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Life or death is a reality of disciplines. Those that discipline their lives, and accept the limits and boundaries of order; usually find peace and harmony, with reasonable environmental and social opportunities.  Those who do not, experience chaos to the degree they refuse to let truth decide what their own futures should be. Love is a discipline, and it defines order by asserting TRUTH must come first. Respect is the value of a relationship accepted, within your heart and theirs/ anything less is not a relationship; it is merely an acquaintance without merit.


So let’s talk reality and assert:  there are three fundamentals to business.  They are, humanity itself works/ makes work/ and demands, others must work too.  So the critical relationship here is:  people need people to survive in society. The reality of avoiding society is largely negated, by the fact we are now 8 billion people and will likely be 9 billion people before the year 2025 is over; without change.  So there is no end to the work/ but there is an end to the resources, particularly since the university way as taught to the world is:  THROW EVERYTHING AWAY/ cause that is good for the economy. IT KEEPS THE FACTORIES RUNNING! So, as with everything the university leaders have done throughout the decades;  when fantasies, failures, liars, cheats, thieves, traitors, terrorists and fools rule, the threat of extinction is real!  We all die without resources/ overrunning this entire planet with humanity means the extinction of everything; as is already happening. Playtime, is over, whether you like that or not, is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT!


So, let’s talk America;  the nation, which is now;  the poorest people this world has ever seen. So says your accounting sheet, as produced by the federal reserve:  wherein debts some time back, were at 153 trillion dollars/ and the claim of assets were at 202 trillion dollars, which means divided by 8 billion humans “around the world”.  Every single individual human face on the planet, divided equally:  would be entitled to $25,250.00.  OR MORE SIMPLY;  the counterfeiters in American bureaucracy, led by “the university elite”/ have stolen from this nation, every last penny.  Add in the debts which cannot be paid/ are known as a reality THIS CANNOT be paid, and were deliberately entered into anyway, so as not to deal with reality; and we have $44,375.00 per human face on the planet of promised “American dollars”! Hiding that fact in inflation, that was never reported;   but did in fact exist in extreme measures.  Just plain lying/ cheating/ and stealing regarding the debts!  Hidden by the media, courts, leaders, etc;  who were informed;  because I told them. Hidden by the people themselves who knew something was wrong, but dug a hole to hide in, rather than face the truth:  “your university gods, stole everything”. Because you trusted them. Alas, that is not even the worst:  because your university knows everything gods/ as supported by media;  have in fact sought to destroy this entire earth and all its life.  Creating machines to do so/ destroying resources so you cannot retaliate/ mutilating life to bring horror in worship of their god, the religion called evolution.  In other words “devils all around, (rounded up, it constructs Satan) in this place called America”.  Satan means destroyer of a world!

When confronted, every counterfeiter says:  “this is good for the economy, money makes things work”.  But alas, the numbers without meaning:  wherein reality does not live here.  Dictates those who hold the numbers, have no future claim:  because these numbers are not real, in terms of what life can or will do.  Not enough workers/ not enough resources:  CAN’T PAY IT back. Just won’t happen.  Which means your bank account, your savings;  are worthless. Your leaders even go so far as to participate in allowing, “counterfeiting gold coins” by private business:  so as to take the value out of anything that would be substituted as real.

The leaders who have prescribed “make DEBTS BIGGER”/ by claiming “let the children pay, etc”;  or more correctly ANYONE BUT US. Who nearly all said, “I will pay later”/ but never did. And you get a nation which was led to the brink of its extinction, as is today;  because the university brain “just wanted whatever they wanted, and refused to pay for any damn thing”. Discarding the future entirely, and thereby assassinating every child and every life that would have been.  Not to worry though, “they gave you the religion called evolution;  to fix it all”.  Just like they are doing with genetic mutilation with every life they can find.  Their “stated purpose”:  to bring chaos back to the planet so evolution can start again.  Not to worry, according to them:  chaos will fix life, and all the damage they intentionally created;  again in a billion years or so. So they say!

And that, is just the beginning of what a university terrorist can do/ a university education can and did steal/ a university knows everything, claiming to be god:  but bringing extinction (satan) instead;  actually is.  No, not all university diploma’s are guilty. But all did have a hand in creating the insurgency that then overrun America, to bring it into ruin; as is this day.  And the people all say;  as bad as it is/ DON’T LET THIS BE WORSE!  So they hired “someone else”;  a grade school bully, who never grew up. Fix business/ MAKE US RICH! Which deliberately means:  TO HELL, with the children!

Not likely to be better! Not even for you.


The question today is:  WHAT CAN WE DO, about everything? The sewage is “neck deep”/ and the drain is plugged:  because you still don’t want to pay, what it costs to keep life on earth alive. To your own eternal shame.


The reality is: NOTHING IS FREE anymore. You let the misery pile up into a mountain. You let the university gods, destroy so much:  without true mercy from   GOD  HIMSELF  / we really don’t stand a chance to survive.  So the first thing is:  find RESPECT    FOR YOUR CREATOR.  Because unlike you’re fools;  every living miracle is proof of a reality which completely exceeds our own abilities to understand or create the same. Life is a gift/ returning to anything that resembles a future will now also be “a gift”.  There is no other way.


That does NOT negate the truth of what you must choose, for yourselves; in order, to create a chance to survive. Because YOU (humanity itself) are the problem/ YOU must change to approach or find a solution. You must investigate, examine the facts, and prove the truth:  so that you do not simply fail…… that is the second step. The very first order of business is:  WHAT HAPPENS, if their claim “the same atomic fire as is on the sun/ will just extinguish itself here;  cause there is not enough gravity”?   WRONG IS CLEARLY OUR PLANET BECOMES A SUN.

The third step is:  to unplug the drain, and let the sewage of “university knows” be discarded. So that the sanctity of life,  can once again be found.  APPLY WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE WRONG! And accept no delusions or fantasies, as has been evolution. The diseased man’s dream. MAKE THEM PROVE:   how does a body get built one piece at a time/ when every body of life;;  NEEDS everything it needs; all at once to survive. FIND YOUR BRAIN BACK/ stop letting “dead fools” take it away.

The fourth step is: STOP PLAYING GAMES!  No more counterfeit money/ no more debts that cannot be paid.  A return to reality! Three things are required here:  the currency SHALL be measured and accountable to a population count: so that everyone knows “divided equally we all have this amount”.  Thereby giving reference to the numbers. The second part is:  to limit capitalism by voting among the people themselves to initiate and claim, the least amount anyone shall earn for full time work or thereabouts/ and the most income anyone shall earn for their work in a year SHALL BE.  Thereby removing the extremely wealthy, and giving all an equal and realistic chance to be “middle-class”.  The same is to be regarding property:  only so much, and no more for any individual entity or family.

The third part is:  you will take away the ability of your employees and your leaders in any sense/ to create a debt for you. No more leaders decide! Rather when you have accumulated fifty percent of the cost to do something/ THEN, you may as a society or community claim a right to seek investment in that opportunity.  Banks must return to what they were, and were intended to be in the early sixties.  YOU CAN DO THIS. You simply create a new debit card for society itself, granting each card the same per month for all.  Letting that then restructure your business and the rest;  until it is resolved.  All other banking stops/ auctions will be held. NO NON-CITIZEN ownership of property will be allowed; including those who have been here, but chose NOT to be citizens! Other developments are found in these sites.

The fifth step is:   international issues shall be dealt with BASED UPON, what reality will prove. In terms of China for instance:  the primary payback will become:  ANY AND ALL ASSISTANCE in cleaning up their environment.

The sixth step is:  assembling a business environment that WILL survive.  This requires an audit of the facts:  as is how many workers are there/ how many people are there/ what resources can be saved/ how best can we create a “life worth living for everyone”/ what education works for, and benefits life/ what is FAIR in terms of medicine, and healthcare/ social security will be limited to a percentage of gross domestic product, and nothing else:  divided up entirely by the people who receive it themselves. NO “middle government man”.

The seventh step is:  to encounter the realty of happiness, and make it so; for the vast majority of humanity on earth.  To make it so;  for the vast majority of other living creations;  on this planet as best we can realistically do.


All the things the past 50+ years, of university influence;  has done:  IS WORTHLESS, or nearly so.

MORE SIMPLY PUT:   LIFE NOT MONEY OR FANTASIES WILL COME FIRST!  OR, the planet fails, and everything will be exterminated.

       Because that by the evidence clearly true:  IS WHAT YOUR UNIVERSITY gods, CHOSE!  AND YOU let them do so.

I will tell you simply:  that like believing there is no possibility the machines to bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ would never be built. Because it is SO INSANE.  The reality of American debt and counterfeiting, is also so insane, but in a different way; that I never believed it would continue, “even forty years ago”. But your greed was more severe than I could comprehend; and it has continued until every last penny is gone; to your own shame. That said the continuation of “numbers without reality”; will go on, until  this society or its  customers/ business partners say no. That affects all parties/ but as of this moment, it is the difference between having an opportunity to save this earth or not. The consequence of that is, I do hope “reality proves truth”. Not to discard everything you worked for:  YOU did that by accepting counterfeiting and debts which obviously cannot be paid. Rather reality states:  every threat, beginning with igniting atoms on fire/ cannot be stopped without true intervention. Those who want no change to exist, do so, because they don’t want to pay their bills. Don’t want to experience life without wealth, which has become your current reality by truth. But again:  the choice is, either truth will come/ or lies will execute you.  What could be more plain, than people trying to ignite atoms on fire. The sun does not create flames by fusion as does the homepage of this site prove without doubt.  every other threat is real too.  Every child needs to learn that truth/ because your future world no longer exists;  so says the evidence. Not a bleeding heart/ not a careless intent:  simply the facts.  Change or die, it’s the truth!

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