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The second lesson in democracy


To sustain a relationship with “our government/ we the people”;  It is required that each person be allowed and provided with the means to create their own “input”, for the system to survive. That input is a vote, but a vote is meaningless unless it controls and distinguishes what can be agreed to, by the people themselves. Nothing is more demonstrative of that, than the fact the current president elect came to power, (by the vote of one small group, consisting of 281 people;  with privileges far exceeding all the rest) and overrode the people’s vote.  The electoral college.

In 1804 when the electoral college was established:  IT  WAS, the best they could do. To collect and gather what the people wanted in that time, WAS the purpose of an electoral college.  Because unlike today, communication was difficult/ and educational materials were nearly non-existent.  So a few, who could be trusted:  because the voice and the vote of those who could not otherwise participate.

The electoral college continues, because it controls power; and those with power/ never release that power to others, because then they are not important. So it continues as a blight and a parasite against the nation itself;  causing untold millions not to even consider casting a vote/ because it does not matter.  The tiny few at the electoral college decide the president; or in an election past a single supreme court judge.

When only a tiny few decide/ they CAN be bribed.  You don’t suppose the rich, would have it any other way:  do you?  You don’t suppose the rich, would have, and do everything they possibly could do:  in terms of electing the members of the electoral college;  do you?  Indeed the do/ because it matters:  when they take control.

The critical question of democracy itself;  beyond the days of its infancy, IS WHAT MAKES A VOTE COUNT?  The answer to that question is NOT found in a vote for someone to vote for me!  But rather my own vote/ each individual vote per citizen:  on the laws which affect our lives. With that vote, we decide our future. With that vote, we rule ourselves. Strictly adhered to by constitutional law, and its established purpose; we protect ourselves from “the extreme stupidity of human beings/ who vote only for what they want”.

The value of democracy is:  that we participate in our government/ thereby controlling our own society. The enemy of every form of governing is:  excessive wealth/ because that makes most of what happens behind closed doors, impossible for the citizenry to control. Therefore to achieve true democracy, and its gift of peace and harmony in society:  WE MUST CHOOSE to control excessive wealth.  By not crushing capitalism, or any other method of economy. Rather by recognizing WE CAN LIMIT, what any individual is allowed to take from us/ thereby controlling the reality:   “you WILL, leave some for us”. Or we demand respect, and values consistent with our work;  for our own lives too.

The method of doing that most distinct is:  LIMITED CAPITALISM!  OR, more simply NOBODY, gets to be excessively wealthy, or control extreme resource wealth either.  WE WILL TAKE OUR SHARE/ no more “you own it all”.

Limited capitalism means:  that by our vote, we do have power to control our own economic and legal definitions of society. By choosing the law:  we own the environment, resources, or whatever we decree, which includes the future of every child.  By choosing to control the money:  we decide how much wealth is too much, & we decide how much poverty is too little.  By vote we will establish the limits of what can be gained by ANY individual in this nation.  Such as the minimum possible yearly income is “ten thousand dollars” / while the maximum possible income “one hundred thousand dollars”:  or ten times more! The numbers are irrelevant/ the buying power is not. That can be extended to how much property ANY individual can own. Bearing in mind:  everyone is NOT EQUAL, in their work/ which means the same for all, is NOT fair. This is easily done, with a simple constitutional amendment:  but it takes, a repeating “twelve year” vote to sustain it.  Otherwise thieves will come.

To make this happen:  the insane MUST be stopped from their fantasies of “I WILL get everything/ I will have it all”! “damn idiot”.

LEARN:  Accepting the truth, “to have great wealth/ you must make many others poor”. Money is strictly, “what happens between people”! BE HAPPY INSTEAD, “have friends”. The tree does not say “pay me, or you can’t cut me down”.  Money is about making people do, what you want them to do.  While resources provide every job and every life, and are the source of money itself. Resources are not money, because it is only people (this is what I get) who choose to define, money.

By controlling yearly income:  you get to demand “that is all for you”/ even if they earn a years salary, in a day. Doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact, that then they are released from the competition: FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR/ and someone else gets their chance.

Control over the money does not occur, UNLESS you control the currency as a people/ YOU CANNOT allow employees to do that.  As is proven true in America:  THEY CAN’T do it/ they fail, because want drives them to cheating/ lies/ theft/ treason/ and even terrorism:  as is trying to ignite atoms on fire. Thereby destroying this earth in its entirety.

To control currency another constitutional change MUST occur. In today’s world, the currency MUST reflect “so many dollars/ per citizen”. Thereby a census determines how many people there are/ and the currency is decided by in the example above the average between minimum and maximum incomes allowed:  in this example that is fifty thousand dollars.  NOW everybody knows, what the average income is/ and if the majority want more for themselves, in the twelve year cycle “they can adjust”.

International trade MUST be done with resources, so that reality remains between nations. The fallacy “I want to be working/ so I accept credit”; shall be removed. The reality if you can’t get credit, but I must sell/ THEN THE PRICE GOES DOWN;  will be enforced. No more extortion, no more collusion, no more corruption:  is determined by “Judging the courtroom”.  Every trial shall be judged/ every judge, and lawyer shall be measured for justice and fair play.  Every failure in the courtroom shall be removed, by community vote:  there are NO “separate emoluments or privileges” for a judge.  “Good behavior”, MUST be adhered too/ or you face potential prison, in an extreme violation.

No more war, because a politician says so.  We set the boundaries and the response as a people by vote;  for what our militaries can or cannot do.  We give the soldier in the field:  a bill of rights/ so they can refuse, truly contrary to the values of this society orders:  and change leaders. We set world law in place as a world, describing what our leaders shall or shall not do/ and defending that with “world policing”. Instead of individual nation response. We remove weapons of mass destruction; because as a world united in this, “we can”.

THESE SIMPLE THINGS, change our existence on this earth; and provide the opportunities of peace and happiness for all.

BUT THAT IS ONLY TRUE, if you remove all the threats caused by “university satan”/ that will make us extinct;  because that too is possible, and proven to be coming true.  GO SEARCH, for your answers.



If you ask:  WHY, has no one thought of this before? The answer is most likely just like everything else you have proven for yourselves in this day. WHEN CONFRONTED with:   nature is being mutilated by fools/ terrorists are trying to exterminate this world with atomic fire/ our food and oceans are in jeopardy/ our water supply is nearly lost/ weapons of mass destruction protect no one/ endless amounts of life on earth are going extinct/ your money is entirely counterfeit, “and that makes you slaves”/  EVEN THE SOLAR SYSTEM ITSELF, is being threatened by the creation of another sun (this earth engulfed by an atomic fire, just like the sun):  IS NOT ENOUGH, to get you off your ass. Or make you think beyond “how selfish can I be”!  and that is why.  Or more simply:   you are a cult, worshiping “university knows”;  the very designers that have brought us all to the very edge of extinction ourselves.  Nope, not a damn brain to be found/ brainwashed with fantasy, and delusion. You CAN’T think for yourself;  so says the evidence/ unless proven otherwise:  and I see nothing, or far too little, among you.  Not even this entire world, and every life in it/ every future life it could produce;  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has proven to be a key:   to make you care.  Congratulations, “that is the fundamental definition, leading to devil”. Ain’t you proud!  HELL YES.

Sure go ahead and wait to see, if an atomic fire can extinguish itself/ as your gods at “university say”.  A ten million degree fire, each square foot of the sun stretching out in a solid flame, FOR ONE MILLION MILES.  Shit, I bet you are going to lose:  THIS WORLD/ any takers?  It is a one time gamble, ignition solves the question/ because it cannot be put out;  so there are NO second chances.  And if that were not enough, another thousand threats exist to destroy us all.  Be sure to thank your gods at university for that! They deserve the recognition.

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