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Dating, the quest to become accepted/ in a reality where people want to possess.


Just “for fun”; is a definition that identifies and supports the opportunity that is dating. This rarely exists in real life/ at least in America. Because humanity “wants what it wants, and nearly every one wants it RIGHT NOW”.  So we all pay the price of that, particularly in the dating world.

No, I have not dated anyone for at least 30 years/ so I am out of touch;  but find no cause to believe things have changed. In fact, evidence suggests these things have only gotten worse. The addiction to cell phones and other frivolous items supports that conclusion.  People hide in these devices:  so they don’t have to deal with “real people” in person. Divided into two parts:  media has done its best to reduce all of humanity and life with complete DISRESPECT.  Real people HAVE, a long list of problems; with no real solution/ because they will not face reality itself. Nearly all hide from what they do not want, or run away.  That conclusion is based upon possibilities “this is too great or too tragic, for me to deal with”:  I therefore can’t do it!  The unfortunate fact is:  our reality is in fact, only corrected by an army of people willing to use the law, identify the truth, and demand “life and planet must come first”.  In a world filled with liars/ thieves/ traitors/ cheats/ failures/ fantasies/ fools/ whore’s/ and hate.

So, what are we to do?  The sad truth is;  apart from miracle intervention, which finds that army in support of life/ there is essentially nothing we can do.  Therefore the consequence of that reality is:  simply live your life, as if tomorrow will never come. Because there are only two distinct conclusions to our world:  extinction or true change!  Extinction is winning/ because humanity still believes “this is a game”;  and the cult of university knows, still controls all mass media. Do not be suicidal over this reality, nor even depressed:  because literally we ARE, all going to die/ and no one knows when. Even though the evidence finds no other conclusion, you could die tomorrow, in an accident or other:  so live with love, as the best you can be.  ALL Love begins with a participation in soul, “I believe in miracles”!

Back then to DATING, as a relationship formed around the possibility of a greater happiness for some; in these last few days of humanity, on earth.

Dating is intended to be, the exploration of distinct characteristics between male and female;  so as to identify and create the possibilities of hope/ which then become what we can or will build together. It is not free, each must give of themselves to make this work.  If either then decides to leave/ the other will feel loss;  particularly because they have invested of themselves.

Every decision is your own/ even if you follow:  so long as a true choice existed, you made it. Therefore understand, even if your relationship fails/ YOU did participate in that failure, to some extent.  Which means hate (I wish you were dead) is not acceptable, or more simply this is, “your fault too”. You let them be to you;  whatever they wanted to be. You failed to be to them; the answer they searched for/ and they too you.

We then examine the proper means of dating, strictly as a discourse on elements, which did matter. Remembering, even now:  if you simply jump “into bed” with each other/ that will generally  bring more trouble than it solves! Immediate sex does not bring happiness, to each other;  which is the only true purpose for dating. We start with the opportunity to meet each other/ NO small thing.  This is in fact, the most serious of all other factors in dating.  IF you cannot meet the person that will make you “as happy as you can be”/ then dating and the relationships which follow or die;  will be less than life allows.

So the question is:  HOW do we meet other people of the opposite sex, in a place and a way that is safe for both people?

The environment matters:  ARE YOU HIDING, or are you doing the best you can to meet and greet other people so that you can find the person with whom a lifetime could be formed?  That singular word “a lifetime”; is the critical link between what can survive and what cannot, in relationship terms. Singular means, “this is just about me”/ whereas a relationship “deemed married”;  becomes “just about us”.  Do you see the difference, it is more subtle than people realize. Because the cost is:  everything about me, must now be cast aside on both sides, so that we can become united in “us”. Here is the great hurdle of human translation:  do you understand this cost/ and are you willing to make that sacrifice?

The constant of dating is:  as man and woman learn about each other, the reality of that cost becomes apparent, even if not critically understood. Which brings the decision:  I MUST leave what I want/ in order to get WHAT I WANT.  OR, this one must change without me/ because I won’t pay this price. That then brings manipulation/ temptation/ flattery/ use or abuse/ lies/ cheating/ failure/ fantasies/ and more.  Because those who won’t surrender a part of themselves/ must then take that “extra part”;  away from you.  This is the reality of dating, and it is expensive:  particularly when you don’t understand what is at stake.  People find themselves with a “broken heart (you took my love, and then failed me)”;  because they wanted the one who would not change “for me”.  We all must accept truth/ every excuse you make, to ignore or “be blind, deaf, and dumb” regarding what you have seen in the evidence as true:  will become another wound in you. Dating as is life, must always depend on the truth;  or the price will not be worth its cost.  That unfortunately leaves out a large number of people as potential mates;  unless, you can make them understand, “only truth is allowed here”. And they accept, without excuses!

The open door, to meeting people;  means you are not hiding anymore. That requires “a healed heart/ if it has been broken”.  To heal a heart, you must release everything that went wrong;  so as to see your own truth, and fix yourself.  No, others cannot truly fix you;  even if they can create an environment which does make this possibility much easier! The odds of getting close to someone, when you are crying inside; is small or non-existent/ even if they are otherwise perfect, so to speak.

The heart heals, when you remove everything you wanted from the relationship that failed, and simply let it be “whatever it was” that led you to accept failure and foolishness as your own way too. Accepting lies is a failure/ understanding they will not change, and only demand more;  is a true foolishness to stay.  So the question is:  WHY, would you do that? The answer is love, without honor! The consequence of tragedy is:  many will then believe “THIS tragedy in me, is the fault of love”/ or, this tragedy in me is the fault of men; or women/  or, this is cause to believe the entire human race is evil, and I should hate them all.  OR, this tragedy in me, is my own fault for not demanding what is true shall always rule my life; even if it does not rule the others.  Love requires participation, forgiveness, caring, sharing, friendship, compassion, respect, and courage.  Among other things! Therefore those who cannot participate in truth with you, should not be judged/ but they should be told, in no uncertain terms:  “Only truth is accepted here”. Whether that truth is you both desire sex, or whatever it is;  is entirely up to you both. Just make certain you are not making excuses for yourself. Be true, to you; and accept the price of it/ because freedom is not free!

So, Let’s talk freedom: the reality we must, and we will surrender something of value (as is consistent with love that becomes a bond), to be part of a relationship that is more than simply self! The question is:  WHAT is important about yourself, to you? This is a critical question that must be answered/ and it is fundamentally the cause “young love” cannot always survive; “because you do not yet, honestly know”.  It is also why dating is harder when you grow older;  because people generally do know “what they desire most from their life”. Those who can only find what they hate most about life or themselves; rarely make a valuable companion. Because they are not bringing value with them; they must be healed. Healing someone has a cost, it is not cheap; and when the real person arrives back on the scene/ most of the time they will abandon you.  Because the fact is:  they don’t, want to be reminded of their own failures/ or they want to fall back into them.  Its called freedom, even if it is not fair.

Fair means:  with respect for each other, I have agreed, determined, and measured with truth: that this result we seek;  can be balanced equally for both/ by this answer.  fair gives more to neither side, rather it seeks equal compensation for both. By respecting the investment, risk, reward, and realities involved:  and proven true, by the evidence.

Respect in dating means:  I ACCEPT the value of your life/ and appreciate the time, and other choices;  you give willingly and with honesty, to me!  Respect assembles the right to own your own body, without reservations or inferences of ownership, duty, decisions that are not truly free, or any other form of participation that is not utterly “your own decision”.  Which does include “I will seek your safety, and your happiness; hoping, you seek mine as well”.

Sex in dating means:  the value of our friendship has increased to the essence of trust, thereby completing the cycle of participation which demands “another level of intimacy”.  OR, there is a clear need in one or both, that can only be translated with a demonstration called caring/ which then enables the body to be shared. OR, the simple chemistry of a body, has proven to be addictive/ and addicts are hard to control.

Given these parameters, the question of value is:  ARE YOU BOTH ready, to deal with each other’s underlying problems? Once sex becomes more familiar, reality will shift to the questions that identify bonding or escape. Once need is dealt with, the reality becomes “what now”/ because, even if it is not “complete sex”; it has proven to be enough. Someone who has experienced a true need, will not release you easily; it is that simple.  With regard to chemistry, the most serious question is:  “children SHOULD NOT” arise from this!  Otherwise, it is your body and theirs;  if you agree/ that is your decision. So long as you accept the consequences for your actions or reactions, are yours. Young sex, does not understand this concept;  which is why, reality then becomes a true struggle.

The methods of dating are simple:

  1. Find a way to communicate, with all the people you meet as equals. Therefrom you meet more, and can expand your own possibilities, and may do so for others as well. GO, where people go. GO, where new and different people go.  GO where the opposite sex goes, and be “available for talking, or communicating as best you can”.
  2. Advertise; one of the best ways is to wear something, do something, or be something that you are comfortable with:  that invites conversation. ANYTHING, that invites honest, simple conversation, can bring a reward. Things which are not simple, can bring those who “fight against this”.  If that is what you desire, or need/ then do so. It too, may bring a reward; just expect problems with it.
  3. ALWAYS remember to create an opportunity, with every chance meeting. The difference between walking away with a date or simply walking away: is IF YOU provided something we could do together. Such as “meeting in the library” for instance (safe, simple, & what interests you).
  4. People meeting people, is simply about creating an opportunity to assemble as a group; which has identified themselves, “In search of more friends”. Never judge anyone, it is unworthy/ let the law decide, or move away. Let the homosexual be what they are; its called freedom/ even if, it is not in anyone’s best interest. Try to be civil, and tolerant; freedom is important to you too!
  5. The reality of every HONEST date is: to let freedom decide what happens next for you both.  That cannot be done, if your only expectation is to “demand ownership, as in I should kill you for talking to someone else”; etc/ etc.  The right person for you, needs NO CHAIN!
  6. Loneliness is a “blanket statement”; because it does affect everything you can or cannot be. Therefore loneliness must be understood as: “no one loves me, for who I am”! The consequence of that, finds many devoted to religion. The reality of religion is, “with rules, I can be disciplined”. The reality of “personal problems” can be identified primarily as:  this abnormality is the result of “something that went wrong”.  If severe enough: Many of these problems, will not be healed.  It is a fact of life, that tags along if you form a bond.
  7. The critical choice for every man and every woman is: can the true desires of your own heart, meet and live with the purposes of their soul? That means fundamentally, what will become important to you both, is honestly accepted for the sake of each lifetime: you agree, on what is most important in your future.
  8. Try to remember, that life is far more serious “than a job, a color, or a purpose that is less than for life itself”. The ability to ascend beyond self, requires the development of love.  Open your heart. That can be assisted by either “human or GOD”; love is accepting, when that is appropriate. Reality however is less accepting/ humanity is torn by the demand to survive, and that reflects itself in bigotry and selfishness (if not for your group/ I WOULD have more).  Minority groups (something recognized as different) are required, “for mob actions to occur”. It’s just so much easier. Even so, the primary job of every relationship is peace and harmony together through the responsibility, that binds love together with trust. If you have found that/ then color, size, etc;  absolutely does not matter. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of society itself!
  9. It is constant and true, that you cannot secure anyone with sex. Sex if accepted will buy you time/ but it also takes away the opportunity to understand the basic levels of who each is. Therefore it is functionally a cost, rather than a reward. Until either need arises, which you accept as a desire to answer “for their sake”. Or, the elemental rise of love occurs:  which means, the value of life has been found.  The question presented by love is:  CAN we honestly share our existence in time/ because “everything has a price”.
  10. The price of love, and the reality of value for the living, are essentially equal. The price of love is “something of self, must be given in order to bind us together”/ that requires trust. Trust is earned, not given. Trust is ascended from truth, therefore truth is the price of trust, and its consequence “I can love you”. The value of living, is assigned by the fundamental relationship we give to caring. What we care about, then has value to ourselves/ whereas if you do not care; then whatever the relationship in judgment conceives as living: refuses to share value in you, and becomes worthless accordingly. So the price of living with value is caring. The relationship you build between each other with love is sharing/ the responsibility of that love is caring. The reality of whether you can exist together, is then accrued by trust. These are the fundamentals of “marriage”, and the descriptions of “do you love me enough; to give up a portion of your own freedoms”. So we can join together as one!
  11. The essence of every heart, is a desire to belong; not simply to time, but eternity. Nothing is closer to that truth than love. Nothing is harder to build, than a home. Therefore understand this simply, the essence of life is “to participate where value lives”.  Value lives, where life accepts the passage beyond self, is to release both want and pride from yourself; bringing a change in you. Power gains very little for life, although it must exist to dispose of hate. People use sex for power or abuse. This should never be so!  Where loneliness is significant, honest caring through the acceptance of “sex”; can reduce or eliminate that/ but it has a price, and cannot simply be “turned back off”.  Sex will not heal a broken heart, because love is not sexual;  life is!  The sex called life, recognizes truth through respect, and attaches the foundation of friendship first. Sex as a body redefines that friendship with a commitment:  “we will try”.  Lust finds neither value, it is simply for the chemicals! Where love and life exist within truth, as our commitment to each other: there within bodies shared, a value created by living,  transforms each one.
  12. Loneliness, is “life’s way”; of telling you NOT to be secluded from the rest. Even though they are largely unfair, unbalanced, disrespectful, and even more: the fact is, on this earth nothing is more simply conceived as true, than “we are equals as life”. If we are equals, “which includes you”/ then surely we can get along; if only pride and want can be left behind! Want is the seed of every lie. Pride makes life a game;  simply do not play!  Be fair, not righteous. Be honest, not overbearing. Be true to yourself, and never judge; the law is enough/ even when it fails. Because little is more destructive to you, than to assume hate will fix anything/ it does not!  Fight instead to fix the law, and thereby society itself. Where there is justice and truth, none fill a need “to die”/ because love will blossom.
  13. Never believe in gossip, as that is completely unreliable and will cause you trouble. One tiny grain of sand, is the constant used by gossipers; in their race, to be the first to tell, whatever they can take from that tiny bit of information to create an entire story. Gossip is almost always “nothing but a story for fools”. Every person deserves to be “free of judgment”/ until the evidence proves otherwise. Don’t be foolish, and trust too soon! Rather be what life itself calls us all to be:  willing and able to accept that we are equals. Up until hate, by any or all its forms has proven to be true. Even then do not judge, let the law do its job. Anything less, hurts you. Communication is important, something to say is then desired/ but reality knows, the most important reality you can be for life:  is whatever life needs most! In person to person realities:  respect/ listening/ acceptance/ courage/ compassion/ participation/ honesty/ understanding/ and justice assemble “what every life needs most”.  Gossip is without a cause:  because tested for truth has proven, when confronted with something important, as is a world in trouble;  they all dig a hole, and hide! Gossipers exist, “to avoid reality”.



As for me;  the foundation of my interest, what is important to me, “is life or death for this planet”. Nothing else matters more. In respect for that, I continue. “it’s a little cold/ there is no purpose in building for a future that does not exist”;  so, I write, just to pass the time.  Just how it is!

Mine is a journey;  which means I cannot live “simply safe”, knowing our world is in danger/ nor can I want whatever time would give to me as self, by simply discarding the future for all the rest. Life is not a game! Instead, I search for eternity! Giving lessons, as both love and reality allow:  I proceed to establish my own truth, in life.

Your failure to participate (not even trying),  with this entire world facing extinction/ is your own truth, it is not mine!  That does not mean, you are judged/ it simply means, we will all share the same loss. Along with every part of Creation itself!   Like it or not; true is true!


This is a world filled with human failures, particularly in America;  a reality of people who refuse to respect life in every sense of the word.  That failure is orchestrated by “university knows”/ a reality of people who believe they can play god, ruin/ cheat/ mutilate/ destroy/ or steal everything they can find; and then simply “go get more” from the store. Can’t blame us, “we are gods”; we have a book! Even though, they destroyed an entire planet, and said of everything they did to lead this nation is, “we will all, pay later”. Then demanding: let the children pay instead/ then let the grandchildren pay instead/ then we don’t have to pay nothing; let the children die.  They  have chosen to kill both life and world to hide the reality of what they did choose to do. As is mutilate genetics/ destroy all resources/ prepare hate and weapons for ending our world/ corrupt all forms of government and education to their own purposes/ and everything else an “evil religion does”. Such is our reality as a planet and world, a humanity that deserves what they sold all lives for:  “disease and disgrace”.  Go ahead turn on your tv, “so they can tell you,  what you think”. Go ahead and listen to your gods at university, tell you they can play with the same fire as is on the sun:  “burns your skin from 91 MILLION miles away, in summer”. What could go wrong? You tell me, because ignition happens only once; and the entire planet will burn. But hey, like all religious (we believe, together we can’t be wrong) cults (no one questions our leaders);   fools are fools! Eternity is waiting, and your excuse is “they made us do it/ they promised they could be gods”.  Want to bet, on your reward, for killing an entire world?

Nonetheless, every diploma says:  that ain’t me, I just wanted what I wanted/ I worked hard, or not; and deserve MUCH MORE than what I got/ cause “I am god too”.  Or more simply “I have a diploma” therefore it is unquestionable, I deserve MORE! Such is a leader, is it not? So, as we look around to understand where life on earth has been led too? The question is;  are you god or more clearly SATAN?  Because if life cannot be sustained as a world/ then you are its destroyer’s. Which is the very meaning, or description,  of the word  “satan”.

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