lust for money

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Lust for money; more typically called greed.


For twenty-thirty years, NOTHING was more prevalent/ NOTHING was more important/ NOTHING, was more religious (I believe, THIS, is MY SAVIOR), than greed. In America! Absolutely nothing could touch it/ absolutely nothing was as important; as taking the money from someone else, even though it had no meaning other than to say “I AM rich”. Or going to be rich:  GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY/ as in, “I” WANT IT ALL!  Until reality came as of 911/ and then more consequences arrived.

The reality of it in america,  was not even simply a desire for wealth/ rather, JUST GREED (I took theirs too)!

Little is more representative of that;  than those who were given “a thousand dollar gift” in support of their lives/ but absolutely insisted on paying “a dollar or two”.  Strictly for the purpose of bragging to their associates:  I, AM so damn superior, so damn much smarter/ I bought this prize or trophy, for damn near nothing.  Or like others, whose battle you fought for them/ whose life you saved from disaster;  who insist:  HELL, I said thank you once/ WHAT THE FUCK MORE do you deserve; so what if you are now hungry.  I paid, one thank you was too damn much/ piss-ass fool.  See, now ain’t you fun. Greed is taking something that does not belong to you/ and declaring this is mine, regardless of the realties involved.  Lust is the same:  taking the body of someone else, and using or abusing it for your own purposes;  without even the slightest respect, not even dignity, allowed.  “America, the great”/ ain’t that so;  but let’s not forget the real world, and would we not find the same?

Regardless, the reality of our day is:  money has no further meaning/ nearly every country on earth has been counterfeiting and destroying the integrity of what their own people worked for, as well as others. Consequently we know, as is true throughout all of history:  counterfeit money has no value/ and that makes all those who hold numbers without meaning:  are bankrupt. The leaders stole it, by not declaring:  this is INFLATION. But alas, throwing them in a dungeon will not make this better.

So, what is money? Money is not a number/ because numbers are liars:   that is how you counterfeit;  use numbers to create lies! Or more simply as “American leaders” have already told you:  “debts don’t matter”!  Which means very simply:  when the worthless money is no longer accepted, or taken in exchange;  “you won’t be paid a single penny for all the work or resource you lost”;  regardless how many numbers you hold. That of course only applies “to the little people”/ as slaves themselves, are considered worthless (you will have no rights) and without value (you will have no justice), unless slaving (work or die) for the rich (we own it all), and you have nothing.  As is the historical truth, of every nation that allowed a tiny few to control all its money, business, resources, courts, food, water, and everything else.  “Just like Americans have today”. Your “university gods” have betrayed you/ and now they create “robots”;  so they don’t need a military to defeat you!  Isn’t that special? When chaos erupts, “someone has to reign in the people”/ ain’t that so, after all; a small percentage WILL try to destroy everything they can. You know it’s true. So the powerful, then get all the power/ and the workers get to be slaves or die, as “the whim of the rich decide”. There is ONLY ONE way out from under that  true threat:   THERE MUST BE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment constitutional law; that creates the foundation upon which WE THE PEOPLE take our employees to court.  And then decide for ourselves, EXACTLY what our future is going to be.  Establishing for the nation itself:  what will be our answer, to employee betrayal/ treason in the courts; and especially the consequences for letting and accepting among yourselves “that the universities, can play god”!  Reality is harsh, but this WILL be far less severe than any other method. After all, do you not deserve the truth?

So, what then is money? Money is the reality of work, that I do for you/ in exchange for what I accept will be an adequate if not equal exchange for what I did do for you/  then by you, for me! It applies to all things bartered for. Because the simple truth is, even if I work for you/ you may not have what I want or need:  so I must be able to transfer that work to someone else, without harm to anyone. Money serves as this tool. It is neither more or less.

Within the reality of society, are the failures who have believed:  that money, is more than a tool/ it is a right to demand servitude or slavery. By making money a weapon:  this reality of human  suffering and failure is enforced upon the others. Money becomes a weapon to steal, kill, cheat, deceive, destroy, deny, betray, commit treason, and functionally violate all social desire for justice:  when anyone or any one group, has an extreme amount.  Thereby forming an army, for destruction.

Democracy has been formed for the singular purpose of limiting power, and controlling the decisions of a society as we the people, HAVE RIGHTS.  That is why democracy is always under attack, particularly from the inside. The greedy are NEVER satisfied with wealth/ they want power. The intellectual is not a warrior, so like a disease, these transform laws into failures/ and society into corruption.  Limiting capitalism eliminates a wide range of illegitimate claims for democracy;  WE HAVE RIGHTS/ WE OWN THIS NATION;  therefore we decide.  Forms the basis of constitutional law. Which in America, since the universities took control, has been destroyed for all intents and purposes;  as trial after trial, by James Frank Osterbur proves without doubt:  the constitution has been removed from the courtroom. Discarded into the trash, so “kings and queens, and the diplomas who believe they are the nobility” can have their way.  Consequently the cause called TREASON has been established.

The critical question of money is:  HOW ELSE, do we survive/ this is absolutely necessary; because we have no other way?

The critical answer resolving money for the people themselves is:  ONCE WE CONTROL THE CURRENCY;  tying it to population count. So that we all know, “what is fair”.  Then we can take control over that currency with limited capitalism: voting for ourselves, on what shall be the minimum and the maximum amount of income for any, and every  individual who works in our nation.  Limiting property and resource control as well;  by vote. NOT the same for all/ but within a range that is fair, and justified by your own contribution to our lives.

THAT LEAVES governmental influence;  the people hired who take advantage for themselves, and make debts which no one can pay. Just because they can!  The consequence of that is:   NOBODY in government gets to create a debt for the people. NOBODY in government gets to create a vote for the people:  WE MUST DO SO, ONLY FOR OURSELVES.  And it must never be allowed for a vote, until half of the money has been provided in savings for that project.  Only those who will be paying get to vote on these projects:  which means, UNLESS YOU DRAW A “REAL” PAYCHECK, for at least a twenty hour week, every week for a year/ you have no right to vote on a project that demands money by debt. Only workers pay taxes, so only we vote on what is going to be:  my life sacrificed for you”.

It is again true:  that the laws create our society, along with their enforcement.  That means true democracy can only be enforced, when society itself KNOWS AND CREATES THE LAW.  Not by voting for someone to vote for me/ but by society itself, fighting for, and choosing what is critically and fundamentally necessary for its own version of justice.  Once done, it need never be done again:  so the work is justified/ and true, as a benefit worth doing.

Creating law that society knows for itself, means lawyers are nearly worthless; and can be abandoned. Creating law that society knows for itself:  LIMITS THAT LAW, to less than one hundred pages of text, so we can all memorize and understand what it is we agree too. Consequently every law in their libraries will be thrown away;  as reality nears the goal of true democracy. Every judge must be judged/ and will remain ONLY under the condition of “PROVEN, GOOD BEHAVIOR”. Not true today. Every trial must be judged, as consistent with the rights and reality of justice in this nation. Every policing agency must be aligned with that law, and nothing else.  Every small community shall define itself, by choosing its own policing force;  to be used in conjunction with the necessary backup forces to insure the criminal knows. NEVER one force “city wide”/ but many forces, which can solicit a greater force when needed. Or that can be used  for investigation when necessary.  Obey our own chosen law as a society, or prepare to defend yourself.

The foundation of human history is:  that when people are freed, to be whatever they can be!  A large percentage instantly attack all resources in an all-out effort to GET EVERYTHING I WANT. To hell with the rest.  Wealth has been the mitigating factor, which kept society from destroying itself/ by giving control to a tiny few;  who could then take less:   than is, all people fighting together against each other. Without the slightest concern for an environmental tomorrow. That is the constant, and where it was not so;  justice and society flourished. UNTIL THE THIEVES NOTICED, and committed them to slavery, rape, and destitution.

So the constant of democracy is:  every society dies/ that will not control its greed, or fails to fight for justice, or refuses the duty owed to itself. America the dead, is then close by.

In America the civil war was NOT about slavery, as much as it was about money!  Had the north agreed to pay for the release of every slave; it is entirely likely little conflict would have occurred. Instead “the government” decided:  the money did not matter/ and every investment, every contract, every business dependent upon the workforce:  was to be scrapped.  That is the money side, of the civil war/ and the anger it represented, along with the complete devastation of “southern society”. And then the bodily loss and death of war:  DID in fact cause the consequences of “black and white” America.  It healed ONLY when one hundred years went by, to erase the hate.

In contrast to the money, were the lives of every human being that was forced to slave, and became property.  That cause, to release what should never have been:  was the other half of the war. But the end result of war is:  GREVIOUS, and hate does erupt, when the price is just TOO DAMN HIGH.  This is the reality when people “take the easy way” to riches.  As is seen by the thieves called a university diploma, and all those they cheated, to steal or enslave, both life and property.

Therefrom today, in America; and that without the consequences done throughout the world:  is a reality of war coming.  YOU STOLE MY LIFE, is the constant description preceding war.  How is that not true today? And all the wealthy say, “I PLAYED THE GAME/ I WON”, and I ain’t giving nothing back. While all the greedy say:  “I FOUGHT the war/ and I won against everyone who stood in my way; whether by revenge or right; DON’T MATTER”! AND, I ain’t giving NOTHING back.  While all the rest say:  WE MUST LIVE TOO!  “the straw breaks”, when this last affront;  “a president” to throw the “smart asses out”/ is over.   We  WANT our lives back, IS NO small thing.


Reality knows:  men cannot evade their truth/ which is, when the talking is considered over:  there will be WAR.  Since they have no solution for this, our current malaise of endless tragedy coming; insanity will reign.

That brings us to women. The reality is:  UNLESS SOMETHING TRULY DIFFERENT IS FOUND/ nobody survives these threats against our world;  money being the very last, of the major threats.  Women are different/ NOT better. But different is absolutely necessary, and that means they literally MUST try to create the possibilities of a society that will survive. This is the best men did do/ and we are “days from extinction”/ a forever reality that cannot be fixed. So let women try, even force them to gather together and at least attempt:  to find what can work for life, in this day.  Or, HELL comes!


WAR is about groups, “not one of us”;  therefore EASY to enforce. Mob actions are about individuals, “let their whole group BE AFRAID”. The consequence of that is:  it does not matter who you are/ it only matters what you look like.


Organized hatred is about: “we aren’t going to share or care NO DAMN MORE”. YOU, and yours;  took too much, and we want our world back! While the immigrant or weaker group says:  WE WANT EQUALITY, we want everything you have, and even more;  because we worked for that too!  But as is the constant throughout history, when the environment says NO;  then the people revolt against themselves;  because there is NO MORE. Unfortunately immigration is the primary reality of today:  in that the environment and resources of this earth, are now “too damn small”/ and they cannot go back. ADD IN, every three to four days, ANOTHER MILLION human MOUTHS over deaths; need to be fed; or they die.  The end result of that WILL be horrific.  BELIEVE IT OR NOT! 


  The reality of immigration is: the better you, and your children do, the more competition for us, that you become. Therefore the desire NOT to give you the tools to make that come true is not only apparent, but considered fair. Because NO ONE wants more competition/ which means “I or we” then get less! The entire, and constant demand of humanity is “MORE”. The reality is the same, no matter where you go in this world:  as is “we choose to protect ourselves”. The reality of immigration is the same, no matter where you go in this world:  IF, I or we can do well/ THEN every member of my family or previous world:  SHOULD COME JOIN ME, in this new place. So we can have what we lost back where we came from:  making this new home, just like what drove us all away. And that literally means, to the place and the people within which you immigrated:  an invasion is occurring/ our lives, our future, and our children are being changed without our consent.

So let’s ask the question: WHO is fair? Being human makes you and me equal:  does it not? The answer to that is:  equal does not equate to the work already done/ the decisions made, that were sustainable/ and the decisions made that were not sustainable. Or more simply:  immigration is primarily WE CANNOT survive here/ therefore we move. The reality of that is, when power to control your own destiny arrives with numbers:  that changing our world, to what did not work in your section of the world:  MEANS NOW, WE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS AS YOU. Which means NOW, we and our families are being forced to immigrate:  and that IS NOT FAIR. The constant that is fair within this world today is now:  “sustain your own part of the world, and keep it for yourselves”. Because if you destroy it/ don’t come here:  WILL be the only solution.       BUILD YOUR OWN, protect your own, determine your own future, and identify what it means to be WRONG!  So you make better choices.

TODAY, We are too many, for any other way/ which means, fight for your world/ NOT ours! A reality, that men have never adhered too/ because war is easier than truth.  STEALING is easier than acceptance of reality proves:   you, WERE WRONG! TO SUSTAIN this earth, requires the protection of environment and nature! To sustain life, requires:  if you kill your part of the world/ then it kills you, because you can’t come here anymore! Realities and divisions and facts of life must be identified before that becomes a foundation which will not be broken.  Begin or die!  That starts with the clear and certain knowledge:  the TWO primary causes of immigration and war are, MORE CHILDREN THAN THE ENVIRONMENT CAN SUPPORT/ and MORE DESTRUCTION than the environment or its nature can recover from. Simple as that.   The constant of peace, which are those called “a bleeding heart”; have become mute, and irrelevant. . Every life you save today/ LITERALLY IS a life lost from the future. 8 billion people use a tremendous amount of resources/ and they will run out: NOT a game! Because individual happiness is NOT greater than life or death for a world, we must choose accordingly.  Rather individual happiness is determined by the values we create for, and within ourselves; as allowed through community and individual outreach. Finding the ability to love (I care), the treasury of heart (I share), the respect called freedom, and the value called justice, and open equal participation in society:  brings happiness to all/ who do not hate. Find it,  in society! That can only be done:  by removing the constant of men which is “money comes first”/ and replacing that reality with LIFE FOR, AND ON THIS PLANET comes first!


A constant in that truth is:  when men in particular, cannot get more than they want:  “I am god”. Then they turn to hate, and use violence to get your fear, which is power to control or destroy you, or your world! That fact isolates a truth, that then determines the ability of any community or nation to survive:  IF YOU DON’T remove hate from among you/ THEN YOU WON’T be able to survive in any given environment. Because hate, IS the primary factor (no respect) in all crime (or it is the seed, created by pride, in all discontent). It is the fundamental ingredient in all immigration:  other than, the desire for family. A large family is desirable, for the individual/ NOT TRUE for the community. Hate on the other hand is NEVER desirable, and as a consequence:  is a serious or severe disease to every individual, part of nature, piece of environment;  and every single or combined community.  Identify, & Lock them into their own “little world”: no exit allowed! That reality of separation will also exist in lesser areas and by lesser degrees of community:  such as your chosen behavior, although being free to do so is fair (it’s YOUR life)/ shall not be done here. “Over there” is where these things live. Over there means:  if you fail your own area, you’re own lives/ you fix your own area and behaviors; because that is what you chose. We will not allow you, to do the same to us!

The reality of university knows is:   EVERY RESOURCE, EVERY LIFE, EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD IS UNDER TRUE THREAT OF EXTERMINATION, from way more than this leadership can fix.  Simple and true!

       Like it or not, is completely irrelevant/ as is your want/ your pride/ your demands, and every other complaint humanity will raise.

Functional discipline suggests:  you SHOULD take a lesson, from the black group in America/ if you want to live.  Most easily understood:  in the sixties they became equal in most minds, because  black singers could not be distinguished from the whites (same).  The civil rights movement declared and proved “unfair”! So they were granted equality/ which is a chance to try for the same. But recognizing:  too many young women needed help with raising children/ the intent to help, BECAME  a business to raise money. That infected black society, and those who were feeling left behind:  produced “gangster rap” instead of love songs, and a higher percentage than other groups;  found “easy money” a quick way to power. The consequence of one group trying to invade another group:  to have sex with their women, means limited war. The reality as directed by the larger group is:  “throw them in PRISON”. SO, the lessons are:   DON’T interfere with gifts/ provide them a fair job. DON’T give up working for yourself, because in the real world it takes two or three generations of the RIGHT DECISIONS, to build wealth. It ain’t free (unless you wormed into organized crime with a diploma)!  STAY IN YOUR GROUP, with regards to young love; because it is a minefield; even in other area’s with the same group (as it has always been).  Fight for your world, legally;  or we will all go to war/ and lose this entire earth, forever!  Because there literally is no other choice:  WE ARE TOO  MANY PEOPLE. As is “kill a billion people/ and there are still 7 BILLION more to go;  adding another million every three to four days”.  ARE YOU, “going to kill them all”?  today, war is irrelevant/ it is too late, and fails entirely as a solution. Last chance:  FIND A DIFFERENT WAY!   Or MEN will soon WAR. And it will literally end all wars, because nothing will survive.  Just how it is!

TRUTH, will now decide/ and every day is another grave dug; because you refuse reality. Fantasies are dead, just like you without true change.

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