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The reality of our day is:  without leadership, the herd refuses to move/ even the pack, lacks direction as well. Consequently a vast array of  creatures become a prey.

So the question is:  WHY, is leadership so damn important? The answer:  “because being wrong, can be fatal”! Therefore a mass that moves together, believes it will get a fundamental notice “that edge of us”, is in crisis (fell of a ledge, etc)/ before the entire herd is involved. So animals pick a leader they believe can make better choices than the rest/ and blindly follow, until the mistakes overwhelm trust. Elemental humanity, those without sufficient confidence to make decisions for themselves; all fall into this category. So much so, that it is very hard for those who are “different (we want to make our own decisions)” to maintain a place in society itself.  Of course the entire human herd says:  “I MAKE my own decisions”/ but reality refuses that claim, and supports it very well by simply referencing “the media tell you whatever it is: you think you believe”.  If they tell you something different/ then that is what you believe. The only exceptions are religion;  which has its own herd, so as to create its own “I want this instead”!

Since a thinking human being (someone who listens for the evidence, investigates reality to assemble the facts, identifies truth, and functionally chooses without want or pride) is so extremely rare. Consequently “so different” than the rest (can’t trust you). The question is:  in a world ready to collapse under threats so massive extermination will be the outcome in our time!  What can be done?

It has become clear, that an examination of the clear and true purpose of leadership must occur.  What is clear is:  that decisions matter/ and must be based upon truth.  What is true is, the failure to do that in this day means extinction for us all!  There is no hiding from that reality/ and there is no turning it back, even with an all-out effort from the vast majority of humanity:  without TRUE change. Like it or not, those facts are true.

So the question is:  WHO should lead? The current American solution is:  let the grade school bully lead/ because he will “make America great again”.  So say all whose only true desire is greed:  I WANT TO BE RICH/ damn you all, because I am not! Thereby we know,  “a vote, for someone to vote for me”;  has no functional reality beyond want.  Not good/ but little worse than those who whimper, whine, and believe “we should give everything away”;  UNTIL that actually happens. As a disguise, so the thirst for power cannot be clearly seen.

Leadership that functions for life, knows only truth/ no want allowed.  Leadership that applies the fundamental, which is LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, must come first:  is a gradient accepted, which refuses pride (life is NOT a game)/ and controls power, by limiting it to the least possible reality. Leadership that respects the value of existence itself, understands the basic element of peace, is a freedom that supports  both love and happiness in an environment of justice for all.  These are the essence of a leadership that works. IT IS different, than yours.

Critical to everything leadership can be is:  a desire to do so. Because separated from the herd, to be viewed as “the answer”; means their failure/ their fantasies/ their refusal/ their want/ their injustice/ and every other damn thing humanity can demand; is laid at your own feet. With no true reward other than, “to fight with those who want EVERYTHING”;  for the rest of your own life. Not a gift worth having/ a job, with little rest, no thank you, respect only when power exerts itself!  Plus the opportunity consistent with all rulers around the earth (to steal, commit tyranny, lie, cheat, and so on).  The law must rule, so these things cannot happen; or leaders are executed:  because “they didn’t give me what I WANTED”. Therefore an excuse to believe “he or she, should be killed” erupts, is manipulated, or conceived among those who want power, pride, want, or lust.

THEREFORE the real question of leadership is law!  The foundation of every law is its words, crafted in a manner consistent with understanding among all of humanity! Simple and plain! Those laws must exist to explain “wide and various precepts in wisdom”;  so they can be limited. NO MORE, than what human society can learn and remember for itself.  Any variation of impetus, that needs clarification:  results in a courtroom, is restricted TO JUSTIFIED interpretation of the law; and shall then be duly presented to the people themselves for their decision by vote.

The enforcement of law is:  a critical deliberate decision, to understand nothing in society, is free! Society is:  a functioning herd, which includes its own predators; and lacks its own thought!  Therefore assembling law as a way of life, REQUIRES educating people into thinking beings, instead of animals. The education of humanity into “I CAN think for myself”/ is an absolute opposite of what occurs today. Today in America; the intent and purpose is, to separate and discard those who cannot belong to the universities/ while mesmerizing, and manipulating those who can belong to university into slaves.  A slave is someone required, or forced to work:  without any real payment or opportunities to choose for themselves. Today, in America:  every single dollar, is counterfeit!  Inflation that is NOT reported as such/ is hidden numbers, entirely for the purpose of counterfeiting payments with numbers, that have no intrinsic or real value:  because there are so many!  A reality beyond belief;  as is claimed assets of this USA. Your numbers are worthless, making numbers “the biggest liars of all”.

What then does it mean:  “to think, for yourself”?  the question is more deliberate than it appears.  Thought reflects the environment of truth, by accepting its parameters, and becoming in essence:  a part of that truth.  You do have to live it/ to learn it. Therefore thought begins with truth, and it achieves balance, through the order completed by disciplines. Or, more simply:  that you cannot want whatever you want/ but must accept reality as your teacher.  Commonly called common sense, the foundation of all learning, and henceforth the understanding consistent with thought:  is to let reality teach!  Instead of fantasies as is the intellectual garbage of “anything we want”.  Reality insists, only truth will matter to life/ liars, are failures to be avoided!

Society MUST then be confronted with reality, by its own truth/ so that the potential for change can exist.  To accomplish that fact:  the illusions created by society MUST be diminished or destroyed/ so that a new foundation can be erected in its place.  Illusions are “the university knows everything”;  absolutely not true!  Religion knows everything it needs to know;  absolutely not true.  People know everything they need to know; not true. Nothing matters “but me”;  a clear stupidity without merit”/ called failure!

So, lets suppose society could find its “mind”; another “ain’t never going to happen”.  Because people only want what they want/ and they don’t want NO OTHER DAMN THING, than what they want!  Simple as that, “so, I have been told in a wide variety of ways, countless times”;  proving absolutely true!

Nonetheless, it’s a little cold, and I have time with nothing currently to do.  So we will discuss it anyway.  A thinking society is this:  WE, the people;  understand life is not free/ WE, understand truth is the essence of our future, and nothing can be hidden in a journey to create honest value for our lives/ WE, agree;  that justice is important for peace, and freedom is essential for happiness. Whereas liberty, our right to intervene in someone’s own life;  MUST be limited in all aspects of governing!

These fundamentals grant opportunities/ whereas the current American malaise of university knows everything;  is a constant quagmire in the demand.  WE THE UNIVERSITIES MUST control your lives/ because you are so damn stupid, and brutally inferior;  “we literally, can’t leave you alone”.  We must tell you everything, and then make you do whatever we say;  because “we are god”/ and you are worthless.  So says the basic evidence of university control;  established by stealing with debts that cannot be paid/ and inflation hidden by currency manipulation;  with full an complete media cover-up/ or exclusion of facts.

Consequently “your gods, at university” must be removed;  or society itself will completely collapse into civil war and destroy the nation itself. Just another history repeats, as any and every group which could;  did the same thing throughout all of human history.  Tyrants stomp on humanity as “worthless (you aren’t giving me everything I want/ OR, I have everything I want;  so I don’t need you anymore)”/ because slaves can be hard to control.  Then the slaves decide “even death” is better than this, so they revolt, and create war.  Soon however that will end, because autonomous military robots will control those slaves “forevermore”.  Another “university gift”.

WHAT is life to do?    That answer will be found in “think for yourself”/  oh wait, “I know, you have to turn on your tv” to do that.  Ain’t that so? Without doubt it is.  After all, who wants to be free to survive/ when the bribes are so good, extinction doesn’t matter?  Isn’t that right?


OR, AS I HAVE BEEN TOLD REPEATEDLY FOR DECADES:     HELL, AIN’T NOBODY GOING TO PAY FOR A FUTURE, we don’t want!  BECAUSE, our gods at the university will fix it all.

Plain and simple:  SHUT THE FUCK UP, and don’t bother me again!   So now be honest, “ain’t this you too”?  99+ percent, “can’t be wrong”/  now, ain’t that so!

OR, they all (99+) look at me in fear; just before they run away to hide from reality, and NEVER want to be told again.  “let the world die/ hide, hide, hide”.


It is, true simple and plain: that before I considered and did open the door to “spiritual woman”; in a direct decision to ask “WHAT would women do”?  I also considered establishing “force, that could not be avoided”/ therefrom demanding LISTEN, OUR WORLD IS IN DANGER!  That, was cast aside; because as history will prove, and every form of man admit too:  men would only have seen the force, even if non-violent.  Responding to it only “as the enemy/ and learning absolutely nothing”. The courts are corrupt, and therefrom absolutely useless:  a constant throughout all of human history, just before civil war. Leaving only “women, as a last resort”.  Since physical women wanted nothing to do, with such matters as these:  spiritual (the essence of this truth) woman, had to be asked. That had consequences unforeseen. Even so, a blessing in disguise; because while man has no ability to survive what he has done.  Women are different, therefore if leading: their choices will also be “different”.  So, there is one last possibility life on earth could survive. It is worth noting:  entry into the spiritual world of women, REQUIRES all potential for force, be removed!  This is the thirteenth year, since that decision:  all work in view from that moment on, is literally in direct connection with “the spiritual reality of woman, in me”; whether you believe it or not. Makes no difference to me! Was NEVER my desire or design/ however the union therefrom has proven to be absolutely essential, to sustaining a relationship of any kind “with you”.  Without hope, life dies; In one form or another.

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