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The value of
existence, are “places in the heart worth keeping”.

       Critical to the existence of a life, is
the treasury of knowledge that becomes the foundation upon which we define
ourselves, our time, and our purpose.  Critical
to a heart is the development, that life has value/ and value is an
understanding, “I own a place in peace, harmony, respect, and dignity here”.  I am a participant, in the relationships that
could lead to love.

       Essential to soul, is the truth:  LIFE IS A MIRACLE, and nothing less!  Thereby we establish within ourselves, the
destiny of both CREATION,  and its
CREATOR!  This is a journey confined by
the life we exhibit as our desire. Without desire, there will be no true soul. Whereas
with absolute faith, and therefrom the critical terms of a desire built within
thought:  the essence of love itself,
must be learned.  As every miracle upon
this earth “speaks of the love and dignity and respect” granted to every life
in nature. While some fall short of the elegance that life as a body is;  the reality of falling away from Creation and
its miracles/ means “humanity chose this”. 
It is part and parcel, for the human desire “to play god”/ instead of
respect  GOD.


       As humanity adrift, we ask “what is the
value of life”? Why do we exist? Where are the people who have earned “their
heart”? Who can be trusted with my own existence? When are memories worth
keeping? How, can I exist in love?

       Being adrift means:  without a true purpose in life and living.  Therefrom we seek the knowledge of what does
have a sufficient value in life, to accomplish the understanding of purpose? That
knowledge is love, because love alone establishes a purpose to living, that is
beyond simple existence. The essence of our lives is a relationship with love/
as even being “eternal” is not enough.  Without
love there is no cause to exist, beyond the dimensional relationships that
sustain our understanding “we do have a choice”.  Heart comes to mean, as a treasury built from
human existence:  that we are identified,
and thereby created from within ourselves, by true desire.  Consequently whatsoever that desire is, “is
you”!  The critical existence of love is
very simple, as an actual fact.  Love means,
“I have become vulnerable” to you! Lending my life, to your happiness, hopes,
and well-being.  Therefrom it is also
possible for you to damage me/ just as accepting love from me, has the
potential to damage you. Consequently trust, is the single most elemental bond,
that love will create. Trust begins and ends with truth.  Which means every single lie, causes damage
to our relationship/ even ending that once beautiful trust between ourselves. The
most beautiful thing in the world, Is trust; 
that is earned, sanctified as worthy, and established within the purity
of love.  When we add love, trust, truth,
heart, a desire that is beautiful in its purpose, and the blessing of miracles
that enhance every conceivable thought: 
we have earned a life, “beyond the others”. Or more simply, an eternity
among those whose true purpose and purity,  is love.

       So the fundamental question is:  WHY does humanity discard the purity of
love:   by believing they can own hate as well?  The answer to that is divided into 7 pieces,
each of which is enough to destroy your place in life.

       Hate is the intent, “to throw life away”.

       Hate is, the decision “to judge life”/
and claim superiority.

       Hate is, 
the refusal to accept “I earned respect, as nothing less than a miracle

       Hate is, “a life called lies”/ proving
you want more!

       Hate is,  the violence called revenge.

       Hate is, becoming the predator, instead
of a human being.

       Hate is, throwing your life away, because
living has no value. Even a suicide.

       To rise above suicide, requires the
removal of want/ because wherever there is want, lies shall arise.  Lies lead you to failure, depression, &
even death. The reality of “I have NO ONE, to love me”/ is a cause;  but it is not an excuse.  GOD loves you:  go inside, where the love of your own heart
lives/ to search for soul!  Give yourself
character, by understanding:  the life
you are, has rights.  NOT to do what is
evil/ but to live “among the miracles” as you are.

       The fundamental reality of time, even
eternity is:  “I cannot make you love me”.  That, is something only you can choose!

       The critical test of humanity is:  are you willing, to accept what is true shall
lead your life?

       Truth is a destiny, conceived by laws,
controlled by realities, determined by thought, and understood by the
development of what does have value. Treasuries establish what we value most,
becomes our purpose in life.  Desire understands,
the distance between what we respect, and what or who we trust:  is a passage, that leads to life or death.  Heart becomes the message of our own
existence, the essence of what we or I do literally explain as the foundation
of where, why, or what we choose to be; 
as best we can.  Love translates
the soul, as my participation with you. There is no soul without honor,
therefore the duty you accept to life itself, determines the anchorage of what
lives or dies within you.  Every life is
a vessel, translating itself upon the sea of our own decisions. Every decision
leads “somewhere”.  Therefore the
direction you choose, or allow yourself to be led:  becomes the memories, where discipline and
order were achieved/ or failed you. What is law, builds.  What is truth, achieves clarity for the
future. What is thought, describes the barriers, and goes beyond if courage

       Thought contains an environment, which
lives or dies dependent upon your own desire. 
Desire contains an element of yourself, that will decide your eternity. The
question of living in time, aligns with the discovery of life:  by determining value within yourself, the
essence of eternity is found.  To live
forever means:  nothing is more precious
or more important to existence, than the value called love.  While that is not possible without law,
truth, thought, and understanding.  It is
also not possible to live forever without love; 
as nothing else exists to make living:  “life”! Life is a value, that should never be
underestimated:  “miracles exist/ because
nothing, can buy them”.  They are given
free, but a miracle means:   THIS DOES
without that respect, life CAN be abandoned;  
to play god/ and end where every male endeavor throughout history ends, “with
war/ as in destruction”.  Because men use
war, whenever even a little insanity (we are trapped/ we are going to die)

       Today, although media, and all leadership
hides reality as all religious zealots do: 
“truth be damned/ I believe, whatever I want to believe”. Elemental reality
proves:  the future is GRIM, and without
mercy.  Even with true change today,
there is no guarantee for tomorrow: 
because men and in particular their universities have been playing
god.  Humanity has been trapping
themselves in a future they cannot survive, and will die accordingly.  Adding one million more children to feed over
deaths:  “every 3-4 days” IS CAUSE
ENOUGH/ to prove that true!  The entire
population of this USA increasing the population/ by adding to the world again,
in just 3 years or so.  They all need
food, water, resources, etcetera! Syria is a picture of what over-crowding will
do/ and what men do, to play god.  The whole
world follows soon, weapons of mass destruction will be released. So the
reality of atoms ignited on fire, “just like the sun”/ to burn our entire
planet like the sun:   is only one piece
of our reality.

       There are no games left to play! Either let
truth lead, or there will be no place to hide, from men playing god!  It is that simple.  What could be more plain?  Life or death of our planet, its nature,
every living thing on earth:  IS IN YOUR

       I have tried to inform humanity.  Confronted on every syllable with “WE DON’T
CARE”/ followed by WE, won’t share.  That
is your contribution, to my life purpose: 
which is to keep this world alive. Soon you will get what you wished
for.  Except nearly  everything you wanted, or believed;   was a lie, that is going to kill you.   Reality will prove it true. Change quickly,
CARE MUCH, or fail completely;  with
absolutely no hope, not even for the solar system itself.  Because earth on fire:  WILL literally destroy that too.  “because that, is what YOU chose”.

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