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Within the various elements of human life, are the problems associated with “I am NOT happy”! The translation of this malady exists as:  no one is paying honest or caring attention to me/ no one is my friend/ no one is sharing life, with me. The result becomes a lack of respect, for my own life; because I am not happy!


The question presented is then:  HOW do you change that for yourself?

The answer is:  functionally simple/ but fundamentally hard. The answer is find a friend who does care, and has enough time on their hands to pay attention to you. UNFORTUNATELY, in this America/ that is extremely difficult; because the university has destroyed most of the links which bind us together. These include:  my friend rarely moves; gone/ my ability to meet others, discarded because of fears/ the greed to become wealthy, and establish selfishness, is extreme/ the foundations for simply finding each other in society itself, are largely removed;  replaced with machines/ air-conditioning keeps people inside and away from reality or meeting people/ electronics interfere and compete for our time;  ending in “nobody cares”, other than amuse me/ religion is desecrated, by its own design;  ending that avenue for most/ education is about competition to worship the university gods (we know it all/ HELL, we wrote a book;  what more evidence could you need).  And much more graft, tragedy, disgrace, poverty of purpose/ failures in love and romance/ limited desire for family over riches/ competition that seeks your ruin, instead of shared living/ endless traitors in government/ corruption in the courts (no justice for most)/ terrorism and betrayal/ hatred and failure to understand LIFE IS NOT, “a game”. All of that is a direct reality created from “university knows it all”/ but proves only to be, the worst possible leaders in the history of this world. Details do not envision wisdom, these are merely an excuse, to discard reality and assume power. As has proven to be:  the worst possible combination of arrogance, corruption, disrespect for life, and every other version of a rebellious army, whose only purpose is to destroy this America and all life on earth.  So that the truth cannot be known, by the vast majority these have failed, terrorized, and committed treason against.


NONETHELESS, the purpose of this writing is to design a path by which people can turn their own lives around. As an example:  my own life has been a “roller coaster ride”/ with endless ups and downs. Each of which provides a look from the top (looking down on the consequences), and from the bottom (looking up, at the path which led here). The end result is:  if you are facing “an uphill climb”/ then you are seeing if you desire it to be so:  HOW it is, that your current position has come to be. That path turned around visits reality, and predicts both wisdom and understanding CAN choose better. Now that you have been visited by both:  IF YOU choose to revisit yourself, and learn from your mistakes/ as well as the mistakes of others.  Every cycle teaches knowledge/ understanding/ realities of life, disciplines in truth; and if you repeat often enough:  wisdom, in many things will come! If you do not learn/ then you simply repeat the tragedies of your life, and end without hope:  which WILL bring you into hate! Hate is for losers, the people who kill themselves (even if they remain in time)!

The first foundation of all living humanity is:  there are only three distinct choices in this  physical life. They are:   LOVE, HATE, OR SURVIVAL.  Because everything you do is about one of these three. Nothing else truly enters in. You choose to love/ or you choose to hate/ or you choose to survive as best you can!  Simple as that. Therefrom the decisions and desires of a life, throughout a lifetime; are very simple/ consequently your own path is also very simple:  if you respect LIFE ITSELF.

If you do not/ then you will make life a game, whenever that is possible for you to do. When life is a game, someone must win/ and someone must lose:  that is the price of playing a game with life. It’s called pride/ and pride is an enemy; because its purpose is to make all living creatures judged! When judged, people can be thrown away as worthless.  When respected for the miracle of life they are given to be:  then they cannot.  Pride is the refusal to accept people as equals:  EVEN those whose disgrace has proven to be “awful”. To make yourself equal/ you do literally have to accept it can happen to you as well. Because the people who find themselves in these situations, did not get there by a decision. They simply “fell into” where they didn’t belong!

That knowledge grants two simple things:  RESPECT COMES FROM YOU OR OTHERS, based upon the reality of pride that is interfering. IF you have respect for someone else/ then they “with limited pride” can have respect for you. When two people respect each other, they can in fact become friends. If they do not respect each other; as is consistent with lies, cheating, stealing, etc/ then you are being deceived at some level; and will end up paying more than you intended to pay for this interaction. Liars can’t be trusted/ cheaters are always trying to use or abuse you/ thieves will pretend, but they are seeking to destroy, or hurt you “so they can pretend to be better, smarter, etc”; and so on (pride). Or, they hope to make you descend to their level.  Therefrom the search for friendship begins within these disciplines and limits;  your first step.

The second step is:  NOBODY is perfect/ including you. Even though you will agree, if not completely arrogant/ the reality is, most fail to accept that fact on the inside;  demanding “I am better” than most, therefore superior and not equal (pride)!  That means no true respect is given; but even so, in this world it is EXTREMELY RARE to find someone who is not engulfed by pride or delusions. So we do have to compromise, and begin with the promise “I will not harm, hoping you will learn better”.  That fact does not portray itself as “giving too much”/ but understands the reality of giving more than you receive is an opening to “I cared about you”.  The people searching for this will respond, the rest will not; even if they honestly need you for the moment; and appear to care. You cannot fix someone, and expect them to stay; they won’t. this is just like helping someone “as a friend”/ when they cannot afford to pay you. When they do receive some money from somewhere, EVEN IF they now have a job they could give to you, and pay you back that way; they won’t/ and will hire someone else just to prove they now have money. It is a constant, and almost never changes; pride does that. Unless you do have a real friend/ but that can be lost; if communication fails.

So, let’s stop a moment: to identify the fact, like an education, “just because you have completed the course/ DOES NOT mean, now your work is over”. It only means:  NOW you can BEGIN in a different direction!

Therefrom we register the reality of what you did do prior to this moment. Regardless what that was, facts are facts/ and truth won’t be covered up, unless you are truly serious about never doing that again. So you did that, and now you must live with it. A critical portion of living within yourself is being able to adjust from “I wish that had never happened”:  which is a simple way of saying forgive yourself, IF you do in fact repent of it!  Repent means:  I honestly believe, that I will never let this happen again…… even if it turns out not to be true. The question is were you being true within yourself/ because lying to yourself, is literally one of the worst things you can do. Stop doing that, and accept your reality regardless what it is:  thereby going on with the rest of your life/ as best you can.

Discipline means:  I understand there are consequences if I will not do this to the best of my ability.  Order recognizes:  without knowledge based in truth, and understood without excuses/ the probability of failure is high.  Consequently I AM REQUIRED to learn, before I make an error.  Balance states:  unless you are respectful to all life and work, it won’t be respectful to you.

So the lesson is:  without a decision to participate in life and work with truth & respect for your situation and its reality/ there will be problems. Many times other people will end up paying for your failures:  that will not make you friends. So, understand what you must not do, before you do anything else:  thereby protecting yourself and others from the consequences of your own ignorance. The rest will appreciate you for it, a beginning.

Sex is not an answer to friendship/ people have sex all the time without friendship or respect or value shared between each other. Because they are chemical dependent/ and addicted to the experience. That does not make you friends;  each uses the other/ or abuses.  Instead sex is expressed with honesty in a relationship where my respect for you is equaled by your respect for me. Where I trust you, because truth has been found/ and time has made it apparent, you are “who and what you say you are”. A necessary ingredient PRIOR to sexual relationships:  if you desire friendship as lovers. If you do not/ then you don’t care.  Caring is elemental to sex. Without it, there is only a physical act with very limited outcomes. Where caring exists, the possibility of becoming “a shared expression of life, happiness, and even joy” is real.  Do you see the difference/ it is not a game. The consequences can be severe, and the price can be high. People are NOT toys/ sex is NOT a game!

The foundation of friendship is basically something in common to be shared. If you do not have that/ then your time together, “will bear no fruit of value”.  Consequently it is important to find the one who can and will share your life, as a participant in your freedoms; and you in theirs.  Remembering love IS A TWO WAY  STREET, so to speak.  So is sex;  NOT just about you/ WAKE UP, dumbass!  Women refuse sex, because the average male simply makes sex to his penis/ not to the woman or wife.  Women get tired of that, as would you.

Help each other, be generous where you can be. DON’T give away anything you honestly CANNOT afford to do or lose. BE HONEST with yourself and each other; or the nights will come, that are unfriendly to you too!

If in need, then go to a religious organization of your choice/ to learn discipline:  “but not religion”. Thousands of years cannot be all wrong:  discipline is necessary in every life that will go on to greater things. Religion means “I want what I want”/ that is not a truth, because want is the beginning of every lie!  A desire to acknowledge and participate with your CREATOR, is entirely different in very many ways. That desire seeks truth, because truth alone survives into eternity!

Criminals love chaos;  try hard, not to be that one. If you fail, “get out as best you can”! life is not over/ till it’s over.  MERCY is up to   GOD,  not you or me. So don’t judge yourself, repent and try again.

Give yourself room to grow;  do not limit the possibilities of others “to just one group”/ they do not hold all the potential for love.  Choose love, not a physical want:  because love is far more precious. But do consider the life you will be required to live; and if you cannot do that, then simply choose what you can do for life. Join everything that interests you. Talk to everyone who can listen or will talk to you. Remember we must all meet a lot of people before we find someone who is “right for us”/ its not a game. Work is involved, as is other realities of life, including loss at some level, when wrong. Be safe not sorry/ but be open and not closed to new beginnings. This is your life, accept your responsibility to it; and you should prosper.  Remember that GOD LOVES YOU, and if you are honest and true to that reality, a desire will arise that lets you into “soul”. Granting you participation in realities beyond simply being human. Believe it or not/ it is true!

Understand this as well;  life is not easy or kind to a victim/ FIND courage as best you can. Remembering there is a decision you can make; in almost every case. Few are trapped, without their own consent. BE HONEST with yourself, and then do what you can do, remembering pain teaches courage. Because it reveals, that you can survive! Accepting the fact we WILL all die/ and then eternity begins. Will aid you in the struggle with death;  because the time, or way; really does not matter much. What does matter:  is eternity! Truth then decides “everything”.

In all fairness, I should tell you that I have spent the majority of my own life in relative seclusion:  do to the fact, I am constantly fighting for a change, that will keep this earth alive.  Realities exist, that demanded my full attention and nothing less. Consequences exist, that make people feel “this is too much for me/ I don’t like it”;  as is the reality “nobody gets excused from this fight, completely for free”. Regardless if the reality of extinction did not face our world, I would have chosen differently. Just how it is/ what is most important always must come first; even if there is allowance for a little distraction.


The difference between “beautiful and sexy” is:  the beautiful are free.

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