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The value of living, is the value we assign to our own existence; with or without the aid, love, hate, or caring that is applied by someone else.  Therefore, the fundamental of happiness is you! The reality of where you choose to live, on the inside. Consequently life itself, rather than simply existence in time; is a journey into the heart of a human soul.


Time is an essence of opportunity, a relationship formed with body, that both expresses and experiences the abilities and decisions that make us each one “free”. How, or what, or why we then bind ourselves to someone, or something, or realities we cannot change, or refuse to change, is then a question asking:  is freedom, not worth more than this? The list is long,  regarding what people will bind themselves too. Some bind themselves to love, and express happiness through that decision. Some bind themselves to hate, and experience the rise and fall of violence in their lives, as something exciting; as fear to be used to make their lives “bigger”. Most bind themselves to survival, and then because that is not enough for happiness: establish want as the reality of their lives expressed. But want is an abyss:  “which means, you never truly get enough”. Even those who “have everything the earth can provide”/ find themselves without true happiness, even if content. So we return to freedom, and ask:  WHAT truly is meant, by the question presented in an expression of “no boundaries or limits” to what I, or you can do? More simply, that would mean a life without laws to govern any form of action or reaction/ as in “an extremely spoiled child” who has never been disciplined. Given that degree of known incompetence, the word freedom is then reviewed to become disciplined, as a value to life. A relationship with law is formed, to establish order and decency in existence. The discovery of balance, “where law and discipline divide” so as to create the opportunity that is not simply decided by “someone else”;  gives us hope.  Hope then comes to mean:  even if, I have been outside the boundaries expected/ I can still have the opportunity to return, even with honor, if allowed.


We then see the human journey, as one assembled by the things we bind ourselves too & the relationship we share by choice; with discipline, decision, order, law, balance, and justice.  We understand our existence either by love or hate.  Survival is simply the price of time.

Value means, with love:  that I have  ceased to measure, and understand life to be a miracle, even though the true comprehension of that fact, is so far beyond my own conception/ I will never truly understand in time.

Value means, with hate:  that I have measured you, and found you inferior or worthless/ therefore I AM free to do with you anything I want.  Or, hate also assembles “you are superior to me”/ and then binds itself to that, until jealousy overrules angst, and you try to kill. Thereby to be superior, once again.

People share aid with each other, as friends/ thereby establishing caring. Those who fail this fact, fail their marriage or other relationships; because if you don’t care enough, to help me when I am in need. Then you don’t care enough to love me, when I am not. The consequence of these things is, whether bound together or not: the critical element of trust, that determines your futures, will never arise.

Therefrom we begin the journey into heart and soul; as a description of what truth means to you.

Given time, each one decides what is important to you.  Given the consequences of expression and experience, humanity decides for itself:  if love or hate is the most important part of life.

Given discipline, the question to your soul is:  LIFE IS, “a miracle/ OR, it is not”. Dependent upon your own level of truth. I tell you plain, IT IS!

Given order as is the law, we determine for ourselves:  just how corrupt we are willing to be/ because there is a cost to corruption, and it builds over time. Removing all dignity from those who fail to resurrect the value of being honest with your life.

Given balance, as is the intent of justice:  “to be fair, and understanding of what freedom honestly means, to every living thing”. The value of our existence extends to hope and happiness. Because at its core, life is a treasury of thought/ and thought can only be free. The consequence of that is:  without restraint on thought, and dignity in thought;  it becomes chaos, and violence erupts. So the value of freedom is, “a two edged sword”. Or more correctly thought can cut away the restraints of time, giving value beyond all expectation/ but it can also bind you into hate, if you fail the foundations of discipline/ order/ and balance.  Truth decides which it will be!

HEART assembles time into its own creation, as is:  this is “my life, and I will make it my own”. Nothing more correctly identifies an individual than this/ nothing more correctly establishes “your destiny or fate” as decided by your own choices; than does this.  Consequently, in real terms:  you, are the judge/ of you. But make no mistake even if you judge you/ the law will judge you too, with its own version of truth. Either that, or mercy will be allowed; because no matter who you are, we all fail to one degree or another.  Pride is your greatest enemy. Eternity does NOT, allow for pride/ and neither does mercy.


Soul is, an elemental courage. The heart reveals life is more than body, and the intensity of “I” becomes a search for what is “more”! Beginning here, the value of that search is determined by respect. Respect is determined by exactly what you believe love, mercy, miracle, and JESUS to be!

JESUS is an eloquent relationship, with all that humanity itself can be. HIS life, created a path to love and respect, that was never duplicated in any considerable way. Which does give him credence, as “son of  GOD”; along with all the reported miracles and teaching, that he presented to us,  himself.  When asked: WHAT does that mean?  The answer is;   soul came to visit humanity, and left us with the understanding that is the clear difference between love and hate. No more excuses, now you know!


We assemble within our lives, the foundations upon which we then trod, to get wherever it is we desire to go most. Within that journey are the people we fail/ the tragedies some create/ the hearts we break/ either truth or lies we accept/ and the value of what we did choose, largely revealed;  if we do in fact, attain old age.

I am old enough to know, and wise enough to admit;  there were people I failed, even though it was not intentional. The tragedies we face as a world today, were not of my creation/ but I failed to interrupt them. “could have/ should have/ would have” makes absolutely no difference now; as is true of every life, you only get one chance to do your best: or less.

There were “hearts I broke”/ not intentionally. Rather I believed that romance and love could not “be bad”. However I learned, when you open that door to a young woman’s heart;  they just can’t let go. Even if you do have a “journey for life” to keep instead. The moral is:  if you know you cannot stay, then it is simply best not to open any doors which will not honestly close with love. Love is a beautiful reality, not to be missed by anyone who loves. But it is also a treasury that seems stolen, if you cannot stay. Sorry to all.  I will note to my ex-wife if she is still living: (just one of many: but I was not alone).  When I said, “I didn’t need you”; that meant to me, “no I won’t die/ if you went away”. Need is a survival issue.  Later I considered that in a different way, and discovered need can also refer to love, “a desire to sustain, no matter what”.  Consequently a different answer could have been formed. Communication is hard between male and female; because we view this world in different ways.

Truth means:  without a covering, so that all will know. But it does not mean, without a kindness, so that all may live within the mercy that life and love intends. Consequently gentleness arises as the test, to determine where your true home is. Those who lie, lie to themselves as well/ because they want to be better than they are. You cannot be that. You can only be, the best you can be:  either accept this truth and change/ or accept you do not care enough; therefore you will not change. To “clean house” does mean: to look inside, and start uncovering everything you hid; even from yourself. Without that, it is impossible to clean your life.  I should note, in terms of truth:  that when my nephew died at 9 months, I attempted to enter his life spiritually in those last days “we will fight this together”.  To announce myself to his world, “My mind said hello little boy/ but my ears heard “little girl”. Which meant to me: WRONG/ and then you must not do this.  Like every other reality of my life: fighting for a world, comes before everything and everyone else.

In terms of what did I accomplish with life, as I now stand at 63 years old;  time says, “I have failed”. Simple as that, even if some impact was made, the end result is:   if it was not enough/ or if this was one second too late to produce a change, before the final “crossed the point of no return” has been met. Then the work failed.  It is extremely late, for change. But I will retain a tiny bit of hope for you, until the very end;  as that benefits me too.


Just for the sake of it;  there needs to be a constant discussion and debate between male and female in high school education: so that each group begins with a clear and certain education of the variables which we all encounter, on our own journey into time and eternity.

I wrote a few things down a while back, thinking there is a song, or two; in here somewhere.  Since my ears are a wreck;  perhaps you would like to try.  “free to all”.

Love shares the element of life & living called soul. This is the treasure, that keeps eternity alive.

Love knows, when your heart of mine, “is singing to life”. This is the value of our journey within each other.

Love respects the creation of our time, because there is no substitute. This is the acceptance, for a world we did not create.

Love resides in the discipline which identifies order, by the law giving peace and harmony to both. This is a relationship formed by trust.

Love is a boundary opened, but not broken, through which life learns to care. This is spirit, come to the life and living to which it belongs.

Love builds a bridge, so the plague of human want and pride may not enter or remain between us. This is a destiny shaped by our own decisions.

Love binds us in freedom, because our choice in this life has become “each other”. This is the freedom formed from happiness.

Love creates a home, when our search beyond self has ended. Family is then born, because soul expands life.

Love discovers passion, and like a flower blooms.  Because it is neither small nor insignificant.

Love identifies desire, when beautiful means I have found my home! It is a treasury found.


We live within a heartbeat of each other, a passion that can arise from very simple things that say, “the essence of my soul, is open”;  for love.  Never forget, this takes two. Desire listens for a heart, love shares a moment with truth. 

. Love fundamentally is:  I desire and honestly will prove, I “wish”, to share life, even the very essence of myself;  with you. Love is then a gift, never a possession!

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