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With male retired, the elemental task of displaying time in
trouble;  falls to woman.

Of all the things nature has done for us all;  is the fact we are individuals/ rather than
simply a herd (all alike). Unfortunately, being individuals requires us each
one, “to be a little bit different than the rest”. The end result of individuality
is:  we are not true equals, as is
functionally, the herd.

       Not being critically equal in nearly
every detail, with the rest/ forms a wide range of behavioral issues, that does
create simple entanglements affording the decision:  will we each one, “choose love or hate” as
our way in life.  Survival is an issue
separate from love or hate/ as neither exists without “the body of life”.

       So, let’s ask the question:  are we equal in life, if not in body?  The answer is an obvious yes, because life
can be simplified to understand:  I am a
participant in time, by its freedoms. The more critical question:  what freedoms can make us equal, in body?

       More fundamental than any other freedom,
is the right to own, thereby choose, the reality of  “your own body”.  We do have options, in accordance with
nature; to be athletic, sedentary, of anywhere in-between.  We do have options, in accordance with
nature;  to be studious, or playing
without the intent to learn anything, beyond what we must know to survive/ it’s
a choice. Therefrom we begin our journey through time, as a participant growing
from the relationships which cause our own decisions to form.  Some hide and run away. Some discover
leadership, and lend their decisions either good or bad, to society itself. Some
choose to be characters, in a play about the imaginations of a human being; and
all that can be; either good or bad. Some become workers, hiding from life by
the struggle to be “more than self”.  Some
are lovers, but most by far are merely “fuckers”/ using or abusing people to
get their chemical fix. Some find themselves afraid, and search for an escape
with drugs. Some want to prove themselves brave, so they inherit “war”.  The end result of it all is, being human has
been a choice:  either selected, or
impinged upon you.

       The critical elements of both nature and
environment, are less developmental than are,  our own distinct decisions.  Nature grants opportunity, as it sees
fit.  Environment selects the value of
our work, by establishing options from which we then choose. But every decision
influences who we are, and will become; 
even forever.

       So the question of equality, is
fundamentally erased by both nature and environment/ but raised without
exception:  to the value we both bring to
life, and expect from life or time within ourselves.

       Time is the creation of a journey, the
questions associated with:  WHAT, WHY,
HOW, WHEN, WHY, AND WHERE shall we choose the identity of our own
existence?  The answer to each is, a
distinct development within yourself. Each question does  make life, more individually distinct:  because it is your own answer, even if
influenced by another!

       Life is: 
both a gift, and a taking/ because we must act and react to owning your
own body, to sustain its survival.  Therefore
we are equals in survival, & exceptions to that fact due to the gifts we
have inherited. Nature expressed as human; 
is an explanation of how, what, when, where, why and who;  we chose, for the sake of a child.

       There is a result, from sexual mating
more than personal:  a separate life
might form. The question of equality separates male from female in all
categories because of this fact.  The distinction
applied to male is:  “go find us help
(food etc) to survive this”.  The distinction
applied to woman is:  “go within, to
serve this child, so he or she can build a life”. The difference is both
elemental, and utterly absolute:  neither
can do both. Because even if a woman tries, as some must;  reality proves you cannot be elementally disciplined
“to fight for a life both inside and outside”. 
A divided house!

       Thereby we know, shared responsibilities
grant the greatest levels of both living and happiness.

       The critical question is:  how do you choose your mate “for life”?  The most fundamental answer is “with truth”/
because only truth survives reality, everything else will fail. The most
functional answer is:  can and will, you
share my life, my needs, and my time with work, hope, and value for us both?  The essence of each answer is:  will you care?

       So we ask the question:  WHO, should be asked, to live “with my life”,
and share its purpose, its time, heart, and truth?  The critical question is:  “how much can I give/ versus how much can you
share, as a blessing to each other”?  Functionally
that answer arises through time, with or without the battleground of “who will
lead”.  So the question of who
fundamentally belongs to:  “can you hear
my thoughts, and listen to my soul?”  The
foundation here is:   am I important
enough to you, or you to me;  “that we
grant the freedom within each other, its opportunity to rise above ourselves”. That
means simply:  love is a gift/ not a
right, or an ownership.  Reality serves
time, by making us aware, our days will end. 
What then gives meaning to your word, called value!

       We ask the question:  WHY, will or will not, this one accept me/ and
I her or him?  The function of gender
isolates this question, by reminding each of sex/ and how that will
interrelate, and become a part of life.  But
why is there true acceptance, is NOT determined in any part by sex.  Rather true acceptance is determined by
desire.  Desire means:  I have given my heart, to a purpose that is
ultimately the most critical decision of my life;  (there are several), mine is, that love
searches within respect, for our CREATOR. 
Consequently the quest is not simply human, and it departs from time
into the spiritual dimensions that grant hope. 
The desire for most is far less complex! 
Even so, to attain true acceptance, it is elementally necessary to
define whatever that desire is:  so you
may know the future, and choose your life.

       The question is when:  can your life be shared?  The answer is a described by value. More simply
“what, is the treasury of your own heart”? 
if that is not love, then you literally have nothing to share/ or nothing
to receive other than time, and its trappings.

       The question is where:  does life begin, inside each other as one?  The answer, with every breathe we take, our
decision to love or hate exists. Love binds us together with trust, because
truth lends itself to the existence of time shared.  A relationship we begin, with hope. A reality
we learn through caring, rather than owning. A decision that proves respect,
rather than hate.

       Loneliness is a distinction given to
those, who failed to find someone to spend their time with. But it is also a
description of those who found someone to spend time with/ without finding love
to share with it. Loneliness rises above self, to commit suicide:  when no one can be found, to say “I honestly care”.
Loneliness discovers a moment, when time no longer matters.  Each of these are elements to the question of
eternity, because truth does not allow for dimensions “without gaps”. There will
be gaps in friendship, because love is a gift, not a right.  So the question of loneliness begins with an
assertion:  I WANT!  But the reality of loneliness is:  within every moment, is the movement called a
heart.  Within every heartbeat, is the
decision to love as best we can. It is not a game, there are consequences for
each participant/ or failure to allow.

       So we ask the question of love:  “where, is home”?  The answer begins,  where desire does form.  The essence of desire, is a place we accept “as
home”.  The essence of love, is our own
decision to participate, where living knows “there shall be peace and harmony
among us all”. The elemental value of both love and home is:  “the creation of soul”/ as it begins and ends
with our CREATOR.

       The question of humanity is:  WHERE do I belong?  The answer is:  where does your desire live!

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