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ELEMENTS, the base essence of life within humanity as conceived by time.


Critical to existence of life itself;  are the foundation elements which give us our ability to survive/ to decide for love or hate.  Survival means we remain living existence. Love means we have risen beyond survival to desire, a function of happiness:  to achieve value, “life has meaning beyond self”.  This is approximation of purity, as is required for eternity. Hate means:  you have descended in the mire, of believing nothing matters but you.

These three basic elements (love/ desire/ & value) grant the ascension into the next four elements of life:  respect/ discipline/ balance/ order combined with courage.  Hate is nothing/ unless you earn revenge.

The base reality of being human is, built on three things:  want/ pride/ and power.  These combine to measure existence in, the time spent as body/ and its recognition of “mine”.  Humanity is the inception of a simple decision:  that we want, to live between love and hate; so that we can have both. Thereby hating anyone we want/ or loving them as we choose.

That of course is not possible in truth:  because love and hate are at extreme opposites in the composition of a life (they DON’T exist together).  Nonetheless, what makes humanity human, is the fact that most want “everything”/ rather than what truth will allow. That is the basis of human misery, and nearly every human trial of life or living or society.

So let’s examine, why?  We begin with “everything”/ which is, so they can say “I know it all/ I experienced it all/ I am like god, because I did it all”.  Having done so, the expressions and experience of hate have been found. Because when you enter into “everything”/ that includes hate, and all its fundamental categories of strife and tragedy, arise to greet you. Therefrom people, whose purpose was not hate;  having experienced what they do not want to recognize or remember.  Begin to, or turn toward power, which is the exhibition of control/ manipulation/ temptation/ or greed. Each of these, if successful;  forms the conclusion “I can play god”. Hate uses power to examine and express violence (you mean nothing to me)/ revenge (I will make you lose)/ fear (never believe in mercy)/ and rape (I can play god over you).

What truth will allow, REMOVES want/ thereby only truth controls existence, and life must accept this experience and expression by making the best life they can with what is available.  Humanity hates that, choosing want instead because “with a lie”; they believe they can have “everything”.  Consequently lies expand, and humanity learns NOT TO trust or believe “anyone but me”;  as in they are all LIARS.  That infection, is a disease which spreads based entirely upon how many are participating in lies. Every form of human endeavor is affected/ and it cannot be undone, until the lies are stopped.

Pride is at its core, the single hardest element of humanity to remove. Pride assembles your place in the herd (simple lives, leave us alone) or pack of predators (we want more, for us).  Pride remembers:  that when measured, “some have more”/ and those with more, find it extremely hard to be less among the rest.  While those with what is measured to be less, find it extremely hard to accept “they weren’t cheated” in some form or other.  Which becomes “I have a right”; to do whatever I want, to even the score!  Pride lives with want/ and want lives with pride:  because it takes a game to measure someone as more or less. It takes a game (winner or loser) to understand, want has a purpose in human thought. It takes a game, to believe “I, or we, can play god”.  Take away these things, and what you have left is life; not humanity as time.

The ability to survive, is based upon three things:  understand/ acknowledge/ and respect! Within these boundaries arise, and that creates an environment to sustain “the living”.

The development of love, is a decision within soul, to participate beyond self and accept the limits of a journey that recognizes the value of personal destiny. Love is a directional discipline, which then creates a balance through the ascension of what we can and do build together. That fact, which means “more than self is involved here”:  isolates existence into the complexity of order, by creating courage.

We begin with courage:  to understand and acknowledge therefrom, that we will all die to time! None escapes, therefrom we know (even if we don’t want) that, “I will die”.  To respect that fact, by developing the foundation:  “we are miracles”.  Illustrates the potential, that life itself is not over/ even if the body of time is.  Nothing about life or planet is less than a true miracle:  which means we were not responsible for our existence, or any other/ IT IS “A GIFT”.  Within that truth, is the potential for an eternity;  which means, this incubator of time, includes “forever”.  Given that understanding, fear becomes irrelevant.  It is an order, to life and living;  as is assigned by reality.

We examine balance as a purpose which must attain the passion of a desire to complete itself. From desire, “doors exist, into the interiors of what passion and truth must mean, to you”.  Balance exhibits the restraint necessary, to survive what is more than simply “time in a body”. A purpose which is freed, cannot survive without discipline. Therefrom passion erupts as your demonstration of necessity:  what will you do, if presented with the consequences of your desire? Truth, as is consistent with a spiritual element;  illuminates desire.

Discipline is the builder of everything, other than thought. With discipline love arises to become its own value/ assessed by the truth of your own desire.  Happiness results, only when the treasury called your heart, realizes “I AM ALIVE”.  Anything less, is complacency or pride interfering in your rise above self. The critical lesson of discipline is:  although self is essential to all relationships/ it is not essential to anyone but you. Respect grants that your right to exist, shall be granted only when you accept each other living thing has the same right/ unless hate has taken that away.

So, let’s examine respect as the path from which we rise within ourselves, to become equal with all other life.  Respect means:  to accept what is true/ therefrom refusing lies, to achieve honesty. Each of these are necessary to participate in any and every form of purity and its purpose; as is a preparation for eternity. They are NOT religious elements:  these are the essence of wisdom, thereby directing your path into spirit and soul.


Life begins with the development of thought/ as without thought (I am alive), nor the freedom of a decision:   does not exist.  Consequently it is consistent with knowledge, that we should individually understand:  to achieve spirit requires the participation of soul.

Soul exists, from our own beginning;  as is true of every single life that can attain eternity.  Soul begins with the recognition of miracles:  which translates as “this was done by   GOD”.  Which means beyond superior, and cannot be understood;  apart from what we are given by the evidence, gathered from truth;  to accept.  Soul is a relationship, “with the life inside”!  It is that simple. So the question is:  CAN we separate life from body, with knowledge or certainty called truth?  The answer is:  we can certainly separate life from body, as that is consistent with death.  Life being the essence of thought, and “I” equals, the freedom of an independent decision.  Body representing the essence of human time itself, as is mass and energy in a state of action or reaction;  governed by measurements. Mass is not life/ energy is not life either:  although mass contributes to humanity, while energy contributes to eternity.

What we cannot alter or disobey, is the fact:  when life leaves the body, it becomes worthless! So the ultimate value of human existence is life/ NOT body. Body translates individuality, into time.  Life translates individuality, into eternity. See the difference?

So the question erupts:  WHAT IS, an eternity, as life? The answer is:  entirely dependent upon what you have built, to be your life.


That functionally brings us to “male and female” realities of difference.  The essence of male is, “an outward push” to discover what can be found at the edge of his own ability, to be whatsoever he chooses to be.  The essence of female is, “an inward pull”/ which recognizes the value of relationships, and the elemental desire to be secured away from danger.

These two functioning decisions participate as the balancing of life itself. “balancing means:  two, makes one”. Love does allow for more, to share both life and living:  when we care!  Thereby family in all its forms; arise.  Happiness comes from, “we shared our lives honestly, and with hope”.  Peace comes from:  together we are living with respect, because we do care for each other.  Harmony exists when, the truth of our ways, exhibits a desire to  share.

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