life lessons 1

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Life lessons 1


The foundation of all human behavior is want or pride/ consequently, the element called behavior is discovered hiding behind what you believe. True or not true is usually irrelevant/ because want refers to the development of what you believe you can attain, without a true right. While pride asserts, that life has no real purpose other than to achieve more than the rest. Behavior is then substantively a lie, created by the drama that is people wanting more.

To construct humanity itself, ONLY TRUTH matters. Therefore the constant question of being human (rather than drama) relies upon what is true/ what you believe is true/ or what you want to avoid that is true.

Happiness elevates life, thereby giving it purpose. Love ascends beyond the elements of time; thereby granting desire as the essence of heart and soul. Trust conforms to our acceptance of truth, thereby it is the foundation upon which we do build our lives/ rather than simply “live in time”.

Building refers too:  the construction of values, the essence of a desire to attain the right, assigned by respect. Respect is a destiny created/ rather than a fate assigned, by your own reality.


So, let’s talk want:  in terms of human behavior, this is such a wide road of travel by the masses of humanity, that it would take a massive amount of information just to conceive of it all. People want, just how it is. That in turn creates emotion/ emotion is the release of everything you fear;  subjected to the boundaries, you have accepted as the “rights others have used/ to demand more or less, from someone else”. They did this too, is fundamentally a foundation of every herd. Emotion depicts either “I win/ or I lose”.

If we talk pride, the reality is:  “I want what I want/ and I don’t want nothing but what I want”. That functionally establishes a desire to lie, because want does not establish truth leads. Instead want establishes a purpose, that intends to “win this game”. For want to exist, life must be considered as a game. Therefore want and pride work together, to create what is called a human behavior. An interesting side note is:   that the wealthy, share one description, the push want aside, to let truth control their decision when investing, or other descriptions of business;  are being done.  Which means, for humanity to succeed in the ways most “want it too”/ every behavior of want must be controlled; and elements of truth must be recognized.  Since few can do that/ few are rich.

The critical question of discipline controls the gate, between truth and lies. Without discipline, human beings believe they can do anything they want, because “it’s called being human/ so I have a right”. With discipline, the values between truth and the respect it generates for all things found in order, as are miracles;  becomes real. Without discipline order is an irritation, because it competes with want to destroy that right “to play games”. Order does not exhibit “games, with life”/ although it does allow for games of a lesser nature, so as to allow people to play and thereby interact without ANYTHING serious being contended with. So the foundation of human behavior is:  “I want to play/ AND WIN”.  When that is not possible, “many assert, if I cannot win the game/ then I can win at revenge (I will make you lose)”. Those left in the middle of this development, are given to believe “it is better to hide”/ than face either the arrogance of a winner, or the tragic realities of a loser;  each of which have taken more than their share.

Being human literally means:  “I own, the opportunity to build more out of life, than what is simply my own”. While that may seem small to some people, the reality is quite different. To build more out of life than simply self, means you have contributed to life for its own benefit/ for the others. The reality we are “a body and planet of miracles, that cannot defined in any other way; by truth”.  Means the question of death, conceives of WHAT could follow this existence? For most it is fear, because the body clearly disintegrates and contributes nothing more to personal existence. They then want to control that fear, by choosing to believe whatever they want to believe; assembling into herds, so as to prove to each other “we are right”!  Want means, to influence the future by choices that are not governed with truth. Belief means simply “to assemble whatever you want/ and call that true”.

The reality of miracles however are clearly assembled by order, discipline, balance, respect, love, truth, energy contained and controlled, and the values contributed by thought.  We add to that the testimony called “biblical JESUS”, and understand by the elevation of miracles he created;  a disciplined love revealed could not be mistaken;  giving credence to;    GOD  (OUR CREATOR)  continues to participate. Or more simply HE, has not abandoned this HIS CREATION.  That is respect for us/ unless we yet become abandoned, because you chose to not care  about life, anymore.

“the university satan”;  which is an absolute arrogance against life itself/ because they want to play god for themselves;  has infected humanity causing grievous damage.  Nothing more certain to destroy, than is the threat “they want to ignite an atomic fire here on earth, just like the sun”.  Gambling with EVERYTHING!  STATING, “the fire will just extinguish itself”; because they say “not enough gravity here”.  Nothing is more arrogant/ thereby nothing is a greater abomination that is this! The biblical book of Daniel;  predicts the end of life on earth;  counting from the great abomination.  It began with the first completed, full scale experiment at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories “the national ignition facility”/ and the countdown of days began accordingly.  We have pasted the first death (we could stop this with law/ we have a right), which was completely and utterly refused.  We are currently in the second death, which is determining IF THE WORLD SHALL be granted the MERCY to find another way.  That is dependent upon you, and whether you care about life or living? The biblical number of days runs to April 2018 (mercy controls, or life ends).  The final biblical countdown, of how long before the final curtain goes down ends in 2020.


Since no sign of human participation in saving this world from the university satan projects, which have brought us to this edge of extinction:  AS THE EVIDENCE WILL PROVE, BY ITS OWN TRUTH.

I write to the few:  what you have contributed as “more than self” to life and living, constructs an invitation to achieve eternity. The essence of eternity is love, because love constructs happiness, and contributes to all things happy. Is that not the purpose, and need to desire “an eternity shared, with life”!  If the others refuse their eternity/ WHY should you?  Make your own decision, and participate as best you can; in your own ways, for life.  How is that not true?

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