the abyss

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THE ABYSS, a reality called want! Its secondary element called pride, is functionally the development of “devil”.


Therefrom the critical essence of every religion is fundamentally a test, to determine if you, or another, or your group can withstand the assault that is human pride and want.

While religion will attest to this description as false, or “we are god’s people”. The reality of “their god” in most religion is FAR DIFFERENT, than the religious description. The consequence of that, leads to the various impacts that religion has imposed on society, and humanity itself. The critical test of society is:  CAN YOU create justice for yourselves? The critical test for every religion is:  CAN WE, be disciplined enough, to find order in our lives, and therefrom respect for our living and lives? The answer for both, tends to walk together as one. What is balance asserts, that justice and respect must walk together.

We then enter into want, as the fundamental description that humanity defines and establishes upon itself.  Where want is satisfied, pride erupts. Where want is dissatisfied, pride erupts as revenge, jealousy, violence, and hate. They are the same pride, but at opposite ends of the human scale called “I AM right”. Both are wrong.

We begin with want, as a description verified as your purpose in living:  to attain what I want/ to achieve whatever I wanted/ to discard what I didn’t want/ and to disrespect everything that is not consistent with “my own want”.  We then establish pride as the resultant trophy, as in “I won”/ or its competitor, “I lost, but truly, by my own count;  deserved better”!

To understand purpose, is to identify the relationship we cherish inside ourselves. There are only three:  to achieve soul (which is, a purity of respect for, and participation with;  all of Creation). To encounter heart (which is, the discovery of friendship, and its relationships with value and love, through respect).  To discard respect and friendship, thereby demanding “me first/ only I, am important in this life;  because I am going to get old/ die/  or even less”.

The first two enable life to achieve discipline, order, balance, respect, courage, dignity, and love. The third discards all these things, to assume there is only one life to live;  AND I WANT EVERYTHING, I can possibly get. To hell, with anyone who gets in my way!  Consequently, only the third assembles an abyss (the endless descent (without hope), into abomination (horrifying choices), and hell (complete insanity).

Want is an abyss, because it knows no boundary worth keeping:  thereby everything desired, is known as “selfish”. Selfish constructs a barrier inside of you, to keep all other life, or hope, or values OUT/ as in NEVER accepted, because it is not for me! Therefrom the abyss, is actually within yourself/ as an endless descent into loneliness, followed by an anchor, that is your pride:  to insure you never get out. The critical lesson is:  to become lost in your pride, is to reach out into an uncontrollable urge “to demand, I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I AM GOING TO GET WHAT I WANT;  even if I must take it from you”. That then leads to “this one, is the cause of why I don’t have what I WANT”.  Reality or its truth, does not matter; AND THAT, then leads to a judgment, which is:  YOU (or yours’) OWE ME, and I will collect; as everything I can get. Which often becomes criminal, and/or sexual, and then perverted. Because male sexuality is a work (to some degree)/ and the desire of want is to be paid; which means “simple sexuality” is not enough.  Anything you truly want, without an opportunity to achieve it:  is an abyss. That then, is enough to make you, or let you descend beyond where others can assist. Making mercy the only way out.


Want also leads you to the “precipice”:  which means having followed a trail, or road (everybody does it)/ what you want, has been discovered across the gap:  that you have told yourself, will not be crossed.  Therefrom want becomes a temptation, and the reality of pride that demands “I WILL get what I want”/ becomes your “devil”. Want leads to every form of trophy humanity can devise/ pride divides that trophy, with the reality of selfishness that knows: THIS will be bad for someone/ this could be bad for me. “the devil made me do it”;  is your excuse, making your bad decisions, simply a game!  “just a toy”, I didn’t do no harm:  another consequence of want/ because nobody lies, unless they want, or don’t want;  something truth will not give to them. Want removes reality, replacing it with fantasies; because a trophy never comes from truth. Truth is the essence of living, because truth is the only resource that lets you survive. Pride is an enemy, and its purpose is to take truth away, so that life becomes a game. Truth is a foundation that builds an identity/ pride, is a reality that takes your true identity away.

The “frothing disease” that is university pride, has created the most horrendous abyss, that men could ever imagine. Nothing in this world, will survive their insanity, “the want, to play god”. The consequence of religious fervor, “making the university god”;  even though the evidence of what they truly have done is horrific/ means, our world shall in fact, truly be dead. Because that is what their fantasies chose, and this human world, allowed:  not a finger, did you raise to stop them. Which is your epitaph. Mutilating life/ trying to ignite atoms on fire/ destroying resources/ playing games with reality/ murdering the children/ contaminating the water/ intensifying disease/ establishing the death of food sources, no matter where they are:  contaminating life, with the lie called evolution. Is just a beginning. They have in fact escaped the label called devil:  and made themselves into “SATAN”. And you, helped/ because you worried about pennies, and refused to pay for reality:  GIVING AWAY this entire world to death!  As your reward.

The damned and the dead, will always be certain they are correct:  they have lies, fantasies, and delusion/ truth never matters to them, “they are god (of death)”. Evidence however will prove them wrong, because truth always matters; and NOBODY gets to play god, without a price that is eternal.  The failure of university is now complete. The reality of choice is very simple:  either abandon them in near total revolt (LIFE COMES FIRST, WITHOUT EXCEPTION)/ or go with them to your own eternal hades (terror without end).   Oh wait, I forgot:  “you belong to the university”, you memorized whatever you were told, without questioning. You became financially enslaved, along with most families because of university. You cannot be wrong, because “YOU, have a diploma”: you bet your life/ THIS will make me rich! You, are now gods, having been told “by the university gods”;   now you know/ “the book cannot be wrong”.   Even though the evidence is true:  tragedy & catastrophe has, or will follow every decision university leadership made! American government is entirely filled, by a university diploma: it is the one unifying factor that brings us to this day: facing extermination, even if you refuse to believe, it is true.  The list of threats, proves YOUR extinction/ OUR extinction,  is near.  That is beyond dispute!  BUT YOU WANT MORE, PRIDE DEMANDS IT:  YOU WON, ain’t that so?  Alas, just another lie; to make you slave.

Removing pride, applies the possibility you could recover/ but with any portion of pride you are doomed. It is that simple.

Discussion then arouses the question:  if want fails me/ then why do I want it?  The answer is:  because you have no respect for life! Without respect, there literally is “Only you” that can be of importance.  The question is:  WHY must I have pride, in addition to want? The answer is:  without respect life has no value/ therefore you learn to respect yourself. Alas, what you have respected in want or pride is hate/ because that gave you what you wanted, from a vantage point of “NOBODY gets in here (my life), with me”.  Exceptions are of course made:  as in I WANT SEX;  and it is too damn much trouble to simply take it.  BESIDES, making life a game, proves “my pride is justified”:  I WIN/ or they will be sorry!  That makes:   “law, and the people who want it; an irritation”. Therefrom criminal arouses.

The question is:  WHAT has value, greater than self/   ANYONE, who suggests self is not the greatest value;   IS A LIAR!

The answer however is:  self has no value without life, and the presence of other life, to participate with. Even hate is a participation/ because without some form of participation, your life is essentially “trapped on the moon”, with nothing, but rock!  Therefrom we know, that every person has an affiliation with participation in life (by whatever means)/ because without it suicide occurs instead.

Suicide is:  bound into an inescapable feeling, no one cares or even lets me participate/ I am then horrifyingly alone. Even death is better than this fear; at least, I will not feel ridiculed and betrayed. This is damage created by people who “only want, what they want”/ and make that perfectly clear. The consequence as is always true:  they will, and they do, trample upon anyone and everyone they can touch in their purpose called selfishness!

As to what does have value, I have written much about love, life, courage, discipline, order, balance, happiness, JESUS, and more;  go seek it on my sites, if you wish to know.

As to the desire called want:  it is very simple, “ME FIRST/ ONLY ME/ LOOK AT ME/ LISTEN TO ME/ GIVE ME WHATEVER I WANT/ I AM FIRST (can’t get enough of that); and so on”.  Expanded this becomes:  I am judge/ I am ruler/ I am leader/ I am “god”! By making all of life a game, the endless procession of pride begins. The fantasy called belief (I can get what I want) arises from the ashes, where you burned the value of your relationships, particularly with GOD.

Belief, is a particularly viral “god”:  because it gives you the excuse to blame something, nobody else can truly refute.  AIN’T NOBODY got this answer/ therefore I CAN’T BE PROVEN WRONG! When attached to want, the end result is:  I can play god/ because I want too! Even pride falls for this, thereby worshiping a god that is pure delusion follows.


To avoid the abyss!

The question is:  WHAT TRULY IS GOD, in terms that we the people can understand? If not a religion/ then how do we find this  GOD,  and accept that value, as a participation within our own lives?


This is constructed within what we are given through the collection of intimate details, that  major religion does provide.  Even some human stories, that give stability to our design.

MOST SIMPLY, IT IS THE ACCEPTANCE        GOD      CREATED    THIS WORLD, AND EVERY LIFE IN IT!  That is not hard to understand, nor is it possible to deny the unequaled reality of miracles combined into a balanced and orderly state, which gives us all:  the chance for life.  Thereby religion is given the opportunity to establish a beginning.

But it is every individual soul, that must reach out in their own journey, to understand what participation in LIFE itself must mean to me! To FIND   GOD,   means to find truth! Within truth, is a path to love, where all value functionally lives as a participation in happiness.  When we know love/ when the evidence will prove “I do care”/ where respect assigns, and life delivers shared responsibilities:  reality knows, that you are participating in ways the   CREATOR of our lives did envision for us all.  Therefrom the destiny we create, is bound within the identity we chose, as our own decision:   “to return a gift of value/ to the life, we all share”.   TO    GOD   , as an expression of “thank you”!

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