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Time is a
measurement, complete with actions or reactions which then create the distance
we exist from our beginning or ending.  Every
measurement consults with reality to prove or disprove what is true. The
result, is simply:  the elemental rise or
fall of a lifetime.

       Therefore what is critical to our own
individual existence, is the creation of what, why, how, when, where, who, and
ultimately:  the identity we serve as
humanity within ourselves.

       An element is:  the basic building block, of all things;  that gives rise to complexity and its
purposes/ even its desires. Consequently elements are the basis of mass and its
relationship to energy/ but they are also fundamental to the existence of life
itself;  as how the building of life

       Complexity designs the definitions,
thereby creating the elevation of a decision or its descent.  Complexity is not the illusion of mental
capacity or intellect, as that has nothing to do with life itself/ conceding
only the elements of living, to the existence of humanity, as a brain. The brain
measures, stores, retrieves, and controls movements to then be measured. Or it
creates the fundamentals of fantasy and imagination which are then measured
prior to movements made in one direction or another.

       Humanity is not the important part of
living/ life is!  The difference is not
simple, but complex.  Developmental dimensions
include:  the critical essence of
why.  Elementally the transition from
mass to life is, the destruction of time. Or more distinctly, when a
measurement may no longer exist, the definitions of what remains:  identify the participant beyond what can be
measured. That is essentially where discipline must arise, so that order can
construct “a who”.  What is not
functionally clear in the death of a measurement, as is the removal of a brain and/or
its habitation:  is how life began. Death
only constructs how the measurement of time ends!

       So we ask of how:  what is time, why is it related to life,
where does mass form a bond, when will energy die, and who can or cannot form a
desire constructing how they will be identified beyond the barriers that
separate us all from our beginning?

       Time begins and ends dependent upon
existence. Therefore time is the recognition of existence/ as nothing else will
measure the effect of what distance will do. 
Mass exists, because it forms a bond with other atoms.  The more densely populated the elemental mass
those atoms can create by order, through discipline:  the longer that mass will survive. Because the
energy that forms the bond, is satisfied with the result/ and it is not
decaying at a rate that limits its success. That is related to life, because
the more elemental you are with results that create order through
discipline;  the more dense your identity
can be.

So we ask, what exactly does density in a human being as the
existence of life, mean?  The critical
count, is a summary of value.  Or more
distinctly:  life can be assembled as a
relationship to time;  and what/ why/
who/ where/ when/ how did you give it purpose begin.  Therefore it is purpose that lives, or dies
to become a participant with life or death. Or, let’s draw an imaginary line/
where all relationships with life, are either love (building) or hate

The question of living asserts:  WHY, is love or hate important to an
existence? Living mass, is still functionally a mass in movement, through
directional control of a human being: 
thereby time illuminated as a decision which functions through the mass
it inhabits. But the relationship of why, to the existence of mass is
contributed by “I”.  Thereby the
formation of why includes:  the
distinction of  a decision:  “I, have a choice”.  Life does not have a choice, unless it forms
an “I”.  “I” cannot form a decision,
unless it conceives of thought. Therefore we step back from existence, to
ask:  where does thought, the essence of
a choice, begin?

       We CANNOT discuss that distribution of
time, as it would inflict more damage/ than drain the swamp of intellectual
destruction.  A university brain, that is
so diseased and devoid of sanity:  that
is literally intends to burn the planet/ mutilate all life/ and destroy even
the possibility for life to survive in this world;  as a last resort to insure DEATH TO ALL.  Is apparent, and easily proven to be
true:  just look at the evidence
itself.  Without blinders on/ or the
mesmerizers telling you what you think.

       Nonetheless we are searching, for what
can be diligently able:   to help conceive
in you, of a choice/ other than worshiping the devil of destruction.  Religion calls this satan;  you know its meaning/ no point in trying to
create a new word.

       Illusions and lies are nothing new/ they
are as constant as humanity itself: 
because you want what you want, and nothing less;  after all, “someday you get old and die/ or just
don’t care anymore;  the fun is gone”.  So people reach for “the gusto”/ and make
someone else pay for their purpose, which is to get MORE “for me”. That is a
road commonly traveled:  to the place
humanity always goes.  The path less
traveled, is a development that limits or erases want, so that life can decide
by letting truth order and discipline its own existence.  Roads are traveled by humanity (the blessing
of a choice to want)/ commonly misdirected to the curse of “I didn’t, or more
correctly:  I DIDN’T WANT to know, that
was going to happen too”.  Purpose at
this juncture between building relationships to participate within or
destroying those same relationships by discarding “another”/ for your own
gain.  Is more simply identified by your
purpose of:  love or hate.

       The path less traveled is truth decides
for me/ not want.  The development of order
recognizes through reality, that discipline witnesses the evidence through
understanding and knowledge. Which then lets wisdom construct purpose
itself.  Wisdom expands the barriers past
time, by existing within thought:  the
elemental creation called “a spiritual world”.  What is not connected to measurements;  exists in freedom. What is freedom, exists in
the dimensional capabilities of love.  Therefore
love is the basis of freedom/ or freedom is the basis of love. 

       We ask of love:  HOW, can you be freedom in me, if I need you
to be free?  We ask of freedom, WHERE is
the relationship of love, in what life means, “when it says, I am free”?  We then ask of life:  “what is I”?

       Each of these revolves around a singular
evidence:  that without another life to
share existence with, or care that “I and you” exist together.  There is no functional purpose to living. Therefore
the essence of freedom is a participation in life/ life then comes to
mean:  the existence of others to share
reality with.  Love illuminates the
possibilities of freedom/ while freedom identifies the creation of “my own
decision, to participate with you”. The essence of I, then becomes:  the bond we share, by love;  identifies me.

       Critical to this elemental creation of
self, is the possibility of a relationship with “another living existence”. In a
world filled with life, that would seem simple/ but it is, and it is not.  We first ask: 
WHAT is self /is that not “I”? The answer is no, because they do not
share the same existence:  self is human/
“I forms only in its relationship to life”. 
Self however does include the reality of choices we make in time/ by
which life learns, and forms “itself”.  The
foundation question here is:  why can we
not successfully identify ourselves “simply with life”/ rather than the need as
human beings to believe specifically “love belongs only, where it originates”;
in us?  Or more distinctly, not only does
the majority believe “life other than human” is less/ but they add in, “other
human beings are less:  unless they are
just like us”.   

       The critical concept then divides by an
image:  as in existence is limited
summarily, to a replica of me.  The question
is why? The answer is details/ the experimental result of identifying those
tiny increments of change, that make one thing different from the rest. It’s called
“science”;  or measuring gone mad.  While details do identify small differences,
which can matter to the overall relationship of life to its living.  Details CANNOT keep life alive, unless it is
in the understanding of evidence so as to protect life itself. In other
words:  when details become the evidence
of a fantasy has taken control/ and life is dying, even the earth itself is
nearly dead.  Then it is critical to
every form of thought or intellect possible to recognize:  we CANNOT let fantasy rule our lives/ it will


       Prejudice says:   WE ARE “gods”/ the university is to be
worshiped without complaint:  “they know
everything/ they wouldn’t hurt us;  they
are gods”. Note the essence of a “fanatic”; 
because believers need no proof, they simply believe.  Just like every bigot ever born.  Even so, the members of a cult are always
certain they are not bigots:  because
they believe themselves to be superior to anything and everyone less than
themselves.  Since EVERYONE is less than
themselves, the most certain way to become a bigot:  is join a cult.  As is “university knows”:  all fall down and worship them as god! Bet your
life/ sacrifice your child/ destroy your future/ even burn your planet:   not enough to deter a true cultist fanatic.  Does not America lead here?  Indeed they do.

       So let’s ask the question:  what does the brain have to do with bigotry/
selfishness/ prejudice/ belief/ and a cult?

       Bigotry means:  “functionally, I can’t be wrong”.  We could easily retitle that as “university

       Selfishness means: “without regard for
others, or anything but what I want for me”. 
We could easily retitle that as “university wants/ or US government now

       Prejudice means:  undeserved hostility towards a different
group/ without regard for justice.  We could
easily retitle that as “university took control over government/ and then even
counterfeited all  our securities:  into their own pockets”.  Destroying or attempting to destroy this
nation called America!

       Belief is:  the distinct decision to discard truth and
reality, by refusing all evidence/ thereby establishing the barriers against
truth and reality;  to prove inside the
brain,  “I CAN have whatever I want”!  We could easily retitle that as “university
is god, in their own brain;  regardless
of truth”. They just “believe”/ which is of course the basis of every religion.

       Cult means:  “the devotion of humans, as one group, to a
specific idol they worship”.  We could
easily retitle that as “university 
CANNOT be questioned/ they are above reproach”.

       If we expand that to question what does
having a brain mean?  The end result
follows the developmental nature of measurements, to determine what can or
cannot be controlled by humanity.  Therefrom
the brain uses measurements to assume, by the accumulation of details, and
manipulation therefrom:  even death can
be avoided.    We could easily retitle that as “university
is savior”.

       In contrast to that delusion are the
facts of mental deterioration:  when you
try to control the measurements you make, adjusting them to “fit your purpose”.  Of life/ living/ self/ body/ environment/
happiness/ or any other fundamental of freedom granted by a choice. The relationships
you set into motion then determine the life, body, world, or living you must

       To grant that contrast between truth and
reality/ covering over the evidence, by pretending “it’s just not so”.  The formation of lies, you accept:  determines your future.

       So we seek human purposes first, to
determine the direction these decisions are intended to take/ asking WHY
primarily.  The foundation purposes of a
human life are:  “I want/ I love/ I hate/
or I must survive”!  therefrom we know
with little interference from other realities involved that one of these four
resolutions of purpose in the brain are in fundamental control, as a human
being. These are largely irrelevant in a spiritual being:  keep it separate.

       Life is the distinction of an identity,
not limited by time.  It is elementally the
gift of existence by a choice/ and functions as a miracle.  Therefrom it is entitled to a choice between
love and hate. Granting in fact:  YOU

       Living is an alternate design, and
functions entirely as a body of life, searching for the decisions that will
encompass happiness, hope, truth, discipline, and EVERYTHING else, that a human
life can be.  Living grants you will in
fact choose:  between want/ love/ hate/
and survival as existence requires it of you. 
As this is functional time in a human body.

       Self is, the critical internal body of
knowledge that comprises memories, and how you deal or avoid the consequences
of your choice.  Ending with the
experience and expressions that formally pronounce the living which you
became.  Want/ love/ hate/ or survival
are all constants here:  but they also
become the escalator ride of an excuse to descend, or a desire to build.

       Body identifies the choices that were
made by man and woman to bring you to life and living as a substance conceived
in time. What that substance is:  has
been determined by heredity/ the genetic claim called “Mine”.  Want, love, hate, and survival ARE all
constants here too:  but they exist as
the fundamentals which will determine how, where, when, and with who reality

       Environment determines not only the relationship
we share with living/ but the search, which limits and controls our ability to
expand that living into the theoretical definitions governing our spiritual
connection.  If your entire existence is “held
down” by survival/ it is extremely hard to rise above that poverty.  Mercy, is the only answer. Where there is
love, mercy can arise.

       Happiness is limited only to love, and
its acceptance within purposes that do desire life. To desire life, is then a
fundamental of happiness, or its reward. To desire life means:  “I have formed, in the spiritual awakening of
my life:  a relationship with miracles”. To
assemble happiness means:  “I have
become, a witness to these miracles, and desire the blessing that shares with
another soul, the evidence of my own self-worth”.  We are born into:  a reality no one could earn, design, or claim
to be human at its core! That fundamental alone, is enough to prove “how
valued, every life is”.

       The critical relationships we develop
within and because of ourselves;  is
translated through life and the lives we participate with, as our blanket of
disciplines, which then order our lives. The spiritual translation of miracles,
grants choice to conceive of eternity.  Unlike
the failures that include:  We could
easily retitle that as “university knows”. Their reality is summed up in the
claim of evolution:  which is chaos
brought all life here/ even though chaos destroys.  That is the very meaning, and actual
definition of the word.  Therefore it
cannot “build”. Their delusions even get worse!

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