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The end of time, a relationship refined by realities proven true.


Formal developments are very simple:  whether even this solar system is destroyed, rests upon the ignition of atomic fire. That may or may not occur, as only  “GOD”  knows;  if HE will allow it! The reality of men trying to ignite it, is absolutely certain. The consequence of “a fire here, just like the sun”/ is without question;  we all burn. The purpose of men:  WE WANT to play god, even though the excuse is. We need this to survive ourselves/ the reality is:  not if you were wise, disciplined, respectful, truthful, honest, or brave.

But instead:  foolish, mentally diseased, stupid, liar, cheat, thief, traitor, and terrorist;  “even satan (destroyer of a world).  Are the literal adjectives earned. Particularly by the universities graduates, which lead. That is enough of pointing  to the cult, who brainwashed the masses/ and made them believe in fantasies:  they win, “death for all”. Congratulations, the game you made of life;  is over.

Tragedies and conquests of the university war, include:  poisoning, or destroying the water supplies; destroying the oxygen supply;  mutilating the food supplies;  creating weapons of mass destruction and distributing that, around this world;  exterminating life on land and in the sea;  ransacking resources to fill the garbage dump;  filling the earth with humanity, by trampling everything underfoot; transferring responsibility “let the children pay”, therefrom assassinating them in one way or the other;  raping the environment;  destroying economies;  counterfeiting the money, to create world wide war and national destruction;  leading humanity into the abyss that is evolution;  ending pollination; ending democracy; ending capitalism for the people; making the human body nothing more than a toy, or a disease;  filling the earth with humanity so that it cannot survive;  lying/ cheating/ stealing/ treason/ and greed without end, so that even the fool, believes he or she “can be rich (make the others slave to me)”.  Etcetera, and so forth.  Just for the sake of it; “lets not forget all the weapons now available to destroy anything a weapon of mass destruction might miss; as is the reality of Syria. And all religion;  which is owned by the universities say:  “hell yes”, we agree; “the university is god”. How did that happen: “they took over the money supply”. Isn’t counterfeiting fun.

So the constant is, people want leaders/ and leaders want to be considered god:  so they do things to convince the people they are god, “just don’t look too close, and DON’T ask no deliberate questions:  just BELIEVE”!  so ends life.


The evidence proves “NOT much longer” for any life on earth. So the real question is:  can even a tiny few survive the coming horrifying reality results of, what really happens:  when, “the university plays god”.  The answer of course is, as the evidence does prove:  extinction. Not a single soul left on earth.

That leads us to religion itself, as anyone with “an ounce of common sense or knowledge or wisdom understands:  LIFE IS NO ACCIDENT”!  Thereby what is called   “GOD, OUR CREATOR”  was here, and introduced by the Jewish religion!  The Christian religion says:  through JESUS,  GOD IS, still here/ and waiting for those who will find mercy.

While the Jews did not find their heritage acceptable, and remain primarily interested in money alone/ the Christians have watered down their theology to include “anything you want/ or anything we can get away with”; using little restraint. While religion is about discipline, so as to get your life back in order. The reality of using religion to gain whatever you want, is a historical constant. Which brings us to “university control”/ or help us “control and manipulate these people into giving us leaders, whatever we want”.  Without want and pride (trademarks of every religion), there is only life, the foundation of existence itself.

Life without want:  which means truth decides, rather than you/ does not allow for “the living games” men use to play with their world.  Live without pride:  means, without a game, “there are no winners or losers”.  The constant of living life as it was intended to be, is then revealed as “truth leads, and life itself must be respected by allowing reality to decide what our living will be”. Men refuse, because reality states:  IF YOU DON’T do what life and living need for you to do/ THEN YOU DIE.  War ensues, because men and women say “ITS THEM OR US”/ even if it should be us, I VOTE THEM! So the constant of war is:  men failed to accept reality, and chose want to lead them, instead of truth. Pride came as a result:  I won the prize, we killed them and we took EVERYTHING they had.

Nonetheless, apart from the tragedies of want and pride:  the failure of all things human. The question is, can a remnant survive what is know certain death, without an absolute miracle from GOD intervening in all this human delusion. NO fantasies won’t save you/ NO, hiding from reality won’t save you/ NO, worshiping those who brought you here as is the university won’t save you;  etc/ etc/ etc…………………………etc! You chose, for all life to follow, and here we are.

As to the potential for life on earth, as a miracle revealed. Since this is no longer up to human existence; you have past by all but the crying.  We now look back, into the biblical book of Revelation to understand any potential relief that might be given.

In the first twelve chapters of Revelation:  men remain in charge of humanity on earth/ and their end is very predictable. They ignite an atomic fire/ they create world war with weapons of mass destruction/ the water supplies end/ Yellowstone super volcano erupts because of what they did do/ and basically every life on the planet ends due to biological weapons just before the fire they created, which has been consuming the planet;  destroys earth.

The second scenario beginning with chapter 13 of Revelation:  recognizes “woman, as entering leadership” through man/ which gives birth to what the powerful hate>  a new beginning, without fear. That erupts into a demand by the powerful to contain this element of “new beginnings”; and so on.  I do say to you:  that “spiritual woman” entered into my life/ and changed it. The proof being:  giving birth to a potential new world order>  the methods of change that take power from the rulers and leaders/ and give that power to the people themselves. To date, you have refused them “the right and the reality to change life on earth”;  because you want to pretend everything will be alright “the university loves you”. The dragons of chapter 12 are “nightmares: discipline overrun with fear”. Religion is given its chance, and those who conquer their own fear, resolve to fight.  Obviously they are the few; as the people themselves do not, desire change:  even with the world itself at risk. Because want is a liar/ while pride is a fool;  so you believe “the university satan”.   Why who or what could be more powerful than that?

DISCARDING THE MOST POWERFUL WORDS ever written, a joint effort of both male and female:  because they can change how you live as a world. A last chance to survive.  Even if they are not the most important words ever written:  which were love grants the possibilities of eternity for you;  as presented by JESUS.

That reality of destroying your own last chance will return us to the beginning of Revelation;  whereby horror “is your only friend”.  Prophecy of biblical Daniel; grants until April of 2018/ but that does not make it true.  The evidence of this day allows for ignition of an atomic fire on any given day, and at any given time:  because the machine(s) are running. So who knows, I certainly do not.    Only GOD knows, and that is the truth.

As we continue through Revelation 13;  power gains the throne, and immediately begins to accumulate weapons/ discarding all restraint, at what these things can do. The beast is “an arrogance so extreme” that it believes “I AM god”. He has the power to make life cringe. But not the brains to take over the world;  so then comes another “who can do more”.

Revelation 14;  a small but determined number of people who fight for this world/ for its life, and everything of value do suddenly arise. They discard their fears, their want, and their pride:  to begin telling the world   RESPECT GOD AND JESUS.

Babylon which is America then falls into disgrace.

The weapon of the few and the brave is:  “eternity will come”. They accept that faith.

One arises, who is different “he is an intermediary”/ yet the same;  before men and women, for all to see.  Who appears to be announcing, the reality of:  judgment has come upon this earth. You will decide “forever”!

What is truth then appears, and the people separate into one side or the other:  change this world/  or those who believe in “university satan”.  Many will choose to believe in their “university gods”; demanding no change. When they lose their eternity, it will be horrific. Their actions precipitate the next chapter.

Revelation 15

Because humanity refuses to surrender their ways, and accept truth leads/ reality as is necessary for life comes first on this planet/ and respect FOR GOD AND LIFE shall NOT be dismissed.

GOD HIMSELF now intervenes, the seven plagues:  are the release of realities designed by the university satan. People receive their reward;  as is the mutilation of life.

Chapter 16

Every threat that the university satan has established begins to come true. You receive your reward for disrespecting “everything”/ and worshiping money instead.

Chapter 17

Begins with the assertion “you sold us out”, a prostitute “sells, the most intimate realities of life”. That would be “the universities”.

The description then defines the other side in this trial as a woman given many precious things, sitting on a beast (defined by, the potential for violence).  The men of the day describe her as the cause “of all their trouble”. Religion says the same.

There is a trial whether formal or not that investigates reality, and identifies truth; in both human society and religion/ particularly the Christian religion.

The world then finds “common ground”. The powerful will hate the woman for causing them to lose; giving MANY threats. Reality will change/ but not immediately.

Chapter 18

GOD IS given respect by humanity!

America dissolves its power over this earth, and civil war breaks out. The MONEY is gone! Their reign is over, and will never rise again.

Chapter 19

The great adulteries are:  weapons of mass destruction/ mutilation of life/ poisoning of water supplies/ counterfeiting of money/ and all the other tragedies which the university satan DID lead this nation too.  And all the nations which joined her, because that is what they wanted to do;  which includes religion and its call to “join evolution” and declare the university is god.

The twenty four elders are the laws of this universe. The four elements of life are: what lives in the water/ on the land/ in the land/ and as a relationship with the air.

Out of this turmoil, a new religion arises;  one that seeks truth, rather than belief.

One arises to lead with passion, a demand that this world SHALL CHANGE:  putting only life through RESPECT for this planet, and GOD;    FIRST.

Those who are against them shall fail. Those who want power, and pride, and slavery from the rest arise one last time/ but are defeated.

Chapter 20

The cause of fear is sent away, the great chain is the creation of law, which will not fundamentally be broken for one thousand years. The abyss is want and its pride; that cannot escape;  they’re chain.


Revelation then changes to the definitions of what must or will happen when this earth can no longer support life, “its resources, are all used up”.

Revelation 21

Grants the possibility eternity will reveal “more than you can even imagine”;  for those who attain it.

Revelation 22

Reminds humanity, that each individual throughout the ages;  has the potential for either “heaven or hell”/ it’s up to you.  JESUS is your guide!


The footnote here is:  that prophecy is not a clear cut path that must occur.  Rather prophecy is granted to be, the illumination of what men have given themselves to be/ by their actions and reactions.  Each decision HAS a destiny (I chose) or a fate (can’t choose, reality by its truth has decided). Therefrom according to the decisions that humanity was making at the time of this writing:  the road they chose became this one.

The right to make decisions which alter than fate, exist.  But only if different decisions are made.

THAT PART, is your decision.

The Daniel prophecy:  reflects the reality of men, therefore it controls the time frame for what happens, if only the first part of Revelation comes true.  The second part of Revelation, starting with chapter 12, reflects the prediction of what will happen if women are participating, and even controlling what the future of humanity will be.

MORE SIMPLY, it is decreed: that it is primarily men, who have brought humanity to the edge of extinction risking all life on earth, even the planet/ even this solar system; and for that cause shall NO LONGER be responsible for the future.  Or life, dies because of them!


As to me:  the values and foundations of my work, have fundamentally changed through the interactions “with spiritual woman”/ which entered my life about 12 years ago. She corrected the male considerations of war (you will listen, by force;  and change because we must)/ and demanded shared knowledge instead of barriers. Although some aspects of my life remain “strictly male”/ the majority of my own existence is now “altered”. Not perverted or in any consideration other than my best attempts to be “what  GOD  would have me to be”. Rather the essence of our time on earth is:  everything beautiful, is threatened with extermination/ because humanity does not care enough. They have surrendered everything, “to a university god”, who has proven to be the fundamental essence of “Satan (destroyer of a world) himself”. Religious or not, it fits!

Reality now dictates, even though every part and every piece of what can change this world FOR LIFE ON THE PLANET TO COME FIRST.  Nothing else can truly be done, UNLESS YOU AGREE:   life on this planet will come first.  Unless you understand:  without human intervention and work for life first/ the end of our planet and ability to survive is here!  Only you, can change or accept the reality of fighting for life on earth/ before simply wallowing in self greed.  Your decision, cannot be made by another/ nor is their decision the influence that determines your own:  you do decide for you. There are no excuses.

The reality of trump as president now looms large:  the grade school bully, gets to play/ and every indication is, that the attack on resources and environment will be great.  Ending the very last opportunities to save our world. It would be wise, to investigate the electoral college for “people bribed”/ as it takes only twenty people to collect forty votes (a vote for one/ is also, a vote against the other).  The critical question is not political at its core;  I have no politics.  Rather the critical question is:  unless you control greed with law, our world is dead. 8 billion people CANNOT continue to do, what the entire history of humanity on earth has done. We are too many, and we will not survive.  Even if we are allowed to survive by intervention,   should   GOD   decide NOT to let atomic fire ignite.  No one knows if that will be true/ what we do know is men are trying to ignite atoms on fire; and they stand inside the door frame, “one step away” from, our world on fire.  It may be, “a greater mercy” than letting humanity go insane, because we soon will know:  our ability to survive is over.  Liars will complain it cannot be so/ but reality proves by the evidence:  there is absolutely no doubt.  Change is mandatory/ the need extreme and immediate:  or we are soon, extinct.

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