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I remind you again:  because it is absolutely clear, you are unwilling to do anything for life or planet/ apparently because you fear the universities SO DAMN MUCH!  That I have left you one alternative solution; even though it will now take way too long to complete. It remains as an option:  I have not filed taxes since 2011; {I REFUSE to pay my own executioner/ REFUSE to pay for the destruction of America, life, or world: WITHOUT A TRUE AND CONSISTENT WITH REALITY, TRIAL}!  Wherein your employees of both state and federal government stole and refused constitutional law.. creating barricades to keep me out of court.  MAKE THEM, take me to court, for a jury trial/ and I will countersuit for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; and bring everything to trial.  This is not a game, and there will be consequences you don’t like. But since you refuse to do anything else:  WE BOTH KNOW, that you CAN do this. What then happens, is in fact; almost entirely up to you. Because as the court, government, etc:  all such employees have all proven true.  The constitution and the law are irrelevant, IF THE DOOR REMAINS CLOSED, and no one complains.  Last chances are few, keep it in mind.  Because it asks the question:  ARE YOU REALLY so damn weak; you can’t do that?  EITHER  DISCARD YOUR DELUSIONS, and your fears, recognizing you have no real choice.  Because your threats are so severe, that your world, along with every life, every future, and every child;  will end. Unless YOU DO SOMETHING!


It is hereby noted:  that I do not refuse to pay taxes, as that is part of being in society/ it is in itself NOT an issue.  In contrast to that are the realities of threat that we MUST FACE in order to survive. The reality of corruption in the courts, which absolutely refuse to acknowledge any form or legal authority of constitutional law. The endless counterfeiting, which is inflation NOT admitted too;  that is in reality stealing from the American public:  proven by documents now hidden from view/ but can be found on several of my sites.  The primary issue is:  at this time, and in this nation, WE MUST have REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES as is first amendment law in the constitution of this USA, and this state of IL. To resolve the endless problems, that our employees have created, corrupted, failed at, and refuse to tackle with sincerity.  The demand for a courtroom is then under the authority of constitutional law:  as protecting the nation itself, a duty to us all!  The most significant attack being that of terrorists, who have stolen our money/ are attempting to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here (why expect something else, that a planet engulfing fire)/ the mutilation of all life, for the singular purpose of expanding their religion which is evolution/ water crisis coming soon/ food shortages/ population increases which will cause extinction:  and a long list of other NECESSARY facts, rather than fantasies;  which must be addressed. OR NOBODY SURVIVES.

To understand better what CONSTITUTIONAL REDRESS  IS:    go to  go down the page a little and you will find links to US supreme court cases presented/ docketed for trial/ and then dismissed without cause by a secretary of the court.  Which is an active act of treason;  as none but a judge of the court can dismiss a docketed trial. No name, because they hide.  No trial, because the tragedy of leadership has been horrendous, in terms of leading us all into the potential called extinction.

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