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It is an
interesting fact;  that we “lose at love”/
when we must;  because it is necessary to
understand love itself is not enough!  Even
though love is everything, when “surviving an eternity”.

       While that may sound contradictory to
you, it is not!  When we love, we do make
exceptions/ it is those exceptions, that contribute to every mistake people who
love;  make in life. The list is long,
dependent upon who you are.

       In terms of eternity however:  if love cannot truly be trusted completely/
then if  GOD  loves you, your effect upon “HIM” could
become less than pure:  affecting the
entire universe. Consequently only those who can be “purely trusted”; are
allowed to be close!  Did you yourself
not learn “love can be a two-edged sword”? 
Giving too much leaves life “with less”/ while giving too little, makes
life alone. To balance love with truth, apply trust as the single invitation to
come close;  discipline that love with order/
and create a life together through courage; 
is no small thing.

       The critical question of eternity:  is LOVE enough?  The critical answer of life is:  can you be trusted to share and care as true
family!  Family is, “the nature” of
perfect harmony, grace, and the essence called peace.  If that is not your design and desire;  “you don’t belong”.

       Religion has always surrendered to “whatever
you want”/ because without participants “its not a religion”. Therefore “exceptions
are made”; realities are changed, so the masses will approve. They are lies,
but it is what “the people want”. TRUTH however has no room for
exceptions;  it is, whatever it is!  So the critical question becomes:  WHAT IS truth, regarding eternity?  Can we go there/ can we not:  is there any room for compromise, WHY is this
seemingly hard?

       Removing lies, leaves us with ONLY WHAT
IS TRUE, can survive/ thereby become eternal. Thereby everything you are must
be true; or it will be burned away. While there is mercy, which means:  “I know I failed/ but I will do better,
please help me”.  If you fail and refuse
to change, then no mercy will be granted; 
how is that not true?

       The critical question is:  CAN LIFE be separated from body? Since we
know that body, can be separated from life: 
it dies, time and consequence takes it away! However if we separate life
from time, thereby avoiding its consequences to a body: what we have left is
thought. Thought is the essence of life itself, because without thought nothing
cognitive exists. Thereby thought becomes the home within which life survives,
as separate from body. Which grants us the question:  HOW can thought survive without a body, is
that not “part of the brain”? 

       Let’s ask:  the brain controls the body, but is the body
life? Because if body is just time allowed/ then the brain is just a
measurement used to create and control the applications of that “tool”.  Body is mass given energy to act and react
according to its own desire or design. That is not thought, as thought
substantively means:  “created without
body”. Or more simply:  beyond time,
where all things are measured.  Life originates
by thought!  We know that, because nothing
is or can be built, without an appropriate level of knowledge, understanding,
and wisdom.  What can you build, “without
those things”?  The answer is nothing at
all. Therefrom we know, that all things physical originates by design:  you must have thought/ “throwing all things
in a garbage can, just illuminates chaos”. 
Chaos destroys everything complex, that it can. That is its fundamental
definition, and it is correct. Therefore truth applies that fact, to the
elevation of miracles. Or, “we did not do that”/ a reality that is obvious, and
needs no other proof:  you DIDN’T build

       Understanding dictates, EVEN if you had
the entire body of life called human put together at one time;  “a working unit/ with all the tools, and all
the software to run those tools;  such as
a hand, arm, legs, lungs, heart, stomach and all the rest”.  Even if you had that as your beginning:  without food (had to come first) or water
(must know, we need it) or oxygen to breathe (time must pass with plants first,
to gain even the possibilities of life as we know it), and a planet to live on
(nature in balance)/ your only option is to die.  Nothing else could be true, these are facts.

       So we then seek wisdom, by asking with
RESPECT (I know you did more than I could ever have hoped for, in me/ around
me/ and for my life:  I DO THANK YOU   GOD ). 
So the question is since:  “GOD  is not human”/ therefore we say “spirit and

       Spirit is the essence of life itself,
because within the boundaries that contain and identify a truth;  the elevation of laws, which keep us alive
are found.  Within law, we are “guaranteed,
distinct rights and realities must be served”. 
Within law, the disciplines of existence are expanded to become our
destiny (I chose life) or fate (this is the reality of your choices, in time).  Spirit is the embodiment of what your truth
can be;  because you are human you get to
decide what that identity is. That is your gift.  Soul is the essence of home, by its creation
called “family”.  Both spirit and soul
are realities of life, that cannot be identified as body.  The fact these definitions exist, does prove
life is separate from time.

       So humanity asks:  if there is a difference between spirit, life,
body, and soul/ THEN WHY is that not more clear “to us”?  WHY, should we be played with, or even lost
to HELL;  when all  “GOD” HAS TO DO, is tell us everything we
need to know; in order to have eternal life?

       The answer is once again:  “love is a two-edged sword”. Those who love
each other, do have the capacity to do each other harm. The consequence of that
is:  time grants to each one, the
identity which cherishes truth, by its own passions/ desires/ purposes/
designs/ responsibilities/ courage/ hopes/ loves:  or hate. 
Time then establishes what is true in you.  You then establish what is to be your own
eternal habitations;  by the choices you
did make!  How is that not fair?

       Humanity will argue:   “the CHILDREN DIE too”/ did they have a fair
chance;  HELL NO!

       Truth replies:  you do NOT know GOD, nor can you judge what
HIS MERCY WILL BE;  with regard to all
children ever born.  IT IS,    “HIS UNIVERSE”  /  it
is  HIS CHOICE!  How is that not true.  The reality of human life and death
throughout history is now on display.  University
playing god, has given you the opportunity to “keep the masses alive”.  Consequently we now face roughly one million
more mouths to feed over deaths;  every
three days/ which means the entire population of this USA is again added to
earth human population every three years. 
Or more simply:  you have no
discipline/ you fail to keep order among yourselves/ order fails you/ and your
only real answer is war! Having failed war now, because even if you kill a
billion people/ THERE IS STILL 7 BILLION MORE to go.  The university solution is judged “satanic”:  you killed a world.

       Change is the consequence of growth;  as you grow the environment you do inhabit in
all ways changes with you.  The choices
you make, become the truth you inherit as your future, or theirs. Critical to
even the possibility of life continuing on this earth is CHANGE:   demanding from each one, LIFE FOR THIS
PLANET, COMES FIRST.  In every single
decision, and every single life;  that is
allowed to hope for an eternity “where only truth, love, peace, harmony, hope,
courage, and all that has value exists.” 
You can choose death, or more correctly in this time:  the universities chose death for you.  Your decision, lives in truth/ or dies in the
hate every threat facing humanity and earth will produce.  Just how it is;  you didn’t care.  Your future will prove that/ or you will
change, and pray (I understand this is no game) 
to   GOD  for mercy on us all!  Time is vanishing before your eyes;  satan (means destroyer of a world) will
destroy this planet with atomic fire/ or you will stop him.  Satan will destroy nature on earth/ or you
will stop him. Satan is destroying everything the future needs;  without exception/ so you can have NO HOPE,
and sink into HELL (a world gone mad). 

       CHANGE, or die!

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