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The fundamentals
of our hidden world, begin with such mundane things as “heat functionally
expresses an energy transmitted out”/
while cold functionally experiences an energy transmitted in.

       Mundane or not, this is a functioning
element of life itself (at the atomic scale), therefore more than “meets the
eye” is involved. Even so, that kind of information does not assist us with our
current deadly situation which is the religion of “university knows”/ has caused
extreme experimentation to overrule our ability to survive on this planet.  The consequence of that is, this religion
must be defeated:  by removing its “sacred
stories”/ and returning life to knowledge, evidence, and understanding, instead
of their fantasy.

       Religion exists, when any form of
knowledge erupts to become known.  That knowledge
is presented by someone, gathered together by others who then teach it:  and people begin to ask “teach us more”! Religion
then forms around:  “WE, are the thinkers
here/ NOT you”.  Unfortunately instead of
just saying “we don’t know anything more”/ a religion is born out of creating
stories they believe “nobody is allowed, to question or disprove”.  So if the people accept the stories, which
they do if  “it fills my want, or need”;  the stories are then held to be true, even
though they are simply illusions and delusions without merit.

       The universities have spread MANY STORIES
in this way;  gathering an abundance of
followers just like every other religion ever conceived:  by educating the children to accept their fantasies
as truth.  Particularly infected with
this sewage is America;  where the
consequence of an atomic bomb/ destroyed the basic foundation of security
against those who rise to fight against us. 
Or more simply:  when a single
bomb can destroy millions/ FEAR overrides sense, and the illusion of “priests”
appear.  So the university presents
priests (close to god)/ and the people worship them, because not being prepared
to defend ourselves with an atomic bomb (weapons of mass destruction) seems
worse, than letting these few control their lives.  Only world law on leaders, and its
enforcement by WE THE PEOPLE of this world; 
can take that away.

       Evolution is one of the most horrendous
stories ever told:  chaos builds nothing/
its very definition is the removal of anything complex to its most simple
state.  ALL LIFE is complex!  That should be enough, to end evolution:  but it is presented by the religion
university/ and its priests.  So the
people believe, because the children have been inundated with trash, sewage,
filth, whoring, perversion, and foolishness. 
Not uncommon to many religions/ just worse than most.  We did not build ourselves one piece at a
time!  How can that not be true?  WHAT PART OF YOU, don’t you need, from the
very beginning?  Got a heart, but no
blood/  got lungs but no throat or
muscles or control:  the list is
endless.  Evolution even goes so far as
to say:  the brain comes last/ which
literally means “can’t choose nothing!  So
its sewage (utterly useless to complex life), “with worms (has the potential
intent to eat you alive or dead)”.  It is
pitiful, and a sheer disgrace;  but bad
religion is like that/ while what is called “good religion” at least gives you
disciplines and order when existence challenges your life.

       Nonetheless, life itself must have a
beginning:  religion calls this   “GOD” . 
So let’s ask what does humanity know about life?  We are complex bodies,  fully efficient, highly integrated for maximum
abilities, in the most limited spaces, versatile, automatic, self-teaching or
not, sensory, strong, self-healing in most cases, competent to conceive of
knowledge, constructive understanding, and in rare cases even capable of wisdom;
as a beginning.  EVERY ASPECT of this
design is sewn together with thought.  Or
more simply a living body is the clear evidence of “thought did this”/ because
literally NOTHING else can.  Therefrom we
can conceive that   “GOD”  IS THOUGHTFUL, AND since these things did not
have to be:   GOD IS LOVING as well/
because we received more than much.  We received
everything we needed, to live;  “with
extras”; to be happy.

       But humanity wants to believe “I don’t
owe NOTHING”! While that is functionally true, life is a gift. It is not
functionally fair/ YOU DO owe RESPECT, to  
GOD/ and to HIS CREATION as well! 
That is the price of a life built upon miracles of wisdom, you could not
accomplish in any form or way.  So, the
university religion, like others throughout history want to prove “yes I can
form a life/ by mutilating what is already here”.  And they do “a million times a day”/
discarding nature, as if it was trash.  Its
called GENETICS/ and while they promise you “great things”:  they are literally bringing you an ocean of
tears, as humanity and all life suddenly realize, “everything is gone”.  We are dead! 
Such is the will, and the way of absolute arrogance, complete stupidity,
betrayal, and the consequence of terrorism against this world.  But then what can you really expect from a
religion (stories that are lies, mixed with knowledge that is true) dedicated
to lies (we must retain power, pride, and control) , cheating (tell them
anything but the truth) , stealing (with hidden inflation, and debts without
end:  we CAN corrupt a world) ,
propaganda (everyone else is a LOSER/ listen only to us) , prostitution (let life
itself, and miracles;  be sold for money),
fantasy (we can play god), and failure (every child is lost/ the future is
dead, because leadership refused to care or share) against both nation and
world.  Nobody escapes the consequences
of this “university religion”/ without immediate and true change.  Maybe not even then, because it is so


       Enough of that for  awhile, “it is sickening”/ it is
heartbreaking;   without a pause as

       So let’s look at so called “good religion”.  We begin with old testament Bible;  and examine in Genesis Noah’s flood.  One of the many excuses university uses to
declare “we are the only gods/ we are the only religion”;   just like every other religion.  But university says:   layers in the earth’s crust are about “dust”
just blowing around.  Even though
sediment is clearly sorted:  BY
WATER.  As this is the only known
physical force, that can in fact do the work. 
While there is dust to cover somethings, there is no dust to cover
everything.  While the university
states:   we found coral debris on
mountains/ they explain “obviously the water was this high”.  Yet there is not enough water in the sea, to
make that possible/ unless of course, there is a earth engulfing flood.  Even so, the primary:  you can understand/ this needs no other cause
or explanation necessary to prove Noah’s flood existed:  is the evidence of fossil fuels.

       Every fossil fuel is:  a living body of life, masses together in one
clump (as floods do)/ which then sinks down into the water to be deposited in
one spot;  at the bottom of the sea or
lake ( as floods do).  Each of those
things is important, or energy recovery would be impossible.

       The extreme volume of life, that was
clearly in evidence with fossil fuels: 
proves a world that was teeming with living existence.  It is of use to assert, extreme plants were
needed to tie the atmosphere of this planet to its mass.  Leaves lift and fall, taking energy out of
the air flow.  Dinosaurs were necessary
to create paths through that kind of vegetation:  so they lived with all the rest of life
too.  Once that vegetation was gone, they
went extinct. More critical to our day is:  
without all that life being grouped and deposited by a flood/ then
covered over with the layering of a flood. 
Our fossil fuels would not exist. 
More critical, that fuel does prove a world flood, without excuse.

       The university claims “billions of years
for earth”/ but what they do not ascribe too is:  what about the sun?  After all, we know it takes a fuel source to
release energy/ and every fuel source will eventually run out, even a sun.  As is proven true by a supernova event (no
longer controllable).  Even so, let’s ask
the question:  given a standard rate of
fuel loss for the sun/ JUST HOW BIG, did the sun have to be for it to remain on
fire today?  Since it had to be bigger/
it had to heat this solar system more: 
which has consequences for the earth as well.  A billion years is a long time, for a sun to
burn!  So let’s ask:  university says “we know” the universe is 14
billion years old.  But without even
questioning that, they fail to account: 
in the BIG BANG event, the explosion went in all directions/ even if
basically controlled by the same plane parallels.  Or more simply:  if it all exploded, as the evidence suggests/
then there is an empty spot in space: 
where the initial explosion occurred. 
Making an observation through that spot, literally half the distance to
the other side.  Or even by their figures
not over 7 billion years old.  A reality
that is insignificant or worthless except for the understanding:  the university is wrong, about even this tiny
little detail.

       Nonetheless, back to Noah’s flood. What can
cause an intense planetary change?  The only
answer available in this scenario is a large planetary object passing close by
to earth;  and exhibiting a large
gravitational pull on the earth.  Exactly
what is unnecessary.  What is important
is:  such an event CAN in fact create an
effect, such as was a world wide flood.

       So, let’s look at Noah’s boat.  Critical considerations allow:  Noah operated the first true zoo, on this
planet.  You gather the creatures/ open
the door to the paying public/ make money, and buy more creatures.  But the problem is:  these creatures had to be feed/ their manure
had to be removed/ and they had to be confined to some degree, or there would
only be trouble.  THEN comes the need for
water!  By placing your zoo, on an island
in a river that floods lightly periodically; 
all these problems nearly disappear. The river is the water source/ a
light flooding washes away the manure/ food and creatures can easily be
transported to you on the water.  AND you
can control access of the general public, by creating a bridge.  The biblical account describes the boat as
made of gopher wood.  Since gophers are
known, as creatures which dig into river banks and under anything they can
find:  a large colony of gophers would
have undercut the trees, exposing the roots to the river water, which further
washed away that mud.  So let’s ask if
there were trees on an island in a river: 
answer yes.  If there were lots of
very large trees grouped closely together: 
their branches could have been lashed together to make a floor
support.  Then with simple ramps and some
type of flooring materials:  observation
platforms and cages could easily have made a zoo “profitable”.  Although the people tending the zoo, would
need to remain on premises;  so their
housing would most likely have been on top.

       In an extreme flood every animal/
creature;  that could have found its way
into the trees:  would have done so.  An extreme flood would have begun cutting the
exposed roots from those trees:  like
pancaking floors on a building/ when a few go, the rest will follow, as more
weight is placed on them. So now we have a floating boat, with creatures.  In a sea, inundated with fresh water.  The fresh water stays on top, for
awhile;  to be drank.  The trees helped clean the water & almost
certainly produced some sort of fruit, to keep the creatures alive.  Excess critters were slaughtered to feed the
predators.  And it would float, as living
trees mostly out of water:  if lashed
together well enough;  until it landed on
something solid.  In this scenario, Noah
and the creatures would have been saved, although it would have been a wild

       Think for yourself!

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