be made. Even special choices from time to time, which no
one gets to redo.  The critical question
is;   GIVEN A REALITY of endless threat,
which will result in our extinction.  As
has been created through university fantasies, and cutthroat ways:  that reality of knowledge does influence us
all.  Including you, and me.  Or more simply “how much do you need to know/
before you run away and hide”?  The
proven answer is “extremely little”.  The
only solution is true change, without want or pride/ because nothing less will
stop the decisions that are already made.

       That brings us, “to the crevice, which
must be traversed” between life or death; 
for all living things on earth. 
To get beyond “the death trap”/ the vast majority must believe they will
survive, and fundamentally be happy with their lives.  To accomplish that, it is elemental to
understand all life begins “with a miracle”.

       The sewer of university claims chaos
built life/ the sewage of university claims, “I built myself, one piece at a
time;  without even a brain”. The tragedy
of university claims:  they can be god.

       So the answer to whether you live or
die:  WILL be determined by which one you
are willing to accept is true.  Are you a miracle/ or nothing more than
ten billion trillion accidents, “which had to organize and build themselves in
order, with discipline, balance, and wisdom”: 
IN CHAOS?  According to the university,  you have no soul.  No opportunity to conceive of eternity.

       By the terms and conditions of
miracles:  the elemental reality of truth
intrinsic to that composition of every life, demands thought.  Thought although it is energized by body,
contains an identity; as is existence.  
Where there is existence, the potential for life is real.  Energy is said to:  “simply transform itself/ rather than be
destroyed”.  Is that then not true of
death as well? Does thought not flow wherever the energy that gave life,  shall go? 
Make your decision.  Who do you
believe, “your life, as is evidenced by your body and its miracles”/  OR your gods, and their assertion “HELL, we
can even play with the same fire as is on the sun/ RIGHT HERE on earth.

       A fire, that burns your skin in summer,
from 91 MILLION miles away!  Could they
be wrong?  8 billion people on earth, CAN
STOP “a few thousand”.  IS THAT NOT TRUE!

       And yes, you do drive me “ a little
crazy” with your insanity (let me have
everything I want/ even though horror will come).
 Literally means:  BLIND/ STUPID/ DISEASED/ and all but a complete
failure to life:  redeem yourselves. Or
be lost:  as that DOES sum up, the
university contribution.  Instead of
worship:   Be damned to the trinket/ trophy/ or toy! 

       Rather than continue in a cult, FIND YOUR
BRAIN.  Instead of pride which has become:
 “welcome to America/ land of the swill”.
by the fantasies of a diploma, and their intent to overthrow democracy.  The public 99% of citizens:    whom,
refuse to care/ or hides in cowardice:  because they don’t want to be ridiculed. MUST

You,   Fell in the
abyss of want as well the university:  swearing
anything “other than,  me”/ is not
important.  Let the world understand,
what it means to be American; “no more unity”! 
Want to be an American?   Just
keep saying “I WANT, I WANT, I WANT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOBODY
CAN EVEN IMAGINE how much I want!”  And I
don’t want nothing I don’t want/ then, you become the same, as the majority.  But then every immigrant knows that:  “it’s why they come”.  

 Unity is dead, as will
be this people, without true change! Killed by the simple truth:  without justice, respect, reality, and truth
shared as  a society:  “nothing matters but me”. Media, discards respect
as if it were sewage/ leadership, discards reality as if it were death
itself/greed, infects the masses severely/ lust, lives in pride/ corruption, can
be found everywhere you look.  Graft, is
a swill called politics, where money talks, and both justice and democracy
lose.  Graft is a public union to hide  public theft, behind a wall of people who are
all screaming “unfair: if they don’t get MUCH MORE, than everyone else”.  Pride means, YOU LOSE, or I seek revenge to
win!  These along with every other
tragedy born from intellectual games, create the reality known to man, as “university
rules”.  The diploma worships
illusions/  which destroys honor, duty,
discipline, dignity, virtue, order, respect, and all realities that have
justice.  Justice means we the people
here;  choose to care equally about us
all. They refuse that truth with fantasy. They refuse to share, preferring
everyone else should beg:  pleading to
them as if they were “god”.  Media does,
as the pied piper of fools. Media says: 
“we can’t be wrong”/ the university diploma, pays us a “ton of money”;
and whoever has the money is  “god”.  Just because it’s all stolen:  DON’T matter. “cause it spends the same”;
until it doesn’t. The stock market is a complete failure:  92% a complete lie. The consequence of a
game, that is only numbers.  The reality
of a game, that fails life and society.  Or
more simply, “there is very little of anything,  America once stood for,  left”. 
The university diploma stole it all; 
because they care for nothing, “but their own fantasies, delusions,
pride, and power”.  One in a million
provides something useful;  but that is
not worth “exterminating life, from this earth”.  How is that not true?

  To the world then;  DON’T come here,  this reality is explosive, and about to
ignite.  Think not?  Well
like atoms on fire, there AIN’T no going back/ once ignition occurs

WRONG, will be HORRENDOUS, with all exits closed.
Dead is dead.

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