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As I sit here, understanding with pre-ignition of an atomic flame: there literally is, the end of this world can appear at any time/ at any second day or night. Not that all other threats are horrendous too, but nothing truly compares to igniting this planet into a sun.

       So the question to me is:  what can potentially help those, “who can

       It is not death that should make you
fear/ we must and we will all enter into that. Therefore it should be embraced
as a reality:  which then means it is
important to learn what is going to occur/ and prepare. That is a preparation
of your own making. This however to ignite the planet into a sun:  is the preparations made by a university
mind/ and all its collusions and conspiracies to take over nations, so as to
play games with life. The intellectual lives to form traps:  as has truly happened to all life on
earth.  You can’t take back your money
without bankruptcy; it has gone too far. 
You can’t take back your lives, without pure change:  establishing LIFE COMES FIRST, throughout
this planet. No more money leads/ no more power controls through pride or
want.  You can’t take back the planet
from destruction unless you remove the leadership of university, and replace it
with truth, as is honestly governed with reality and justice for all. You can’t
survive/ UNLESS very serious change occurs across this planet.  Which makes talking to you, in any extreme
measure completely worthless:  unless the
majority will participate honestly. A fact which simply does not exist.  So there is none of that/ even though you did
have an opportunity to share this work and realize:  there must be change.

       As to how many people have actually
visited my web sites; or other attempts to inform:  I have no numbers for you/ it is
irrelevant.  However on the justtalking2
site (never advertised beyond my sites) roughly ten years ago.  That forum was found and one link was opened
over 66,000 times in less than a year; as I remember it.  Or more simply your opportunity to expand
this work did exist.  Unfortunately the
majority became afraid, too proud, or simply refused to surrender their
want;  in exchange for life (we must
change to survive).  I can’t make you
choose different/ it is not freedom, if  
GOD   makes you choose for life or
child or nature itself.  So you do,
whatever it is you do.

       We are beyond that:  awaiting reality, and whatever that will bring
to our planet. It would truly be a miracle at this point;  for humanity to rise, and stand up for
life.  Consequently, I have serious
doubts.  However, it is also true the
biblical prophecy of Daniel 12;  gives us
till “April of 2018”;  before all mercy
dies.  So I will choose to believe, we do
have a tiny bit of time left.  The evidence
of this day however, DOES PROVE:  on any
given day, and at any given time, ignition can occur.  Time will prove what is!

       As to ignition, I see no point whatsoever
in trying to avoid the inevitable/ an atomic fire cannot be extinguished;  simple as that.  Choose for yourself, but remember this:  as every horrendous biblical prophecy comes
true. The fact is:  this is not from  “GOD” . 
HE did not choose to kill you or all HIS work.  You did that, by allowing the universities to
play god with life and planet:  your
choice/ your refusal to stop them/ your fate, according to their choices.       Shame on you.

       As to the true people of   GOD;  
which means, you chose love, respect, value, courage, and
disciplines;  working for life, by
sharing and caring and helping each other survive.  The foundation skills to acquire eternity as
a blessing on you, exist. So the only question you must face is TRUST.

       Trust binds us together in love/
therefore it is trust that decides to what level you may rise, or what life
beyond time you may live.  TRUST  GOD,  
HE CREATED YOU, as is the proof of miracles all around/ nothing is an
accident that brought life.  Design is
beyond doubt; only the insane question that.  There is no other possibility than thought
constructed this/ therefore thought came first.

       TRUST JESUS as well:  it is HIS message that functionally changed
this world.  Not a game, HIS TRUST, and
HIS proof of what love truly is:  did in
fact become “the savior” of our world.  Drawing
humanity back from the edge of absolute power, and very little else. A proven
fact.  It was love, that changed
civilization;  as much as men would allow
it/ or could not defeat it.

       Your love exists, because HE did that

       Unfortunately your love was not
sufficient to protect child or life or planet: 
so we sit today, waiting to enter HELL. 
Unfortunately, your respect for life was so weak and frail and
unworthy:  that you chose, even knowing
the potential of igniting an atomic fire was true/  “to wait and see”.  KNOWING, when an atomic fire ignites;  OUR WORLD IS DEAD/ no going back.  No mercy, no games, no options, no
relief:  simply death coming in fire for
all life on earth.  You failed life.  Soon, you will fail mercy; and end in the
graveyard, because when reality came knocking, you said:   “we believe, the university is god”.  To your eternal shame. Although technically
Satan is god of hades.  How else would
you describe our planet becoming a sun?

       Repent of your failures, FIND MERCY for
yourself/ or weep eternally.  How is that
not true?

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