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GRACE, the
beauty of dignity, displayed as the friendship we give to each other/ even when
it is not fully deserved.

       Grace constructs a value within each
other that treasures life, thereby we do not measure/ unless the law, or its
reality makes us refine that decision into what we can no longer avoid.

       The critical creation is:  an opportunity, for each and every one
possible, to achieve the moments which then become a possibility to create
friendship.  A friend means:  I will not, nor did I judge you/ I will not,
nor did I fail to let you decide your life/ I will not, nor did I fail to give
you the freedom to express yourself/ I will not, nor did I fail to respect the
ownership of your own body, is not mine. 
Accepting friendship means:  we
are both able and willing to spend time in peace and harmony with each other.
Accepting friendship means:  we are
willing to be considered as equals. 
Accepting friendship means:  we do
not judge or measure each other/ because reality has proven by its own evidence
“we can be both free”  here.  Accepting friendship means:  I will support and earn the right to work,
and participate in other ways, with your life. 
Accepting romance (between male and female) means:  time has no meaning, when I am with you.
Accepting romance (between male and female) means:  the essence of our lives, has become a
freedom beyond where anyone else may come. 
Accepting romance (between male and female) means:  cherished moments live in the distance
between our lives, as if your value was beyond description to me.  Accepting romance (between male and female)
means:  disciplined responsibility is not
asked/ it is deserved. Accepting romance (between male and female) means:  wherever your heart lives, mine will yearn to
follow. Accepting romance (between male and female) means:  where our bodies meet, I will learn “to share
our soul”.

       Within these simple things, a strength
nothing else will touch in this world, can exist. Within these simple things,
an order to life extends like “a staircase” to the world beyond our knowledge.
Through the essence of love, our own gift to each other, searching for the life
we exhibit as time by our own creation. 
Creation is, the moment we define life, beyond self.  Beyond self means:  the value of my heart, has risen into the
creation of another world:  the place we
build together.

       We live and breathe in the eloquence of
miracles born true!  We inherit more than
a right to search for love as male and female together, defined by truth.  More than a right means:  our bodies are built, to demand a union.  Thereby keeping nature alive, and forcing the
possibilities of moments that are shared.

       Grace begins with caring, grace conceives
of sharing:  because we each belong
within the creation of miracles that will not be denied.  Truth knows your heart, and whether you
belong/ could belong/ or have stripped yourself, to cast away love. Grace is
love exhibited as your own decision to participate in that love/ without a cost
to someone in need.  Grace is the
decision not to measure or find that need: 
unless told, or it is a need in you to be shared. Grace exceeds the
limits of human (measured) values/ and defines life by the gift of your own
heart.  Life exhibits grace, when it
achieves control over living;  by its
most elemental cost, which is a shared decision with truth.

       Eloquence forms a passage, that is
deliberate from its beginning:  to
achieve the essence of being alive, by grace. 
Grace is the deliberate decision, to participate beyond the limits of
time, even spirit:   where only a soul
can form.  Grace is the truth, wrapped
around you.


       We participate with life, by expressing
or experiencing change. That change reflects our own decision to modify or
create an alternate experience by expressing our lives in a different pattern
of behavior, that distinguishes value more intensely. Love is the singular
experience, that both expresses and proves life is a two-dimensional
elevation.  Meaning, what we can achieve
in time as love, can be more greatly expressed as spirit. The critical decision
is:  to search beyond ourselves, where
love lives in hope, courage, and trust. 
BUT, to risk these things/ constructs the possibilities which are “born
alive”:   or heartbroken, I have lost by
my own decision; what had great value to me.

       Love never judges/ therefore It is
impossible to blame someone else, when they fail to return “our gift, as is a
growing trust/ more critically your gift”. That was your own individual
decision:  GOD judges what was fair.

       The tragedy of sexual misconduct “in
every possible delusion or failure”/ has nothing to do with grace or love.  Sexual misconduct is “chemical consequences,
discarding love/ to prove YOU CAN”. 
There are a wide variety of reasons why people want or pursue or bribe/
manipulate/ control/ threaten/ use/ abuse/ etc. 
None of which will be left “untouched, by   GOD”!  
Pray you did not steal a child from 
GOD;   or, you will wish if only
you were cursed “to hell” instead. 
Chemicals do not form an excuse/ repentance that is true, does form a
possibility.  That singular exception, is

       Nonetheless, the beauty and grace of male
and female finding each other in a world of indifference/ as worthy of love,
shared with me.  Is marred today, by the
violence of sexual expectation.  The
university decision that is as always changing through manipulation and
control:  what people expect from each
other/ through media, governmental, and educational controls. The road to hell
is wide, “university knows” contributes all things. Hell is an insanity
governed by terrors.  Fear forms terror,
when you let it manipulate your life.

       So, let’s discuss what does have the
value of a life worth living/ a sex worth having/ a love worth trusting/ and a
grace that lives in your heart granting time to be more than friends.

       We first understand value, as the essence
learned from being truly alive in your heart. More simply to create an
environment shaped by the understanding “what a true miracle you are”/ it is
only necessary, to believe in truth.  The
evidence of life and body knows nothing other than MIRACLE! Anything less, is
not only a lie/ but an attempt to destroy your own life.  Therefore discard it/ as revenge learns
nothing but hate:  let the law, or
society decide what must be done;  even
when they are wrong.  As best you can/ or
as duty requires you to change!  

       The treasury of moments defined by value,
understand the relationships which matter form an expression of trust.  The experience of trust CANNOT be constructed
by anything less than truth/ or your decisions will fail, and YOU will “become
heartbroken”.  Consequently lies, are a
clear warning to stay away from this one. Never is there a moment, when lies
can be trusted!  Remember that, or you
will suffer because of it.

       A life worth living is built upon
truth.  Nothing else survives beyond
time:  NOTHING else.  Therefore if your life has meaning and value,
you must achieve truth within yourself. As you build a life constructed from
the essence of truth:  which is to let
knowledge grow, and understanding reveal, what only wisdom can achieve.  A life bound together by the universal laws
which govern all life.  Humanity is
another word for “not perfect”/ consequently you must be fair, with every
person; about what you lack/ what they lack/ and what we lack together.  Because purity will not be found.  So we must risk the value of our heart, to
achieve what is less than the best we hoped for/ but more than with love, the
best we did do. More simply, the best we hope for is an exclamation of joy, that
lives beyond the limits of self/ even life, as one.  Whereas, the best we can do, is to give of
ourselves:  the moments we share/ because
we do care.  Letting soul (we could not)
encounter and express:  the rest. Soul
means we have formed a relationship with  
“GOD, through JESUS”.  Soul
means:  our shared existence, meets “our

       THAT description is, “the functional
meaning of;  a sex worth having”. 

       A love worth trusting, is the existence
of time shared in freedom.  More simply,
“never lie/ cheat/ steal/ manipulate/ use/ abuse/ threaten/ fail/ lust/ or
disrespect:  and expect the same, from
those who desire your time.  The question
of desire is complex at its source:  love
lives in soul, therefore soul must also live in you to achieve love, or you
fail.  That brings us to the moment
people decide to lie/ so as to cover up the fact “they cannot” truly love
you:  there is no basis in fact.  Facts are: 
exhibited from the assembly of knowledge, created by the evidence untampered
with/ and accepted through the basis of truth as is predictable without
exception.  This takes time/ “or it’s a
shot in the dark”; which sometimes turns out well, and for others becomes
“their murder”.  Trust builds from
respect first, as this is the very first and most important ingredient in any
relationship. You cannot/ you are not friends, unless there is mutual
respect.  You will never realize true
love unless there is mutual respect for all life, in both of you.  Begin here!

       When we examine “a grace that lives in
your heart granting time to be more than friends.”  Several realities come to understand the
differences between male and female must be observed.

       Men live the experience of finding in
life, a search that lives outside the boundaries of self/ in order to find what
is most important to them.

       Women live the experience of finding in
life, a search that lives on the inside, where the boundaries of self, search
for heart, and compose the values of existence as more than simply self.  In order to create something more than just

       To express these differences, men
construct value by balancing the disciplines and duties of living, in an effort
to display “I can do this”!   If
committed to a desire for sharing time, men will display, “I can be this”. Women
conceive of value, by balancing the needs and desires of men which includes
sexuality, as the potential, “I am more than this”.  Which does establish, to learn what truth
“hides behind the veil”:  male must
invest.  The critical relationship then
becomes:  will you choose me, or not?

       Time grants purposes to be known:  IF, you accept the evidence.  If you hide from what is proven true/ then
you chose, and must accept the cost of that decision.

       Living with your heart recognizes:  the fundamental essence of accepting courage.
There is nothing in truth or life, that is learned by hiding behind the door,
“so to speak”.  Every single individual
is required to open their lives to the essence of what it means to display the
values you have earned, chosen, and created in a deliberate effort to be
“understood, as someone who can be known”. 
Those who hide, and run away from their own reality with lies, even
about, or too themselves;  cannot be known
without lies.  Therefore disguised and
not available for honest communication. The heart lives in freedom to express
truth!  To survive that experience, the
environment of our time together, must be true; 
or the cost of being betrayed (I must hide too) will occur.

       To be more than friends, has nothing to
do with having sex.  Sex can be
“wonderful OR terrible and tragic”/ even though the physical fundamentals
remain largely the same. Consequently the reality of a simple physical sexual
act, has little to do with the definitions of ultimate happiness. What you do
to me, and or I can do for you:  are
functionally and fundamentally created, by the grace of soul. Or more
distinctly, there is no love without soul. 
Without love there is no true happiness, nor ultimate beauty in any
human act.  Love opens the door/ soul
“walks through”;  to share, to care, and
to treasure the experience of what man and woman can be when expressed by the
essence of life itself.

       Happiness is not a relationship governed
by who you sleep with.  Happiness is not
a relationship governed by, whether you have sex or not/ although, particularly
when young, chemicals will make it seem so. Unless love exists, the chemicals
will only prove an addiction. Happiness is not a relationship governed by, the
elements of environment;  unless truly
“bad”.  Rather happiness is the treasury
developed inside your soul, that is grown from miracles realized in you.


       There is a true and honest value in
friendship/ living with each other, as separate from the rest.  As in we have chosen:  “I will help you, & you will help me”.
There is a true and honest value in friendship/ 
wherein as male and female together as one, becomes “a home we share”;
because trust proves true. There is a true and honest value in friendship/  in shared work, shared life, shared
resources, shared time, shared happiness or sorrow, living with truth, and
developing the relationships which govern our freedoms as one, instead of
two.  There is a true and honest value in
friendship/  when I listen honestly and
carefully, with no intent to harm or control; 
and so do you! 

       Many mistakes are made in the search for
friendship, throughout all of life.  The
tragedy of hate, makes that so.  Hate is
an infection/ a disease that spreads, because people want revenge, so they
participate in hate to “make you cry too”. 
Or transfer their anger onto “anyone else”/ so as to prove they won’t be
“the target”. Hate is an abyss, much like want is an abyss as well:  they join hands, and jump, when pride falls

       Many mistakes are made in the search for
friendship, throughout all of life.  The
courage of love, must approach the people in hiding;  again and again and again, before they will
ever find a moment:  when an individual
humanity “will peek out, beyond the door”. That is entirely unfortunate,
because it is so prevalent.  Even when a
person can be found that will “try”/ it inevitably takes a long time to gain
their trust: IF EVER.  Few can venture
forth, because without the walls to hide behind/ they know they will be
vulnerable, to every mistake they made/ to every mistake you will make/ to the
cost of being wrong.  So they hide and
pretend to “have courage”. Wrong is a tragedy at times/ but freedom cannot
hide, to assume so, is a lie.  And the
people say:  if I am free, and terrible
things happen to me or because of mistakes I make/ THEN I would rather imprison
myself behind these walls, to protect all life, from me or you;  especially mine. The reality:  I cannot be wrong again, for some/ for
others;  I cannot be punished again for
being wrong/ for others;  I cannot be
trusted again, there is no strength to resist properly/ for others;  I don’t need to be happy, I am a slave;  just leave me alone.  Etc!

       Many mistakes are made in the search for
friendship, throughout all of life.  You
fail to listen, honestly and with truth! That begins with toddlers, and never
ends unless you find the rare individual “that has ears”.  Toddlers (2-3 year olds children) are busy
investing in their world, too busy to hear what is not important “so it seems”
to their existence.  They are excited to
find new things both inside and outside of their own existence as a body;  a reality that does not fully change, until
middle age. Parents believe “they are, the only thing that matters” to a
toddler/ yet the toddler believes, the only things that matter “are new, and
different”.  Another reality that does
not change until old age appears. The difference between parent and child
communication that works, particularly in later life/ and those relationships
that do not communicate, basically “ever”.  IS, DID YOU LISTEN, when I needed you to hear?
This literally does not matter if you are parent or child/ because in every
life, young or old, there are moments “when I need to be heard”.  But NOT as you believe.  As I NEED to be heard.  NOT you as understand life to be/ BUT as I
conceive of life and duty within myself. 
If you have ears, your children will respond to you too.  If they have ears, they will understand:  to communicate grants grace between both
parent and child;  as equals in need of,
or sharing love/ because we each care.

       Many mistakes are made in the search for
friendship, throughout all of life.  Did
you know, that most possibilities for friendship are lost, simply because you
are NOT listening to each other/ and then people largely “GIVE UP”;  because no one seems to care for me.  Even if they do, unless I understand “your
time, has room for me too”/ no one believes. 
Did you know, that most potential friendships are lost, in less than ten
seconds;  because you had no ears;  and failed to grasp a moment, or its
meaning.  Did you know, that your face,
or form or color/ or theirs:  is no
indication of the potential “I can care about you/ or would share my existence
with you.  It is however probable:  face, form, and color will matter to sex.  Regardless of what you otherwise believe,
nature built this trait in; and has its reasons. Humanity has its reasons as
well:  when planning for a child, or a
lifetime together.  More than just
friendship is at stake.

       Many mistakes are made in the search for
friendship, throughout all of life. 
Friendships die, because a single event destroys trust/ even when no
mistake is intended:  sometimes that
simply happens.  Friendships end, because
something even more precious, or important to “me” than our time together
exists “in my/ or your soul”.  Not
because love died for us/ but because a greater love exists, and takes
precedence.  Such is the reality of my
own time on earth:  a simple truth, OUR
WORLD cannot survive these world ending threats/ ALL LIFE comes first, before
even mine or yours, or ours.

       Many mistakes are made in the search for
friendship, throughout all of life.  The
cost of a friend IS many times, the loss of another friend:  because there is only “so much time”/ anyone
can give to another person.  We must
work/ we must choose, who we need more. 
We must gamble, “who will stay”/ and protect the value of my heart.
Because love is a gift, therefore “not yours, anymore”/ because you gave that
love away! The consequence of that is, part of the treasury that is “love
matters to me/ the grace and beauty love can be, has been earned and accepted
as my hope;  my world;  and even my own eternity.  Shared with all that love can be”. To lose
even a little has a cost.  To lose much,
or even all:  because you bound yourself
to someone else, is devastating/ and must be rebuilt. NEVER give the best of
your love to anyone but   GOD  alone! Because if you do, hate can enter
in.  NEVER believe anyone else is
responsible for your decision, to love beyond what truth will allow. That
decision is yours’ alone/ if not truly reciprocated, and honorably kept. There
are elements of friendship that never intended to harm;  yet they do, because you want more than they
can give.  Even if it seems unfair;  reality remembers “a gift, is always
free”.  Love is a gift, and It is never
conceived as, anything else/ or anything less.

       The treasury of your heart, is the
accumulation of these gifts.  If you fail
to share them, you fail yourself, as well as life.  Go forth, and do your best.  That, is all any of us can do!  Care enough, to find courage. Be wise enough,
“to let   GOD   find you”.

       Religion is a place for people who are
searching for discipline and order in their lives.  Zealots, are people who have lost their
balance with living/ so they hide in the cult of “we never have to question
this”;  commonly “the book is god”!
Therefore we do understand, people who desire discipline and order, are people
searching for friends.  Whereas people
who become zealots, are those who look for enemies. Keep it in mind.

       Religion forms the battleground of
grace.  With love, a greater
understanding as presented through religious works, time cultivated for what is
“important to us”, and purposes that are not as selfish as others;  for the most part.  Religion benefits people;  that is a grace.  Religion that goes to an extreme, multiplying
the effects of every mistake people make; 
and combining them into a mob/ “to do war against life itself”. Is anything
but a grace (help without cost) to life. Be aware of what you do, and QUESTION
everything, so as never to be a cult!  Be
honest and fair:  how is that not true,
to love.

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