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RULES FOR LIVING/ & one rule for dying.

       Contrary to the assumptions of humanity, “that
time is all that matters”!  Nothing is
less true.  Therefore critical to
existence, are the fundamentals which give us life, beyond “a  moment”. 
Time is a discipline, but life is an orderly creation built upon the
principles that will survive.

       So, we begin with what are the principles
that will survive as life/ and how do we obey those principles to accept the
dignity, “of life earned”.

       Truth is the only thing that survives
beyond time/ thereby we know, truth does not measure (the essence of time);  & only the law (foundations ordering the
universe) judges.  Truth constructs the
immeasurable quality of life itself, as it is consistent only with the needs
and realities of life. Law governs mass and energy/ therefore it needs truth
not.  Life alternately MUST have truth
defined within its capacity to identify thought. Through thought, the essence
of life itself is born. Therefore truth is the beginning of time immortal.  Consequently truth is the first rule of “the

       VALUE constructs the participant layers,
which give rise to the elegant expressions and experiences that become “our
fabric of life” revealed.  Every expression
is one thread/ every experience is one woven thread interlocking the two
together in one single development, that identifies the participants in you. While
only thought can struggle to survive, It is the essence of your own experiences
and expressions that give abundance to the purposes of your heart. Desire, is a
weave of influences, that then become the dimensional development called
you.   What you desire as valued, is then
the second rule  “of the living”.

       Critical to all life, are the elements of
respect/ because respect keeps us alive in an environment called risk. Where there
is appropriate and true respect, the probability of existence can be sustained.
Alternately, faced with decisions that did not rely upon respect, within the
foundations that function to keep us alive: 
life most often dies. Consequently RESPECT, is a foundation rule of “the
living”. The third right of action, expanding your ability to conceive (to grow
by the reaction of thought); of an eternal life.

       Love resides as the integral part,
identifying in thought, the fundamental essence of all that has value to life
itself.  Therefore love is the primary
catalyst, that begins the journey beyond ourselves; and cherishes the
development of a destiny within ourselves, that not only invites but honors all
who arrive within the bounty of that love. 
Love expands the dimension that is family.  Family recognizes the elemental treasury of
everything life can be “for both you, and me”. 
Love is the fourth rule of “the living”/ and it is essential, to the
desire that becomes an eternal (I will remain) life.

       In death, there is only one rule:  TRUST  

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