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This is pre-ignition/ at the german reactor.



The next
step is, the release of energy that is equivalent to what happens on the
sun:  wherein since the sun is spherical, we can say the energy release of
“EACH, one square foot of atomic surface fire is equal to, according to your
scientists;  a ten million degree flame, that extends for one million
miles”.  Just: One more step, and the monster is
a fire so powerful, it burns your skin from 91
million miles away, in summer.  A fire that will instantly incinerate not
only the machine but the entire city, killing everything within one thousand
miles;  in less than ten minutes.  Growing constantly in size and
heat;  over this earth!    Congratulations, you win.


   Congratulations, you win. So let’s play a
game:  take one ten million degree flame/
one million miles long, (growing every second) and lets estimate the rocket
propulsion that would provide pushing against the earth. Now since the moon is
only one quarter of a million miles away from this earth:  it will be engulfed and set ablaze as
well.  BUT, with current rotation being
what it is:  when the moon on fire
connects with the flame being provided by this earth/ it will explode. Probably
take a day or so, so the first question will be:  how soon before the earth quits turning/ pretty
damn hard to swing something around with a million mile tail.  The second question of course is:  dependent upon which way the flame tail on
earth turns!  It will be propelling us
into space, into a planet/ or into the sun? So what do you think, do we hit the
sun, or turn away from the sun, or hit a planet;  before we burn!  Not really important, since absolutely
nothing can be done to extinguish the flame; and I am certain the last of life
one earth will be asphyxiated if not, pulled into the flame & burned up
first. So the question is JUST HOW MUCH velocity and pull does a million mile,
ten million degree flame extending into space have? IS a thousand mile per hour
updraft “too little”? OR, will one of the planets be pulled into this earth/
since solar gravitational pull is caused by an atomic fire separating the
outward energy of an atom from its anchor and balance point of inward or
opposite (anti-energy or anti-mass) as is produced through a black hole. Hard to
say, since the gravitational pull of what is now two suns, in this solar system;
will pull each other.

That of
course leaves us with the simple question: 
how long does it take for a ten million degree flame to consume this
entire earth? One of the variables is: 
once the flame nears the ocean, all that atomic fuel (water is made of
atoms)/ WILL BE EASILY consumed, and dramatically increase the fire VERY
quickly.  Leaving this planet not spherical
at all:  so we know, IT IS going to
explode from heat stresses.  I am
guessing the last of life hear, has the potential to continue from the point of
ignition for about one month.  Any gamblers
want to place a bet?  That is what your
scientists are doing. They have been wrong about everything else. They have no
sensors or ANY means to know what is inside the flames of the sun/ they simply
guess, and make up stories.  Such as an
element 15 times more dense (heavier) than any other known element must be why
the sun has gravity;  even though they
don’t know what gravity actually is.  Even
though no such element exists, or can exist: 
because it is so called “dark energy or dark mass (anti)” that controls
the ability to form an atom.  Nothing heavier
exists:  BECAUSE the anchor that holds
atomic energy in place and in balance is that dark energy or anti as in
opposite energy of an outward force. This is no game, ignition is forever lost,
“an entire world”! Even the solar system itself.  Your pride stops you from being sane/ or you
would stop them, without hesitation.  Giving
up an entire world;  just because you,
and especially the university diploma’s; 
 want “to play god”.     Shame on you. Eternity will remember what
you did or did not do/ I guarantee it; 
even if you don’t believe that is possible. Killing a world is


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