racial divide

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The racial
divide/ why immigration is no longer a minor matter.

       As with all things, “university knows (we
can be gods)”:  translates to horror/ it
just takes a little time.

       As with all things, “university knows (we
are gods);  translates to terrorism!  It just takes a “wall to hide behind”.

       As with all things, “university knows
(nobody else can be equal)”;  translates
to failure, tragedy, and disgrace.

       As with all things, “university knows
(nature is the devil, to be slaughtered and slain)”;  translates into,  the end of our world.

       So let’s construct racism, with a
university knows bent!  The first thing
to do, is destroy everything reality built/ and replace it with “we the
university are god”.  Having done that
with clear intent, and a purpose to deny any diversity in society.  University says:  those who built America for instance, can no
longer reap any reward from their efforts/ UNLESS, they belong to the university
diploma!  Everyone else must surrender
their purpose, and deny their work:  so
as to give away their world.  One piece
at a time, if not more.

       Hidden behind every change in society, is
the manipulation called media:  trying
everyday, to repulse the possibilities of a diverse humanity/ by throwing
together the masses as if they were “just one” without distinction.

       The constant of university knows is:  NO MATTER what the decision to be made is/
NOBODY gets to be involved “but university knows”.  The consequence to that is a determination
that has grown in control and manipulation to now destroy the nation called America.  By counterfeiting money/ a necessity, since
they as a massive group CANNOT even feed themselves, much less take care of
anything else:  SO THEY STEAL/ CHEAT/
LIE/ BETRAY/PROPAGATE/ AND SWINDLE until the communication of false language
(not our own) controls the majority.

       The constant of university knows, in
every single aspect of what they do, is very simple:  WHATEVER EXISTS as the basis of life or
society/ MUST BE DESTROYED, so that they can play god with life.  EVERY 
form of life, has been betrayed: 
just consider trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ on a planet that is made
entirely out of nuclear fuel!  Absolutely
nothing/ literally no one;  CAN DENY the
possibility & probability:  THAT FIRE
CANNOT EXTINGUISH ITSELF, “because everything is fuel”.

       Every form of life, has been
terrorized;  just consider the constant
mutilation of genetics, the very basis of life itself.  The actual reality of NATURE ITSELF/ because
nature is “the building of every body of life in existence”;  and when that fails, NOTHING BUT HORROR, AND
HELL will exist.

       Our world is in CRISIS;  even you can understand that, in the simple
phrase  “every three days, another
million human mouths to feed/ over deaths: 
has been born!”  no food/ no
water/ no resources/ no air to breathe/ no space or life on earth, which is
cannibalism coming.   And the university
knows, in charge of everything; 
including religion, and media;  hides these facts as if they were “nothing,
that matters”. A failure that cannot be total ignorance/ because they literally
CANNOT be that stupid.  So they do it on
purpose, to deny you and all life on this world;  an opportunity even to try to survive.  How is that not   “satan”?

       As to racism:  the foundation for every racist thought and
action is:   THEY ARE TAKING OUR
STUFF!  So the consequence of university
knows, and their insistence those who did the work SHALL surrender their work,
and give it all away to those who did not do the work:  is nothing more than a preparation for civil
war.  It will divide life/ based upon
race and color:  because that, is what
people do.  The purpose of every civil
war is genocide:  THERE ARE TOO DAMN MANY
“of them”/ so we gather together, with the intent, to make more room for
us!  Genocide CANNOT be controlled or
removed with university knows:  they are
like a mold, growing and making life more difficult.

       The elemental truth of racism is:  humanity wants MORE, for me.  When challenged humanity wants MORE, for
us.  When faced with a complete CRISIS as
is coming:  humanity no longer confronts
itself with a future/ but simply denies the insanity of killing others.  The critical descent is:  we no longer care, about anything but
us.  The edge of catastrophe is:  we will not share with each other/ because
there ain’t enough for us both! As a reality, both are approaching “extremely
fast”.  Neither can be stopped with law.

       The constant that is race:  “we CAN divide ourselves from these others/
because we can see the difference”!  Like
an army and its uniform, “these die/ those don’t”!  the constant that matters with race is:  WE WANT MORE, for ourselves and our children/

       The reality of race is, diversity!  The reality of mixing races is:  the end of diversity.  Diversity is nature’s way of  separating life, so that each has a definable
existence, that is slightly different than the others:  so they naturally desire “different things”.  Thereby making use of everything, and making
it possible for the maximum amount of existence to remain in the same
place.  The university way is:  to remove all diversity:  so the competition for “just one thing”/
drives every living thing to the edge of extinction;  by war (we want this/ YOU can’t have it).

       The disease of university is:  “we are so damn smart;  we can make stories out of imagination/ and
claim them to be true”.  The religious
cult that has imagined itself, without a need to question reality or consider
what can be proven as true:  form a
barrier between life, and religion “the university knows everything;  they are god”. How pathetic you are!

       The elemental facts of different races
all living together in the same environment is: 
UNLESS you respect each other/ there will be, a horrifying war.  “weapons everywhere/ not to mention your
housing burns”.

       RESPECTING EACH OTHER:  requires that you do share the resources, and
realities of life in society/ NOT necessarily “the mixing of races”.  While there is ALWAYS ROOM for true
love.  There is NEVER room, for “we want
to fuck your women”! It is that simple, and reality will prove it true:  such as “throw them in jail”.  That does not mean, women or men aren’t
desirable in all races to the opposite sex. 
IT MEANS:  if you desire peace and
harmony/ then you will discipline yourselves so as not to create trouble on
purpose.  Harmony does not arise on want/
it exists with balance through orderly understanding of justice.

       RESPECT MEANS;  STOP bitching and moaning and stealing what
the others accumulated/ and BUILD FOR YOURSELF. 
How is that not functionally true! 
To build, SOME TYPE OF TRUE RESOURCE must be available/ and it is
everyone’s responsibility to find that resource, protect the environment, and
not take too much so as to defend the future. The university method in America is:  DESTROY IT ALL/ and never let anyone touch,
what can be torn down.  Because the
resource most used, by those with little or nothing:  is what time has left behind. The university
diploma NEVER lets that be rebuilt: 
because that gives a reward to those who do the work.  That work, is required to build a future that
is better for you and your children/ BECAUSE NOBODY, earns a future without
building a life.  Those who came before
had access to much more/ they failed us all, because the university led them to
“throw it all away/ that keeps the factories running:  it will be GREAT”.  As always “ANOTHER DAMN LIE”.  Now the mountain of foolishness and failure
leans on top of us all, and threatens to fall.

       RESPECT MEANS;   stop failing yourselves.  RESPECT MEANS:  stop failing to understand, even though we
are going to die soon:  from such extreme
foolishness as fantasy experimentation OR “YES, WE THE UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA, is
so damn smart;  WE CAN BE god”.  OR, from such a delusional disgrace as
humanity refusing to accept population control is absolutely essential OR WE
DIE.  A reality of “well if the media tv
DOESN’T tell us we are in trouble/ THEN we are safe”.   Like fools, who say “let’s go out into the
sea, where a hurricane is coming”.     QUESTION THEM!

       RESPECT MEANS:  I will not hurt you/ if you simply do not
hurt me.  Therefore the law decides for
us both.  The demand for justice is the
same:  if this punishment is not
justified for “you or me/ or my child or yours”.  Then it should never be:  because fair, brings peace.  DON’T fail yourselves, do the best you can,
and build a future/ OR, be removed from this place, to build your own cities,
support, and life: “from nothing”.  Schooling
means, you are here to learn/ or you are going to leave. If that makes you
criminal/ then you are going to regret your decision “to play games”. Let society
insure they do have an opportunity to compete with honesty/ as we all must do
the work of survival, particularly for ourselves.  An education means:  “society gave me something I could, and WOULD
use; for life”!

       IMMIGRATION recognizes:  too many people/ and everybody starves.  Which always becomes genocide, as one party
decides “IT AIN’T GOING TO BE US”.  Which
then drives even more than die;  outside
the boundaries of what we are claiming IS OURS. 
That, is immigration/ particularly when combined with, the constant of a
university diploma “nobody likes me here”. 
LETS CHANGE THEM;  with treachery
and traps/ and MONEY.  Counterfeit me a
rich man, and so they did do to America!

       IMMIGRATION comes down to one critical
factor above all the rest:   WE CANNOT
as a world.  Therefore the critical
passage between “here and there” is the foundational agreement:  YOUR NATION shall not only agree/ but prove
the implementation of TRUE POPULATION CONTROL. 
Or we will NOT accept a single one. Be fair!

       IMMIGRATION comes down to “easy
transportation”; PARTICULARLY, with endless amounts of counterfeit American money.   Which functionally identifies both, the  airplane and the counterfeit money:  as a primary disaster in the sky, and in America
plus the world.  Change it, with justice
and fair play!  Accept your debt/ the
billing has come due.  Your children are
NOT responsible:  YOU ARE.

       IMMIGRATION STOPS with war/ no more
escaping your own trouble. YOU did this to yourselves/ you fix it.  To accomplish this:  the world of humanity itself, SHALL identify
one or two cities which shall be evacuated of men/ to be used by women and
children.  The world of law enforcement,
shall then protect those cities/ and keep the men out, along with all male
children over the age of fifteen.  Men war,
let them decide for themselves death or peace. 
Force them into the open/ by removing weapons beyond what history has
proven will not destroy society itself. Insuring, when it shapes up as a true
civil war:  BOTH SIDES have a fair and
realistic opportunity to win.

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