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Let us talk
death;  since your “universities” choices
demand you must die. Or, you made them “you’re god”/ and now you get what they
wanted: to play god with life, environment, and everything they could touch! Every
threat proves:  an intent to destroy, as
nearly everything they chose is either worthless or bad for life.

       The most clear element of dying for every
living thing, is elemental and small: 
your freedom disappears. The body disappears as well/ ending your
existence in time.

       A true threat is:  a reality that cannot be changed, which has
become the end of what must exist, so that we can exist. Considering your
leaders have attacked everything valued by life;  so as to play god with fantasies, lies,
cheating, stealing, violence, whoring, failure, and foolishness.  Reality says you have no further say; your gods
HAVE killed life on earth. Your university brains, filled with their religious
lies of evolution;  have soiled this

       Nonetheless, they have become worthless
to life/ and that means, your choice to survive does not functionally include
them.  Instead of worshiping fools, you
will choose change for life comes first; 
across this planet, for this entire planet, and all its life. Or your
whole world is dead.

A portion of:  Freedom has
ended in that, which means a part of being human, has now died!  You cannot continue to do whatever you want to
do;  because reality proves this world
will continue to die if you do. That freedom is gone, and you will now submit
to the reality of “our situation in truth”/ or be destroyed forever, and every
life goes with you;  “as your

Death is the demonstration of everything you are not, and are
not allowed to be! Therefore it is a display of power, because death brings
with it a change you cannot refuse. So the question is:  WHY, is the display of power critical/ or
useful, to the essence of life in time or its relationship to eternity?

       The answer
is:  while you are allowed to “be as free
as possible” here in time/ with little recompense regarding what you choose
here.  When time ends, so does that
freedom;  because death removes, “your
house (body) and tools (hands, legs, etc)” are taken away. No longer can you
choose. The coffin reinforces that with “as common as dirt”.  Your pride stops/ unless your life is allowed
to extend. Pride pleads “to make a deal”; there are none. Mercy pleads, “for
mercy (life had honest value to me)”.

So the question is: 
WHAT IS death? Functionally it is the separation of life, from
body;  who can argue that!  The body does not simply get “eaten up”/ it
is life that dies to, or in the body. Thereby the body itself, lays down to
disintegrate (unusable). Therefrom life is released into its own freedom
outside of time. Truth identifies life as a spiritual participation born from
truth. Its ability to be free, extends from the energy that lets a body act or
react or conceive of mind; or beyond. That is time. So the question is:  WHAT has changed if not the energy itself in
death?  The answer is:  it is the energy that life itself,  no longer controls through time and its “parts
and pieces”.  Some argue the body is the
creator of this energy/ but that is not true. The body is the creator of
chemical energies, that are required to keep the body alive or you cannot
exist.  Life however is known to be an
energy separate from this/ because the body can die, even without “a known cause”;  it simply stops. Which means the body not
only did not create itself/ neither can it sustain itself, without “the life
inside”. Or more simply, more than a few bodies exist that do not function
(kept warm by machines), even though they seem “ok (it should work)”.

Fundamentally death is: 
the deliberate reality associated with an escape from time. This is said
because if life and body are not the same/ then what happens to one, does not
need to functionally happen to the other. Just because the body dies, it  only means your life, has been removed from

So we ask then what is critical to time, and why is this
important to life;  with body and
without? Time is a measured existence, examined in the detail of a slowed
experience that functions with each expression to define and then associate
what happens with each decision.  The
body refines every decision in the details of what does or does not
happen:  by your choice/ or someone else’s
choice/ and as a relationship to mass or energy. Thereby the consequences of an
action or reaction or elemental thought pattern emerges as your relationship to
your abilities in thought. Alternate experiences in body, as is the reality of “this
one has more of this/ another has more of that” identify a greater view of what
reality (time measured) and its body, does give to life itself. Without body,
as is the release of life through death; ends measurement/ but not the
potential of thought. As is consistent with your own physical law:  “energy changes, assigned or associated with
an action or reaction;  does not mean the
end of that energy; but rather that it has changed.” So the question is:  when the body dies, and its ability to act or
react ends:  WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHEN, WHERE,
AND “in effect who”;  are the
consequences of a reality that happens, as a result;  to the energy death releases?

When the body dies, we know that its energy and ability to
commit to change;  is gone!  That means WHAT happens to the energy
associated with physical body:   is missing/ but since that is chemical energy,
it fades away having no further  participation in the processes of biology. Biology
then is said to die (never coming back).

Why the body dies: 
answer, the association between body and life is broken. Or more
distinctly the relationship that ties or binds body to life, is cut!

How, must be identified with the elements called truth.  Those are: 
biology is the lifting of mass, by incorporating an energy released in
slow motion through mental awareness.  Energy
MUST be slowed to achieve time, or “like an atomic bomb”:  the true energy of this universe cannot be
imagined. Therefore the relationship between life and mass is assigned in the
creation of “slowed energy”/ by its assembly with discipline.

When:  is imagination
(the assertion, we could be “alive”; in this dimension) a relationship with
thought? The answer is, developed through order, and controlled by
thought;  the question of life presents

Where is time? The question is more complex, than you
imagine. Relegating relationships that are determined by the creation of
complex dimensional traits;  asserts an
environment must be achieved. Consequently our association with energy, must
then be trapped within that environment, or it has no identity.

Who:  constructs the
value of an identity released, through thought; as the illumination of
existence. What is more than imagined, can then be real in terms of significant
contributions either for love or hate. The question is:  by experiencing both love and hate in time/
who, represents the decision you have made as a person given the freedom to

Death is then the release of that personal identity, into its
own truth:  but without an environment or
dimension to live within. Biology is your environment, and time is your
dimension as a human being. What comes after death:  is strictly a spiritual world, controlled and
identified by thought, as it relates to the critical construction of a
relationship with   GOD  !

The failure to construct or accept that relationship with
life to its CREATOR/   prior to
death;  means one of three things will

Love is a dimensional elevation beyond the developments of
biology;  because it translates desire
into a decision seeking peace and happiness for all “found here”.

Hate is the destruction of freedom into chaos/ thereby it
undergoes the tragedy of terror, as one piece after another is disintegrated
and torn away. Nothing “holds hate together”/ except violence. Therefore violence
is necessary, or existence ends. Those who have cost  “GOD” ; an eternity with someone who loved
HIM:   ARE NOT simply allowed to
dissipate. They wanted war/ they will receive it!

Dissipation, or the slow disintegration of life by letting it
disappear forever into the abyss of tragic worthlessness:  “you failed life, with selfishness”.  Become what are called “ghosts”: they have no
power/ but they are slightly dangerous, in the first few days of death. Some will
assemble into “one breathe”; that then tries to invade someone living. If they
fail, and nearly always do; there power to remain even a little is over; they
vanish! If however, they are successful: 
there can be a war inside.  The living
human being ALWAYS has the right to win completely, and forever;  but if they surrender themselves as a slave
(extremely rare). The potential for tragedy exists. To win such a battle, at
any time:  it is only necessary to accept
and RESPECT    GOD  
as your true purpose in life.  Alas
however:  there are lies in time, and if
you fail to recognize  what is, or is
not   TRUE about GOD.  Then you may fail here too.  ALAS, in the initial transition between time
and what is beyond; preceding the entrance to our spiritual world/ there are
liars as well.  Fail, and what is not
true in you:  “will be burned off/ you
cannot take it with you”. Only what is
true survives eternity.

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