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WHAT, is
life/ want/ living/ peace/ truth/ hope/ and value?

       These are the basic elements of a
disciplined life, composed with order, desire, purpose, and passion.  Want is included only to represent a specific
facet of choices that will be made.

       When we ask of life, to explain
existence?  The answer is:  “an energized release, of critical
compositions, that then become aware of freedom”.  Freedom is the development of participation/
or the lack of it.  Participation is the
distinction:  there is a difference
between “me and this”.  Difference means:  I have recognized a boundary or barrier.

       When life exists, the very next question
is:  WHAT can this do, “for me”?  That is the functional description of want:  without the safety net, that is a body in
time which does all things for you/ with regard to the interactions of mass and
energy.  That relationship allows for
lies/ because you are hidden behind the wall, that is a body.  Where want relies upon the essence of life
itself, there is only truth to display a potential.  Therefore the question of want, discovers and
controls only what is available within  truth.  Truth
assigns everything.

       Living means:  “together with life, the possibilities of me
are explored spiritually”.  Living with
body means:  the possibilities of life
itself, can be avoided to explore the possibilities of time. The difference
is:  spirituality exists by law/ whereas
time exists as a deteriorating relationship with body. Body is not life, body
is time controlled by life.  Life is the
distinction of freedom/ time is the discipline of body, by the order given to
it through nature.

       WHERE is peace?  That answer resides in nature through life. Because
nature reveals the MIRACLES, that identify foundations beyond existence
itself:  as is the essence and reality of
thought.  We begin in peace, by understanding
the basis of order, lives or dies with balance. Balance identifies what can or
cannot exist within the same framework of both time and spirit.  Thereby balance is “a judge”. Which means a “higher
order” of relationships emerge, when law assembled under truth, becomes a
purpose identified.

       What is truth:  governs reality!  In time humanity learns to lie, by covering
over reality and descending from balance and grace/ into arrogance and
treachery.  In the spiritual world, with
a human body removed:  there is no desire
unknown/ because truth controls everything, but judgment. Judgment assembles
the grace or disgrace of an individual reality: 
“the identity, called I”.  your
own reality then describes where “you belong”, in the participation of life
beyond time. Time is a distance/ eternity is the separation of energy into its
composite parts:  denying all, but the
critical definition that binds.  What binds
energy together, is eternal. What binds mass through that energy which results,
is a universe.

              We examine hope, to discover the
question of our own existence;  and
ask:  “what, where, why, how, when, and
who will be able to be eternal”?

       Hope is, the display of gratitude,
illuminated by respect, which then becomes the essence of your own desire.  Desire means: 
“I ask, to belong:  here”!  Reality then decides if your desire can be
established.  So the initial question
is:  what can reality allow, for
you?  That answer begins with
spirituality:  the sea, which separates
you from your truth desire/ only one desire is allowed, therefore you must
choose deliberately what has more value to you, than anything else you can
imagine, believe, expect, or desire?  This
is a passion, created from the moments of your own heart, as life and living in
time reveal what is true.  NOT what is
reality/ but what is true, within your own heart as a desire that elevates life
“into an eternal desire”.

       VALUE begins with the decision, “I AM, a
miracle”!  Nothing is more distinct, than
our association with that creation: 
because existence itself, is directly and critically aligned with the
gift that is our freedom:  both to know,
and act. This facet of life in motion, grants the opportunity to participate,
and grow into what we choose then to be.  Individual decisions, then assist us in our
own directive to build a life by ascending within love/ or descend into
destruction, by choosing to hate. The critical purpose:  “I Love the life I have been given/ or I hate
the life that I have been given”.  The rest
of humanity aids, denies, or deflects the reality of that statement.  Value is, the foundation upon which we live/
rather than die.

       So let’s examine death!

       Death is the removal of freedom as a
body/ therefore it is the body that dies: 
BUT since life has no opportunity to rise and participate beyond that
bodily death.  The reality of existence
fades with the energy released. That means: 
the very basis of life is now in jeopardy/ because we are not in control
over the composition of energy itself. We cannot “bind it together/ nor
assemble or discharge, what cannot be eternal”. 
Therefore we are, ENTIRELY dependent upon OUR CREATOR, for life or
living beyond time.  It is then fair to
say:  when the body dies/ the life which
owned it;  is held within the balance as

       Religion allows us a variety of
suppositions to generate well-being; 
with regard to death.  None of
which hold merit apart from the existence of  
JESUS  a facet of the bible
contained primarily in the new testament part. 
JESUS proved a value of love, life, and living beyond those who
surrounded him:  ALWAYS according to
biblical text, pointing to   GOD  our CREATOR as love for us.  Demanding RESPECT shall be given.  To prove LOVE, is to prove the order of your
purpose is a desire that cannot be defeated: 
TO RESPECT, and even obey the realities of what all life needs to
survive.  In JESUS day, hate was clearly
in evidence/ proven true, even when humanity had no cause whatsoever to hate. To
see themselves clearly/ to understand the true difference between love and
hate;  so as to recognize “where you
stand”.  HE was crucified.  “THE WORLD NOTICED”/ and then knew, “it was
hate” that did this.  Change did occur,
over time.  Humanity itself was given
another chance to do better!

       That statement asserts:  “GOD,  
is watching over us”! 

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