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       It is a barrier to existence, when
assumptions rule instead of laws. 
America is full of assumptions, and destitute for laws that govern
reality and life/ because the university cult, has made up stories, created fantasies,
and defied truth.  Yet the people
believe, “because they have been given toys, trophies, bribes, and propaganda
feeds them with fear or entertainment so they cannot know the truth or its
reality.  To their shame!

is the one in which scientists claim to know all about the sun/ yet
discard all known laws governing existence, physics, realities, consequences
for being wrong, and fundamental truths governing the laws which hold our
universe together.  “as always, like the
public itself:  they just want what they

       But unlike fairy tales, bringing the same
fire here to this earth as is on the sun: 
cannot be survived.  Because the
fire is real, and the consequence for an atomic fire being ignited is:  WE CANNOT extinguish the flame.  We cannot even get close, to a ten million
degree flame, that burns atoms.  None
have a legitimate right to doubt those words/ all have a legitimate right to
know exactly, what your scientists (universities) are going to do:  WHEN THE ATOMIC FLAME, refuses to extinguish
itself.  On a planet, where everything is

       So, Let’s try again:  to create an understanding of what we do know
for certain!

1.  All agree, the temperature in some area’s of
the fire;  is at least ten million
degrees hot/  that is a mathematical
formula based upon the heat that arrives here.

2.  Your scientists state:  flames on the sun are roughly one million
miles long/ with solar flares reaching about 12 million miles long.

3.  The sun is roughly 91 million miles away in
summer, and it will burn your skin here.

4.   Sun radiation is deadly, if not for ozone.

5.  So let’s switch to more controversial topics:

6.   Due to the intense heat produced by the sun,
we do know this is an atomic fire: 
regardless of any other description/ It is an atomic fire by energy
released. No other known energy is capable of that reality.

7. Due to the extreme longevity, in time
of the flames:  the fact that biblical
history which goes back over 5, 000 years:  
the same amount of heat we get today is likely to have occurred then.  Which means “its regulated”/ and its based
upon an atomic fuel;  because nothing
else known could accomplish that feat.

8.   A solar flare is the release of more fuel, in
a specific spot, which then sends “a flame 
spurt” outside the common boundary established by the fire.

9.  A solar tornado, is the refusal to release
fuel, by the fuel source, which creates a “cold spot” on that fuel, giving the
flame its opportunity to focus down/ turbulence accomplishes the rest.

gravity enforced upon this earth by the sun; 
according to our relationship with gravity here:  is a force ten thousand times less by the
sun, on this earth/ than a human being standing on earth.  And each planet outward, gets less.  Making this kind of pull, completely
irrelevant and without the ability to hold planets in place.

let’s talk atoms:  what is it about atoms
on fire, that can create solar gravity/ which is plainly different than
physical gravity.  The answer comes from
understanding the extreme physical energy involved in an atom:  MUST be held in place within the boundaries
of that atom and its electrons.  By
something of equal but opposite energy. 
Otherwise, the physical energy plainly exhibited in an atomic bomb could
not be held, and would dissipate into space. 
Scientists call this dark energy, that exerts a force they cannot see,
but can detect by its effect/ and or, dark mass.  Dark energy is the opposite of “time, as in
physical outward energy”.  Which means,
it must then do everything in an opposite way; 
as in the neutron holding the proton in “neutral space”, as is an atomic
environment of individual atoms.

fire, consumes from the outside in/ unlike an explosion, which consumes from
the inside out.  They are different, and
cannot be held as “alike”/ they are not. 
Likewise heat is not the same as fire, as it exhibits a controlled
energy;  fire exhibits chaos, wherever
the fuel exists; fire will follow. Fire never leads.

atoms burn, the fire releases both the energy/ and mass;  that is trying to get out, as is physical
energy or mass that we know.  Fire also
releases the dark energy the opposite of that energy or mass we do not
participate directly with.  The opposite
of extreme heat/ is extreme cold;  the
opposite of extreme acceleration is deceleration:  and it is consistent with the reality of
atomic environments, that a greater energy exists with dark energy or mass than
with physical energy in an atom.  Because
the dark energy retains control over the physical energy so as to balance and
maintain an atom which then gives us elements. 
We know dark energy/ mass exists: 
because the atom would fall apart without it.

physical realities of elements are known as the periodic table:  and there is nothing/ not even a possibility,
of an atom with an atomic weight 15 times greater than lead. That does not
exist:  yet your scientists claim it does
on the sun/  because otherwise, none of
their predictions or theories are true. 
Yet an element with an atomic weight over 3,000 is pure fantasy;   so it is a fairy tale, without
substance.  Uranium 238 is one of the
heaviest elements:  see the difference.  Yet they bet our world and every life:  on their theory, something exists, that all
know physical law and laboratory science says “CAN’T be so”.  Alas, “they get money” for their fantasies,
and built machines.

it is the release of dark energy that identifies solar gravity/ or more
distinctly, it is the fire itself, that clearly burns the bond holding atoms
together:  that creates planetary
orbits.  The same energy at the heat
being released, as would be the proton mass/ as would be the neutron anti-mass
of an atom:  forces into the sun. To
control the heat of that sun:  on the
physical mass underneath.  Dark energy
exists in a different dimensional plane/ but it still exists.  Ask your scientists if dark energy or mass
exists:  simple as that!

so, the physical framework of dark energy and mass:  does come from somewhere/ so to examine this Phenomenon,
we must ask the question “where”?  The
existence of a supernova event constructs that cause.  A supernova exists as your scientists say:
with two main scenarios.  First “the heat
intensifies and the fire grows larger”. 
The second is, it explodes;  as
the most violent energy release in our known universe.  For heat and fire to grow, MORE FUEL must be
added to the flame.  Which means whatever
regulates an atomic fire, has failed.

 The eleven year sun cycle here identifies the
regulator.  As more fuel is released, the
pressure created by that atomic fire creates more heat.  More heat makes the flames grow farther away
from the fuel source which cannot follow it. 
As the flames and consequent heat get farther away from the fuel source/
the fuel source cools just a bit, and that then limits the fire, and cools it
just a bit;  allowing the flames to get
closer to the fuel/ and start the cycle all over.  It’s called thermodynamics.

know look to the law, which governs physics: 
for every action there must be an equal energy reaction!  Or, if energy is pushing out/ there must be
energy pushing in.  Thereby we know in a
supernova event:  which is a sphere
exploding in all directions at once.   When the explosion is balanced enough in all
directions:  that energy will be focused
upon the center of the disintegrating star. With so much energy released:  what is at the center is a force which CANNOT
go outward/ as in it is trapped.  But it
must do something/ so it turns itself inside out, and becomes a “black
hole”.  Which is then a dark mass/ and
does produce a dark energy as physical materials are forced through the center:  to be “turned inside out” by that black hole.

now have the recycler of time, as in the extreme energy contained by the
tiniest pieces of mass that remain intact from the supernova, are traveling in
space at speeds well beyond light.  And
they do come into contact with the anti-mass/ energy that exits a black
hole.  At that “moment” an atom is born.
The physical rubbing of mass meets anti-mass; introduces electrons. If balanced
well, the atomic environment then controls.

energy is the relationship that exists to create this bond of mass and anti-mass:  which then creates elements.  Which then build everything physical in this
world.  It is that bond burning, which
creates an atomic fire.  That bond is
consistent with every atom that exists. 
Burn one, and you will burn them all!

same law that governs atoms (for every action, there must be an equal opposite
reaction:  conforms by stating it more
clearly.  As in for every potential
action/ there must be an equal or greater opposite potential reaction).  This then extends to accrues into the first
basic understanding of true energy itself. 
The balancing of these two opposing forces, as in a bond:  creates time. 



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