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We come to
the place, where I get to make an individual decision or two/ as I have
realistically done everything I am allowed to do for you. The fact you prefer
to die in homage, and slavery to your university gods;   is a decision only you can change.

       Which means I am done:  the message change or die, is delivered.

       As to my own distinct life, with a little
over a year left before the prophecy of Daniel; 
which identifies the time our world shall end occurs/ it is fair, and it
would be kind:  to have female company
for the remainder of our time.

       As to the prophecy itself:  Daniel predicted two deaths, which is odd
considering even this world can only die once. 
However examination of the reality explains:  the first death is a decision by men and
women not to interfere and protect this earth by the laws which can do that
very thing. YOU refused to protect this world, and that death has past.  Leaving our reality governed by “the MERCY OF
GOD”  on this world.  The second death, which is a time given for
humanity to decide WE MUST CHANGE THIS/ is now nearly over.  Which means mercy itself ends in April 2018
according to prophecy:  a reality
predicted to occur.  Either the planet
ignites on fire/ humanity itself goes to war, ends with weapons of mass
destruction/ pandemics created by genetic mutilation begin/ starvation because
of what people decide to do/ dying from thirst begins;  or a long list of things which includes the
draining of the great lakes/ tremendous earthquakes/ Yellowstone super-volcano
erupts and so on. No point in considering the details, EVERY THREAT IS
REAL.  Not like your fantasies created by
television, under the disguise and direction of university leadership.

There is NO possible misinterpretation of “the great
abomination”:  as university has built
machines and try everyday to ignite an atomic fire, “same here, as on the sun”.  You will burn, and if not that:  just the enormity of human population will
destroy everything quickly.  Just the
mutilation of nature as is going on everyday by university;  will destroy life.  So although I cannot tell you for certain
which horrendous prediction of the bible will rule over our ending.  It is beyond doubt, that you have not
changed/ and that means, the end will come quickly now.  That, is the choice you made.

       Regardless of that, for these last few
months of mercy, “a world under GOD’S 
control”/  versus the time when it
is given to “university control”, and all life dies.  I would find it kind or pleasant, to have
company;  IF, a woman who can honestly
accept my ways, and I hers;  could be
found.  If not, I will be ok.  After forty years of work, or more;  I simply look for “retirement: to do, at
least a little, of the things work did not allow me to do”.   In this
case “just a little more human”/ which means not completely dedicated to a
single cause, as is life continuing for this world.  That must be surrendered!  It’s what you chose.

       YOU failed.


       Like all retiree’s I will continue to
work some/ “it passes the time”.  Particularly
if there is no one to share with, or care significantly about;   but realistically that time is over. You chose
to die/ I cannot stop that. YOU could not communicate, work, fight, live,
choose, worship GOD, or anything else that has value for our world, or even
your own eternity. So we are through, unless forced back.

       As to dating, this is NOT a rush to
sex.  This is the potential for time
shared, in an honest simple relationship that could include sex;  if truth allows for it. At 63 years old “a
little HONEST love, is far more important”. That takes time;  which we no longer have:  so honestly I cannot predict what our
relationship might be.  A shared
experience means “you have desires, time and realities;  that must be met too”.

       No real point in discussing what we
cannot change/ thereby time says, “threats have now  become unimportant.”

       There remains a potential:  those I have offended may in fact still seek
revenge/ I can only do what I can do, to protect you. It is that simple, so if
you lack sufficient true courage, please don’t come.  This venue to present a simple dating request
seems appropriate, as reality proves NO real participation exists in the
purposes presented.  So the limited
potential of finding someone who cares about anything I care about;  as identified through this writing is fair.  It would be hard to explain my life or work
in any other space.

       It is also extremely hard to quantify or
describe the spiritual presence of “a female spirit” in me;  outside these descriptions.  ITS COMPLICATED/ and in no possible way
reflects or defines anything “homosexual”. That does not exist here.  Spiritually a balance had to be found through
woman/ because as strictly male;  all
that was left, “was war”.  A reality that
could never have helped save life on this earth.  With a resounding NO, twice:  “all women” said NO I OR WE WON’T HELP
YOU.  Not with anything;  which left only one possibility to learn,
what women could do differently. 

       There are “leftovers”;  my tits continue to grow, they are a complete
surprise/ along with other complications between the elements of male versus
female.  Not homosexual in any way/ but
it is “you will be educated”;  a reality
as if “woman has been waiting a long time, to rearrange man”.  Even if it is too late to make a difference.  I have changed, simple as that;  the effects of that change can be found in
these writings over time, and in me.  “it’s
complicated”. I don’t know why me? Perhaps it is as simple as:   “he was willing to do the work”.  Is not an entire world, worth your life? The threats
are real/ this was no game.

       I am simple, but it is “a complex time”;
at least in me.  Not your savior/ I
simply did my job;  the rest is entirely
up to you.  How is that not true!


       I will restate:  the objective identified in attacking “the
university diploma” is NOT an assessment of knowledge. Not even right or wrong
by its conception. RATHER the university excuse:  to ransack (counterfeit the money), rape (let
the children pay), fantasize (we can be god), pretend superiority (let nature
die), and all the other failures, disgrace, disease, and propaganda surrounding
life on earth:  in an outright decision

       That reality has little to do with a
diploma/ it is the hate buried and hidden beneath the diploma;  exercised with power, against us all. A greater
failure never existed in humanity:  than
to discard an entire world, because you are just too DAMN LAZY, to fight for
life!  SHAME ON YOU, and all who worship
failure/ selfishness/ and thereby contribute to hate and the end of time on




       It seems necessary, to include the
reality of “spiritual woman instruction in me”. 
The consequence of it is:  that
among the other things (having tits IS NOT “fun”; they won’t leave me alone/
they come with chemicals that are just overwhelming),  I must endure. 
The end result has become.  “I get
to envision some of the tragedies women have endured/ and see them entirely
from a woman’s perspective”.  That can be
functionally “heartbreaking” at times. A lot of men including me, are not
that.  The critical lesson is:  “we have not stopped that, in others”.  In terms of mercy, if life were to
continue:  the demand is, “we the men who
care, WILL stop that”.  A moot point,
since humanity proves not care even for the entire planet, nor all of its
nature. Nonetheless, this work reflects entirely the reality of discipline and
order that is consistent with male and female working together, in a nearly
balanced state.  She does control/
because without her throughout decades of trying, “I simply failed”:  there is no other conclusion/ that by the
evidence is proven true.



       Theoretically at least, according to
biblical prophecy:  the spiritual woman,
and whosoever else is working for life on earth/ has an opportunity to at least
hope mercy for this earth will continue past the last date given.  As a man, I critically believe, “I have in
fact done everything I can realistically do, in the time frame that is left”.  Most will believe, a 5,000 year old prophecy
cannot be correct. I on the other hand, look at the prophecy, and more like
it:  to find, without true intervention
these predictions simply could not have been derived.  I have listed the facts, which do translate
into extinction for life on earth:  that
certainly ties directly into the prophecy, making it indeed more certain, none
should consider it carelessly. The earth dies only once.  Nature is mutilated beyond recovery, only
once/ then it dies.  Etcetera/ etcetera/
etcetera. You have your own decisions to make. 
I say to you:  “eternity is
watching, even you”!  Because these
truths are;  life or death for an entire
world.  Nobody gets excused!




       WHY, this would be important, is beyond
me;  but I am “strapped into the reality
of life with a spiritual woman”/ and I cannot escape it. That is a proven to
me, fact!  She can do, whatever she truly
desires.  That is never “bad/ evil/ hate/
etc”.  But it is, male will follow and
learn; proven true time and again.  The reality
is “not bad”/ but it is not free either! As is true of every part of the
spiritual world, ONLY TRUTH can change anything.  I CANNOT grasp what it truly means to be
female/ therefore I cannot change this spiritual reality:  I entered in, just plain can’t get out.  Every single time I believe “I understand”/ I
am wrong, and must start all over again; even though I have learned a little.  Regardless, this like other situations in the
past;  prove to remove those who simply
judge, and cannot think beyond themselves. 
It is another little piece of gossip “for you”’;  as the past proves “can invade an entire
county or beyond in days, with just a grain of sand for proof”.  Add in 
even a tiny bit of proof, and all people go quiet/ not a word.   Add in
LIFE on earth is in danger, and they all hide or run away. The fight for
knowledge, particularly about spirituality is fraught with “twists and turns”:  until you get it right. Spirituality is then
life or death, once entering inside: 
dependent entirely upon truth.  “GOD  whispers”, you must listen without judgment/
or you cannot hear.  Keep it in mind.  The value of existence “lives or dies” with
the opportunity to share that existence. 
Or more simply:  even if you are
eternal/ but cast adrift to spend eternity entirely alone, without any life
whatsoever to join you.  Then HOW is that
value? Life is value, but love is “ten hundred times more”.



       I think the appropriate epitaph for my
portion of this work is:  simply  “whatever the others can do, is whatever the
others can, or did, or will do”!  Regardless
of any other continued expression of my own. 
Eternity is not intended to be a reward, it is a relationship generated
among those who did care; because that, is the part of life that matters.






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