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In the
treasuries of human time, is a vast wealth of what NOT to do;  about everything. Just how it is.

       We will examine the basics one at a time:

       In terms of religion, and the constant
threat of people who want power and pride over the others:  nothing proves them WRONG, more easily than
granting an area in which their theories shall be tried.  The threat and assertions of  “isle”; is easily disassembled, by simply giving
them “their own little nation”;  built on
what they themselves have destroyed.  War
is never an answer/ war is a method of removing those who complain:  “we don’t want your ways”. So, let them have
their own/ may the best plan proven true, “win”. Just make certain all those
who DO NOT wish to live within these boundaries/ are allowed an escape, “before
the doors close”.  After they get their
wish:  “you are in charge here”/ nobody
leaves, and nobody enters to intervene.  They
live by their beliefs/ those who want the same beliefs shall be allowed to
enter, but they too shall not leave!  All
citizenship outside those boundaries is revoked.

       Within the realities of  murder and chaos as is the constant of people
who want to stay in power, and revile themselves with pride:  is the reality of criminal behavior, that
cannot be undone. Leaders who have chosen to demolish and deny the lives of
millions:  are to face their own fears,
they will live where they tore the flesh off “the faceless masses”. To survive
within what they have chosen to have done. 
Anyone, who finds them outside the lines identified to confine
them:  shall be allowed to torture, but
not kill.  Returning them to their own
delusions, and its reward, until the day their own flesh dies.

       The critical mass of military might, that
is fundamental to the power structure of money: 
CAN EASILY be removed with, and by changing money.  Instead of 
“all you can grab or steal”/ as is the constant of men.  Limited capitalism, as is by our own vote, WE
THE PEOPLE shall decide “both how much, and how little anyone will own above
the rest.  It is the rich who make war/
or it is the poor, who so badly injure the environment they have no
choice;  who fall into tragedy.  Either way:  eliminating the power of money, to decide for
humanity itself, and the environment: 
changes everything.  Including the
removal of weapons of mass destruction, and other severe demonstrations of
insanity unleashed.  World law created to
rule over rulers, is the answer to governing this world.

       The functional terrorism, that is “everything
the universities do”:  is most clearly
demonstrated by trying to ignite atoms on fire. They call it fusion, to hide
the fact:  their intent, is to destroy
the entire planet.  There is no
fusion:  their claim is to make helium/
stating “that, is how the sun works”.  Yet
their proof would be the evidence of  helium being made by the sun:   helium is one of the scarcest elements known
in this universe.  Proving beyond doubt,
a burning sun does not produce helium. Your terrorists also state:  we have nothing to fear from an atomic fire/
not enough gravity here to sustain the fire, “so it will just extinguish itself”.  They demand an element completely
unknown:  having an atomic weight of
3,100+/  over 15 times greater than
anything in the periodic table must exist inside the sun. It is absolute
fiction.  They state “they know” because
planets revolve around the sun. 
discarding the consequence of atomic fire/ which is to separate the
energies pulling outward:  from what we
know must exist, “as the opposite energies pulling inside”. A reality that does
exist, or the energy in an atom could not remain in a balanced state.  They state nature is the product of chaos/
even though chaos builds nothing, and its fundamental description by definition
is:  “to destroy anything complex”. Almost
nothing from a university mind has been of value to life/ not even medicine
which heal:  because today, we are faced
with a population rise of roughly one million more human mouths to feed over
deaths/ EVERY THREE DAYS.  Etcetera, and
so on/ as are, a tiny portion of  the
evidence, called “it’s a man’s world”. They failed to address, “CHANGE HAS
CONSEQUENCES”/ beyond a dead mind!

       So we examine the realities of women, to
discuss the elements of their action or reaction with regard to men.

       Given the back seat by men throughout all
of history, “women have devised an elevation of sympathy” to get what they
desire. Refused true power, they identify trophies just like men;  to prove “I can, & I did”.  By making men do what they want, in exchange
for sex.

       That removes sex from the grandeur of
love, into the garbage bin out back. Elevating “the whore (anything for money)”,
and producing the prostitute (I must survive). 
Men happily participate, because if you can be bought with money;  “why spend more”?  LIFE, and the essence of happiness, hope,
trust, truth, discipline, order, respect, and responsibilities ARE “much more”!

       Which brings us to WHY do women fail?  The functional answer is:  they want pride and power,  too! But their purposes and desires are
different than men:  so they build traps/
while men simply try to grasp or steal, whatever they want.  As is the constant of war/ even when the
warrior is honorable;  “those hiding
behind him, are not”.

       Every trap is an instigator of insanity/
because every trap alters the constant mind, into a slurry of “my freedom, is
gone”. Freedom to make your own decisions, IS A PRIMARY cause for female
behavior.  Freedom to escape what the
other men make me do:  IS A PRIMARY CAUSE
for all of male behaviors, that do not include female. Freedom is at its
core:  an assertion “something better, is
just beyond this fence or barrier”. That however is NOT, always true.

       So let’s examine freedom?  Freedom from pain is a high motivator for
change.  Freedom from fear, is an even
higher motivation for change. Freedom from bad behavior, isolates discipline
and changes the order in your heart:  if
that is your true choice. Freedom from addiction, recognizes your pride must
fail first!  Freedom from bad decisions,
requires your participation in knowledge, which then creates “good decisions”
by understanding the consequences.  Freedom
from loneliness, as in sadness/ depressions/ etc:  are elementally disrupted by refusing “want”!  Which means only truth can decide what life
will honorably be. We then ask of honor: 
HOW do you assist happiness? The answer is:  the value of an existence, is defined or
created, by relationships governing respect. 
When respect is formed, the honor of being a true miracle called life
and humanity both arise as a gift “beyond measure”.  Having received such a gift, there truly is
no cause to be sad, depressed, or other. The reality of loneliness however is
searched to be:   a relationship within
ourselves; that has been barricaded behind “closed doors”.  That relationship is:  I know, that love can hurt! Therefore no one
is allowed in.

       The multiple of female traps, to induce
men into believing whatever they want to believe;  by using sex to throw chemicals into their
brain.  Make life and living “nothing
more than a game”. Men play, and so do women! 
Which means the value of their relationships, are given to be “merely
toys, or trophies”. Among the trophies women want:  are children (I will not be lonely anymore)
THIS ONE, is MINE!  Men are baited into
this arrangement with sex/ and then trapped into the reality of paying for that
sex;  with another eighteen years or so
of labor.  Women want:  “all the things a fifty year old man has
accumulated”/ IN A YOUNG MAN.  But without
the work or the waiting:  “a great many,
WANT that NOW”.  So they use credit, to
bankrupt their future, surrendering their worker to a life of slavery:  so then, both want something or someone
else!  Women want:  the man to have a vasectomy (I have enough),
therefrom eliminating “more children”.  The
university and its propaganda media have used this decision to spread the lies “it’s
all good”. But tragedy erupts every time/ because sex is about chemicals, and
without testicles men have no chemicals/ ending what is pleasant, thereby desirable
in sexual work.  That causes women to
search outside marriage/ which has caused interracial coupling/ which has
caused the skyrocketing of black men in jail/ which has caused depressions,
suicides, delinquencies, murder, and a wide range of consequences.  JUST because “we want this, to be EASY, and
FREE”!  Women want;  to have control over men, by using the
courtroom to attack them.  Women want:  to have whatever they want, and make men pay!
All of which, and more gives life in society “an escalator ride DOWN into the
basement or below of what life can be”.

       Deceit is rampant:  as is the case of bigotry and prejudice so
extreme in education, “that millions are dismissed as:  NOT WORTHY of US”.

       Counterfeiting is RAPE;  established by leadership in all
and let none escape, until we are ready to let go!  DEBT is a criminal conspiracy:  TO DENY DEMOCRACY, and inflict damage upon
the masses.  By burying them under
realities to heavy to bear.  Consequently
they hide from their government, and prepare for civil war. Corruption is
constant in the judiciary, where collusion to deny  justice and identify communism (we alone are
the rulers here/ WE DECIDE, the law is nothing);   is in
fact;   the order in an American courtroom.

       Collusion to deny a vote is constant as
well:  because the power to decide our
future, is given to those who vote for us/ as selected by those who control the
power, and all functional public media  communication. It’s called “propaganda (or
mass hypnosis)”.  Mass hypnosis, is a
very simply process:  identify “anything”
the masses are willing to accept about themselves, or against themselves;  and they will become a mob.  At the beck and call of their orchestrator:  “such as all police are bad”. Because the
courtroom, is a hidden joke.

       The demonstration of time is very
deliberate:  men fight each other “for
more”/ while their women want more, and push them to get more.  Which causes change to occur in all behaviors
throughout society.  To get more, and
tamp down the demand for more among the masses; 
leaders abandon environment.  Which
then leads to the collapse of what can sustain us.  Which then leads to war:  because now, “its them or us” who will
survive or die.

       The formal education is as simple
as:   STOP BEING this way, and
change/   accepting LIFE COMES
FIRST!  Never money again. Or you lose
this world to extinction!

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