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       Reality suggests, that when discussing
the consequence of threats, is extinction of this world/ and the reality of
Christian religion is looking for “someone spectacular”.   While the only thing visible, giving you the
message, “without change you are going to die”. 
As is oddly enough, the same message JESUS delivered in his time.  Seems to be me.  Just a summation of the available evidence,
and not anything else:  because right or
wrong, I find it irrelevant to this work. 
You must understand extreme experimentation is not the same as in the
past/ it is life or death of our world.  Or
more correctly:   the work I am given to
do, has nothing to do with what or how I describe myself/ or would choose to be
described.  I AM NOT the issue of this day,
religious or not:  the reality is
extermination of our planet, nature, lives, children, and everything else
is.  That does not mean I wouldn’t be
honored if it were true:  IT IS SIMPLY
NOT my decision to make, or even life to live. 
As I must be “me;  no free rides
allowed”.  We must make our own
decisions, as best we can.  Religious means:   living by the rules people choose, not
really “my thing”.  Life nor living is
about rewards, pride is a tragedy waiting to happen.  Life is about participating, in what you do
truly value.  I value  GOD,  
I value JESUS,  I value “the
spiritual world”,  I value the spiritual
woman inside me, I value man, woman, child, nature, planet, and absolutely
everything  GOD CREATED.   Living revolves around what you do respect,
and are willing to conceive in love as the passions of your heart.  Soul is a relationship with GOD , I value
more than life itself.  That is the basis
of me, and I would not trade it for anything: 
so this work for all of creation, is not a work/ but a decision.  A decision to participate in respect, to
achieve a disciplined and orderly fight to keep the miracles we are surrounded
by,  ALIVE.  Truth says, the fight is for life;  whether or not a single other person joins is
not the purpose.  My purpose is life,
as  GOD  
created it to be.  My desire
is:  that JESUS  should receive the respect  HE DESERVES/ even if you don’t understand
it.  My love is:  as I created it to be/ because that, is
fundamentally “my job”;  just like it is
yours to build and identify yourselves within that boundary between life or

       The element of spiritual woman in me, is
extremely hard to grasp:   but it lives
here somewhat like this.   I am living in
a similar way to what I suspect most men treated most women in the past/ only I
get to experience some things “from the woman’s point of view”.  Female breasts (clearly and completely
nothing male about them)/ if I were to describe them, I would say “women ought
to get paid for having them, as they are SO MUCH trouble;  you just wouldn’t believe”.  And yet they aren’t/ and that is how everything
is.  As a male I look for extremes/ but
everything about female is “not an extreme, or is extremely the opposite/ which
leaves me balanced in the middle”.  That fact
is good for this writing/ but is functionally a disaster for male in me.  I don’t really know why? Everything I try to
describe about “woman in me” becomes an extreme/ and yet reality proves it is
not an extreme at all:  just
different.  Not in the same way as
man:  at all/ NOTHING is the same”.  ITS COMPLICATED!

       Even so, I now see life in a wide variety
of ways, from the woman’s point of view: 
identifying what men never see, or understand/ about the major  things men do. 
Women do deserve better.  But that
does not mean men are worse in many ways: 
after all, we don’t know what women would do, if they were in
charge.  However it is clear and
certain:  THEY ARE different/ and
different does choose differently.  With woman
just as strong as man here/ even a tiny bit more so:  in charge of the major things.  Which includes the timing and style of this
work I do.  I failed, “it’s her turn”.   The lessons I cannot refuse, “keep trying to
teach me”:  what it means to be
female.  I HAVE NO CLUE WHY/ other than
men everywhere, need to do better.  As do
women, if time allowed;  I suspect the
end result would be someday “a much more educated world” about the lives of
both male and female, to find harmony for both. 

       But you, WON’T even fight for an entire
planet, or all its life.  Discarding this
entire CREATION as if it were nothing more than to please you.  A greater selfishness, does not exist!

       Nonetheless, while it is true some
aspects of this work say  “JESUS was here”/
by the evidence of HIS teaching/ HIS path/ HIS purposes/ and HIS passion to
save human lives.  The realities of my
own imperfection/ the consequence of at my own description of a “spiritual woman
inside”/ and various other “scratches and dents” as is me:   limits and binds the conclusion of evidence “to
surely there is someone else”.  Even so:  the evidence is true/ the reality of threat
is extreme, beyond even what you can imagine/ and time has run out.  So believe whatever you wish:  BUT WORK FOR LIFE, or our existence as
humanity will simply disappear from this universe.  How is that not enough, to prove you are
involved?  YOU, will die too!  Every threat can be proven, if you just look.

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