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I need a distraction today, so the lesson is:  what does democracy actually mean in America.


The answer to that question is:  democracy is literally the combined cooperation of “we the people”, in determining what our government, and thereby our society should be.

We the people fulfill that mission, by choosing to write down what our agreements as a nation or state actually are:  thereby contractually binding each, through constitutional law.

The constitution itself is then both the agreement of the people as to what this nation shall deliver to society through its government/ and the foundation of all laws, that can be assigned or given by the government employees to this people.

To sustain we the people own this democracy:  each highly elected official (employee) and others, are sworn to legally uphold and protect the words and the purposes of that constitution.  Legally bound means:  YOU, are not allowed to interpret or deny the foundations we have accepted for ourselves.  Establishing NOT power in government/ but the reality of service in every government position to the constitution first, then the law, then the people, and somewhere after that “you get something for yourself”. Presidential power, and all other political office;  is limited to constitutional purposes by the foundation of that governmental instrument we own as a nation.  They are stated in the preamble:

       We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

       The amendments are both elements and rights designed to govern the judiciary.

Today none of that is respected, conspiracy to deny, corruption to control, and collusion to form what is treason (we the proud can do better/ we rule) is their standard.


So the question is:  IF OUR GOVERNMENT is filled with traitors/ THEN how do we get it back?

The answer is:  IN THAT OATH OF OFFICE, and this CONSTITUTION;  are the legal rights to identify whether our employees have been doing what they swore to do.  More simply:  you should not fear your government employee/ because they should fear you.  The failure to adequately obey constitutional law and its foundation intent:  more simply, the realities of what constitutional agreement, and justified interpretation;  among this people means. IS CAUSE for imprisonment/ impeachment/ and so on.

THAT IS, power to the people/ enforced by first amendment redress of grievances. More simply THE LEGAL RIGHT, to assemble and peacefully decide, by courtroom and constitutional law:  if our employees are in fact doing what they were hired to do! We the people ARE JUDGE AND JURY, in this our constitutional home. Nobody else.

BUT, that comes with this caveat:  “…..that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation upon such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem to effect their safety and happiness.  Prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established shall not be changed for light or transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. ……..Declaration of Independence”.

More confined to the vocabulary of this day;  it means WE DO have every legal right, to return this government/ thereby this nation:  TO WHAT THE CONSTITUTION HAD MEANT IT TO BE.  I return you to the preamble and constitutional amendments.

As well as decrees within the document itself:  SUCH AS,  the judiciary shall be allowed to hold their office DURING GOOD BEHAVIOR.  There is NO  constitutional allowance:  that a judge once seated stays until he or she decides to quit or die.

“Virginia bill of rights”…section 4  that no man or set of men are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community…..!

Section 2  that all power is vested in, and consequently derived from the people, that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.

Section 3.  ….when any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and infeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.


So the question is HOW?  The answer is:  with work/ reality/ truth/ discipline/ courage/ order/ and justice.  It is never good to throw what has value away, just to do that all over again:  IT IS WASTE, and worthless.

So WHAT does need to be changed?  The answer starts with the reality of every threat we face:  literally of extinction from this planet.  The answer ends with:  every person has a responsibility to the rest.  Freedom has a price.

We extend that with changing society by employing limited capitalism as OUR DECISION:  to make the gluttonous, LEAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US!  No more “super rich/ or abject poverty/ or extreme control of resources”. We will decide for ourselves just how much ANY AND EVERY person living here or investing here, can earn or keep from this nation.  Establishing the minimum payment of income for all/ as well as the maximum payment any individual can earn. By our vote!

Discarding corporate power, by causing whatsoever is not taken out as personal income, or is needed for their business/ shall be provided in a bank “for loans to the people”. And so on. One business interest only, NO monopoly as in conglomerate or franchise or other like device. Establishing the money supply based upon reality instead of fantasies and counterfeiting.

We examine the reality of work: and find that with 8 billion people, and a legacy of extreme waste/ the children are dead, without change. Resources give us a sustainable existence and more/ without them, there is nothing left. IT IS, a very finite world, with this many people.

Our reality is:  WE MUST implement world law and policing in control over every leader.  Establishing that law against any leader who fails to adhere to the laws WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, do assemble and create for ourselves by vote.  Removing weapons of mass destruction, and more.

Our truth is:  we are growing as a world in population adding to this planet the entire citizen population of this USA every three years. THAT MEANS, “horrible things”. And it requires change.

Discipline says:  if we fail to stop letting fantasy, through university decisions;  decide for our lives/ we die.

Courage says:  so long as we unite ourselves, and accept reality has consequences we can survive.  Then the best we can do, is all anyone can expect.  Believe it will be enough.

Order confronts us all with:  mutilating nature into chaos, is a dead man’s gamble.  A horrifying stupidity, only fools fail to recognize. The same is true for all realities:   which if they fail us, WE ALL DIE.  Consequently we CANNOT let traitors and terrorists be WRONG.

Justice is the backbone of every society. It decides peace and harmony or not.  Therefore, the question is:  are you going to “Judge your judges and lawyers in court”/ they have no right to create CRIMINAL organization (undeniable thievery), to strip us of our money (BE FAIR, a financial penalty must be defined by a percentage of income or other. NOT the same price for rich and poor/ that is tyranny), or possession (no group has the right to destroy the securities of the rest, as is the case of governmental politics that have no basis in reality), or rights (the constitution is refused in court, I have proof) as a people.  Establishing that we the people INSIST:  they will obey constitutional intent and laws.  Or say you, not!

Answer the question.


People say:  “we are doing fine/ DON’T rock the boat”. People say:  “in the past seventy years or so, the world has been greatly improved”.

But let’s review American history:   at war nearly constantly, over that entire time. Literally went bankrupt, because of it; and in particular the spending of money for weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them. The nation said, “we don’t want this anymore; at Vietnam”. But without war came the debt:  no more excuses! President Carter tried to pay, but the nation wanted no real part in that. President Reagan said “we don’t need to pay no damn debt”/ and gave currency regulation to the “university graduates who immediately gave themselves and all their friends a major raise with extreme bonuses”; and began counterfeiting (hidden inflation IS counterfeiting). Reagan, then faced with realities:  chose to invade the treasury of the USA, and sold all its gold/ to play war.  The congress when faced with debts:  “said, let the children pay”/ and played with Clinton to disguise the federal debt;  by saying “social security is the people’s debt to themselves/ so the federal government doesn’t have to pay”.  The media learning how to be a propaganda team player, particularly  in later decades by destroying media through consolidation: said absolutely nothing about “all that matters”. Instead causing the people to focus on entertainment and frivolous realities or broadcasting and manipulating for fears. During this time the resources were driven directly into the garbage heaps, and nothing could be found to stop them. Agriculture became entirely dependent upon chemicals/ banking became an abyss/ manufacturing died and was rearranged to make “robotic elements” take all the jobs they could. The oceans were damaged almost and soon to be:  beyond repair. Thanks to medicine, humanity has swelled:  making future life on this earth impossible. The environment such as the climate; has been degraded to the point of potential horrendous collapse, changing everything. While media again propagates the university view “CAN’T stop us until something truly horrendous, occurs to prove they were DEVILS”.  WATER, is being attacked in countless ways, and is in fact nearly destroyed for billions.  Food has been genetically modified:  which means “the monkey” now controls our future/ UNLESS  GOD intervenes. Education and government is invaded with religion:  the university brags “chaos built everything through evolution”. Even though chaos only destroys. The courts literally and deliberately discard and deny constitutional law in the courtroom. Politics are invaded by money. Fools rule. The world prepares for war. Fantasies erupt “sure we can play god, and bring the same fire here as is on the sun”;  we the gods of university can control it/ cause we know everything.  . Every fire, or motor consumes oxygen, while all the world of life which makes oxygen for us to breathe is being exterminated. Ozone, which keeps out radiation is failing.  And extinction looms, for all life on earth, as a reality we will soon have no possibility to escape! And media communicates absolutely nothing that truly matters. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.          Or, “ain’t you grand”!



The new “billionaires club” being formed today in America;  is believed by those who voted, to be their answer to economic trouble. They are wrong:  as is the constant “rich men don’t share, or care”/ because that is NOT how you get rich. Stripping everything bare/ replacing workers with machines/ discarding everything but the money is god/ and making certain “the law, and its enforcement, works in your own favor” are the methods used by the wealthy, as seen throughout history.

CHANGE MEANS:   LIFE, for this planet and its future, MUST COME FIRST/ money discarded to a minimum of “third”.

Truth must decide what can and cannot be done, applied through the investigation of reality:  WITHOUT a single intent to deny what happens if we are wrong.

The elevation of discipline and order, asserts JUSTICE SHALL BE GIVEN;  which means the sewers of leadership in all areas must be emptied, cleaned, and torn down so as to rebuild for peace, harmony, and life.

Want is your enemy, it is the essence of every liar;  because you don’t lie, unless you want, what you have no right or expectation to get “without that lie”.

Pride makes life a game/ life is NOT A GAME. Neither is your body a toy. MIRACLES prove that is so. Evolution “we built ourselves one piece at a time”; is a religion even dogs should understand cannot be true.  WHAT DON’T you need as a body of life “all at once”/ asshole, got a heart but no blood, or blood without vessels; or a billion other realities.  ALL PROVE evolution is a lie, without even trying or thinking beyond the abilities of “a damn worm”. WAKE UP!

Change means:  EVERYTHING that is not proven to be truly and honestly SUSTAINABLE, for the sake of life and planet/ MUST BE REMOVED. Because we cannot live without the planet or its nature or its resources.  Failure means YOU deliberately CHOSE, to murder the children.

Without life in the ocean, we have NO POSSIBILITY to feed humanity/ and that means YOU BETTER CARE!  The extreme attack on ocean life, in all categories; is real. The only way we can bring these oceans back to life, at least in a way to save ourselves;   is to feed that life.  The only thing we have to do that with, is dead human bodies:  WHY is poison/ worms/ fire/ or whatever better than food for life?

Without world law to govern rulers and leaders:  WE CANNOT survive. Because they have proven to love war, and even those who don’t, are forced into it by the others. Consequently we must govern them with equal law for all.  Therefrom we will remove weapons of mass destruction, along with weapons that destroy civilization; and force a minimum of sanity to return. Ending those who call themselves “powerful”.

Limited capitalism means to control the rich by your own vote through democracy.  It means:  we WILL demand “our share” of what this life can honestly give to those who work.  The endless failure of man is, “grab everything take it all/ because if you don’t SOMEONE coming behind you IS GOING TO DO THAT”.  And we get rich by making sure they don’t/ so we can make them pay us. Ending that failure, comes with the duty to insure the future is not raped even more. Continuing to throw this planet into your garbage:  will prove to be “horrifying”!  Stop it.

The garbage dump, that is “university knows”/ WILL lose its power, so that life can remain on earth.  Your cult of worshiping fools (let this world die) SHALL end.

Either wake up to our reality, face it with the understanding WE CANNOT LET FOOLS AND THEIR FANTASIES BE WRONG.  And then change yourselves into a world of life that can survive.  Or die.  It is that simple, investigate, understand/ let the evidence be plain, and “without foreign languages (everybody understands)”. Then choose as best you can:  FOR LIFE, ON THIS PLANET;  FIRST/ not money.

If that ain’t good enough for you/ then letting the universities use you to ignite  “atoms on fire”/ just like the sun.  A REALITY DEFINED AS ENERGY SO MASSIVE:  THAT EACH, ONE SQUARE FOOT OF SUN = A TEN MILLION DEGREE FLAME, THAT STRETCHS OUT FOR ONE MILLION MILES. [NO, it can’t heat your water/ because atoms are its fuel, and water is made of ATOMS].  And that;  May be more merciful, than what you get instead, without change, as is: no food/ no water/ no oxygen to breathe/ no resource/ no mercy; A MUTILATED PLANET/ EXTERMINATED LIFE/ and a humanity so densely populated nothing exists for you; except just war.

 Oh wait, I know  “university is your god”;  ain’t that right. The fact they are responsible for ninety plus percent of this, “just can’t be”:  isn’t that your defense? Sure it is, “they are your buddies (YOU can trust them)” even though they stole ALL your money; were traitors to your government; built weapons of mass destruction; ARE mutilating all of nature, including your food supply;  and surrendered your children to HELL.  Why hell, cults CANNOT be questioned: who the fuck cares about what it means TO BE WRONG!  That, we know for sure, ain’t that right.  Now;  Be a good believer now, and go dig your own grave.

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